The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2009

You do not know the substance of True Parents

Sun Myung Moon
July 3, 2009

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han February 29, 2012

True Parents arrived from Las Vegas in New York at the night of July 2, and on July 3, the next day, they celebrated the 19th 7.1 Jeol at East Garden. True Parents gave us an internal guidance for a historical proclamation for the historical day of the 233rd Independence Day on July 4. They said, How can we recover the situations of economical bankruptcy, political breakdown, failures of the UN, religious deadlock, and stalemates of thoughts? … How can we deal with it? It is only by the flag of true love. The flag of truth is not two but one. … The flag of true love means the complete unity of God and True Parents.

Also, True Parents said, You know True Parents only by words. You do not know the substance of True Parents." True Father said to True Mother, "Sing a song for them, and True Mother sang Kagopa in her noble voice. After listening to her song, True Father said, I have worked in America more than 40 years. This song is an unforgettable song for me when I had to overcome difficult peaks standing alone in front of many people at the rallies in America. This song touches such a heart of mine. Therefore, the heart of Korea is awesome. Even though there are many Americans here, those who have such a heart united with God like this song will inherit God's heart. This happens when you shed tears with the old song of a grandfather. … Now is the time when you should remember this. Therefore, we have to sing the song with such a heart.

Father also said at the time of holy eating, This is to attend God and live with God. God is lonely by Himself, so I have to eat together with Him. You need to think in this way. This is the etiquette to attend heaven. You also open your mouths to eat it, and then, in such a ritual, many spirits here and there come and eat with you. You need to live with your ancestors. In this way, True Parents taught us how to live with the heart completely united with God.

Father told In Jin Nim to sing Amazing Grace. After her song, Father said, I have been persecuted very much in America. I was also thrown into prison. When I went a speaking tour around America, I had my daughter sing a song. At that time, In Jin sang this Amazing Grace. This high-school- age girl standing in front of people made me cry. I yearn for that time.

Father also said about Archbishop Ki Hoon Kim, Continental Director of North America, He is a star. He became a pastor in America after coming to America, and accomplished a great task. Archbishop Kim answered, "I have been the Continental Director of North America since March this year, and True Father gave me a title of 'Archbishop'." He also gave his testimony since his Regional-Director age. Finally, True Father sang Onmaya, and also Daehan-palgyeong with True Mother. Archbishop Kim led the three cheers of Eog-mansei, and True Parents left the hall at 9:41 a.m.

At the ceremony this time, after receiving a bunch of flowers and cutting a cake, True Parents said, All the blessed families in America as well as Korea and Japan are still below the standard as the blessed families which True Parents wish! They are not the embodiments of True Parents' victory yet! They are not united with the spirit world! True Children are also not united with True Parents! In America, the former President knows the heavenly direction, but he does not follow it.

Rev. Hideo Oyamada explained these words of True Parents as follows: True Father is now completely united with God. Seeing from the absolute standard of God, we are very far from it. True Parents strictly scolded us because they tried to cleanse our spiritual debts or conditions of Satan's accusation. Satan accuses us to drag us into hell, but True Parents strictly scold us in order to make us avoid Satan's accusation and prevent Satan from instigating any activity. Therefore, we need to understand that True Parents strictly scolded us in order to forgive us for a new start. 

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