The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2009

The Philosophy Of The Peace Cup

Sun Myung Moon
July 7, 2009

Excerpts from Father's extemporaneous talk during Hoon Dok Hae at East Garden, New York, on July 7

The era changes, but the environment in which you live does not change. Just as we cannot tell the moment in which day becomes night, we cannot identify the specific second in which the season changes from spring to summer. We cannot identify the specific second in which the hour changes from before twelve o'clock to after twelve o'clock. Time continues as if it were still the same day, though in actuality there has been a transition to a new day, a new world and a new future. The same is true with historic events. We did not realize that we had moved in a single second from the era before the coming of heaven to the era after the coming of heaven.

Just because something is big doesn't mean it can act like a king. A king needs a queen. When the partner is no longer there, the king, too, ceases to exist. It is important to understand the principles of heaven, earth and humanity.

Acting based on the core motivation for His creation, God sought to create a partner with whom He could relate. Yet what happened? The Fall occurred. He sought to have one lineage and to form the foundation of a family, but these were not realized; they were lost.

The origins of life are the father and mother, who become separate entities of the dual characteristics. Then, by what process do they become one? We are born because of love; we begin through love. So our purpose must also be for love. A man by himself cannot be love's object partner. That is why women are essential.

Who does the concave part belong to? ... American women! They may say that if a woman entices the men around her, then marries and divorces three times, she can become rich. What happens to such a rich person? She will go to the worst place in hell. That is the opposite of what should happen.

If this were a matter of common sense, people would not be able to commit adultery even if they tried. Our concave and convex parts are absolutely God's possessions. They belong to God. A woman's concave part is not her own, and a man's convex part is not his own. People don't realize this. How do these convex and concave parts become one? They must share love.

It is because of love that based on the family we are able to say, I would not mind dying for your sake. It is because of love that a man is there to die for a woman and a woman is there to die for a man. Only love can save us. If we live in conformity with love, we grow higher. If we live in conformity with love, the universe as it is now becomes the kingdom of heaven. Hell will disappear in the midst of heaven, so the evil demons can't all be killed off....

How amazing are the words "one family under God"? What is God's lifeline? God's air line? His sunlight? The roots of God -- the alpha and the omega -- are deeply embedded in these. Only when we analyze it this way, can we say, "Wow!" and come alive for the purpose of finding our ideal partner in love. There cannot be a unified heaven unless we establish an ideal partner for the sake of whom we would not mind ceasing to exist.

So, are you ready to offer your lives? But what is West Point's traditional philosophy? What is America's traditional philosophy? Is it individualism? There is no survival in a world of individualism. Philosophies centered on the individual, the family, the ethnic group, the nation, or the world: there is no survival even in a world-centered philosophy, so what transcends this is a cosmos-centered philosophy. The cosmos encompasses all nations. What is the philosophy of all nations in the cosmos? It is the philosophy of the Peace Cup. The philosophy of the Peace Cup is so vast, it is larger than a cosmos- centered philosophy. What is the core of that philosophy? You didn't know that it was the concave and convex parts of man and woman, that it was the sexual organs.

From the Cosmic Sabbath we move to absolute sexual ethics, to the owner of the absolute seed of love, to the Second Coming, to the Savior, to the Messiah. People did not know that Jesus came to Israel in that capacity. They killed him.

Even a woman cannot open the channel by herself. What needs to be done to light a fire and warm up the concave part? What is the temperature of a human body? [36.5°C] The convex-concave container should be heated to a temperature higher than 38 degrees.

The seed carries with it a fever that is even hotter than that. It is the bone of God's bone, the flesh of God's flesh, the blood of God's blood, the skin of God's skin. When the time comes for marriage, at the age of seventeen, this core seed starts its journey and the convex-concave container heats up to over 37°C. The concave part opens its doors to the channel and the womb, saying, "Come on in! May what God desires, which is the union of God's original love and parents love, come into my womb and plant the seed!" This is the desire of a woman....

All beings began with the purpose of welcoming the seed.

Aju! "Aju" from God, from Adam, from Eve, and from the Archangel. "Aju!" to the lineage that is an established family line that eternally inherits the kingship of the heavenly nation!

Blessed couples, raise your hands. You know everything. Centering on the Principle, you know the structure and can recognize the stages in the three-dimensional world of the heavenly kingdom. On flat ground, you first erect supporting pillars, then the ridge of a roof, than the rafters, and finally you put on the roof tiles. Unless you play a part in this process, you cannot live in God's house. In that case, you cannot live in the universe, which is God's house...

Those Korean residents abroad that had opposed me and the Unification Church will say after reading my memoirs, "Oh my God! I am a sinner! Where do I go now?" What should these people do? Even if all the doors are closed and the walls of the castle are high, they would still choose to climb over these walls upside down, facing the ground. They cannot climb the walls face-up; upside-down is the way to go. If they climb facing the ground, then when they go over the wall they will be standing in the proper position: feet on the ground. That is how to become owners.

However difficult it may be, one has to climb up to the throne from which it is possible to subjugate the satanic world. Unless one becomes an owner of the heavenly kingdom, there is no way to set up proper kingship. For all those who are climbing face-down, there is no other way to go up except by receiving the blessing. Having received the blessing over one night, those tens of billions of blessed couples have to struggle as they are climbing up the wall; however, what a glorious moment it will be when they reach the top and realize the everlasting reign of peace! Aju!

The flower and the fragrance are both beautiful, and there is also a fruit, the three representing formation, growth and completion. The seed centered on God, Cain centered on the flower and the fragrance, and Abel centered on the beauty, should be united into one. And when a man and woman, who inherit those things at birth, come together as husband and wife, heaven and earth will also come together in unity. Thus, the site of the kingdom of peace will be established in heaven and on earth, with no places left out, and finally the parents will be installed on earth and everything will be completed.

Yes, then it would not be heaven and earth but instead earth and heaven. In the human world, the grandson would take the place of the grandfather, and the father the place of the son. By establishing things in reverse, everything will finally be set in their original places, and wherever one goes, this settlement will be connected even to the ends of the world forevermore.

Planting the seeds of such a settlement, the heavenly kingdom will naturally sprout and grow, and produce sons and daughters who can move it forward to the perfected position of the kingdom of heaven and thus together enter the kingdom of heaven; only then will the original ideal before the Fall be achieved. Isn't that so?

There is no other theory than that of being re-created and perfected, and thus entering the position of the kingdom of heaven of the ideal of creation. There is no other truth, no other lineage. In that situation, due to one's absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, you could not be disconnected from this even after thousands of years. Even if you died a million times, you would not be able to detach yourself.

Whether you are white or black, nothing in your histories is worthy of pride. Everything should be cast away, and the roots grafted there. There is only one central root. Everything is OK, and when I say everything is OK, I mean the open kingdom!

The blessing is the core factor that can bring absolute unity. How easy is it to inherit the bloodline? You have to inherit it even if it means having to give up your possessions, your life, your nation, in short -- everything. This inheritance is something that cannot be achieved even if the hundreds of nations and hundreds of races living on this planet offered everything they have simultaneously. Yet that inheritance is the very thing that is happening right now while we are all sitting down.

Before I went to North Korea and held discussions with Kim Il-sung, I first went to Hawaii, where I set conditions and wrote my speech.... Since I am the only one left, and I am the only one who can make narrow or widen the world, people should listen to me. Because Gorbachev listened to me and allowed religion in the Soviet Union, it could be liberated.

You need to know that inheriting God's bloodline is a tradition. The people who are kings, and next the U.S. democracy and other doctrines and so forth have all been broken down. Centering on the second generation, the parents, grandfathers, and those who qualify for kingship are being educated with this book during blessed families' Hoon Dok Hae time.

Once you inherit the Hoon Dok families' traditional standard, the entire universe will come within the realm of the royal family of the heavenly kingdom all at once. I have made such a textbook. Whose is this textbook? Among you and your mothers and fathers, there are those who drink, smoke, have affairs and do all kinds of things, aren't there? Among these people are those who sell sex. How can such people be saved?

You have been educated with this book and become one with your mothers and fathers and begun at the same place with them because you have inherited God's lineage at the same place. For this reason, you can rise to the position of your parents. You can stand in that position instead of your parents. Until now, you have been your mothers and fathers' servants, but with this book, you will become the owner.

If your mothers and fathers can't do it, the second generation still remains, and each and every family of the second generation in the world can be taken into our embrace and educated.

You need to know that, without your having been aware of it, the world is not dying; it is reviving. Will you get rid of this foundation that is being revived?

Even some among the second-generation members have fallen. They have had affairs and dated and done all kinds of things. But this is the textbook that can save even them. It is the textbook about the kingship that liberates all peoples. Once you go out into the world with this textbook, the citizens of the place you go to will inevitably become citizens of the heavenly kingdom. Everyone must memorize this book and live according to its teaching. These are the laws that everyone must abide by. It was created to be the textbook of the heavenly kingdom.

When kindergarten children reach the age of six or seven, they enter grade school. When they go to grade school, they begin to understand whether their mothers and fathers are good or bad. The children, who are the fruits of their mothers and fathers' love, will say, "Our mothers and fathers are wrong. They should listen to me!" If things are not done as they have been taught, they will ask them, "Why are things not done as the book says? Have you been teaching me lies?"

It is up to you to establish this tradition with full authority.... The veracity of my teachings cannot be denied. It is the deepest of all truths, the core truth. It is not only the core truth but the center of that core. The origin of life and death is absolute true love based on God and True Parents' love.

No entity hates true love. The eyes were made to see because of true love, the nose to smell, the mouth to eat, the ears to listen; even the hands and feet were made for true love. Through the false-love bloodline, the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hands, feet, and internal organs were all divided. Humanity became worthless beings, better off extinct.

However, all people must be educated within six months. Even if they are in kindergarten, they should be able to recite it in place of their mothers....

God is asserting the Peace Cup; its about the mother, it's about absolute sexual ethics. The ownership of sexual ethics will change. The fruits of the owners of sexual ethics are the second generation, but they can also fall. Following the tradition of their mothers and fathers, they have also been tainted, and so they need to be educated so that even if they have had affairs and done all kinds of things, they can cease doing those things and be re-blessed.

These texts are Pyung Hwa Shin Gyeong. True Family, Gateway to Heaven. You cannot do without these books. These books derive from Cheon Seong Gyeong. They have been published from it. The Family Pledge was also made. The Family Pledge led to Cheon Seong Gyeong, and Cheon Seong Gyeong is the scripture for the world. They are textbooks that can correct the chaos in society.

Have you become sons and daughters of God? Because you haven't, you need to obtain teaching materials. If you don't have a textbook, how will you know what to do when it comes time to go to the spirit world? Without a textbook centered on my words that can represent the constitution of the heavenly kingdom and laws governing daily life there, you will not be able to become a citizen of the kingdom of heaven, will you? I came as the True Parent, so I need to accomplish the responsibility of the True Parent and create a single U.N. centering on the democratic and Communist worlds, in order to establish a base for the settlement of peace and the base for the eternal kingdom.

Those who are blessed families must take this book and educate the second generation according to its content. When those sons and daughters educate their mothers, and become patriots, filial sons and daughters, and faithful women doing tens and hundreds of times more than their mothers, then the gateway will open to where you can inherit the heavenly kingdom and even rule over the kingship. So who would stray from the path that is taught by this book? No one will fail to become a citizen of the nation of kingship of heavenly freedom and complete inner freedom. All homelands will become one homeland, and so it will be one lineage and one kinship. Aju! 

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