The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2009

A Challenge to Korea

Sun Myung Moon
June 1, 2009

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han present a
plaque to Eun Ju Park of Gimm-Young Publishers,
who created and published Rev. Moon's autobiography

Three thousand five hundred guests attended the Commemoration of the Publication of Rev. Sun Myung Moon's Autobiography at the Convention and Exhibition Center (COEX) in Seoul on June 1. In the almost four months since publication, the memoirs have remained almost constantly in the top twenty on best-seller lists, and often much higher, naturally generating interest in their subject (and of course some controversy).

It was said that Father's prepared speech might have taken him just twelve minutes to read -- had he simply read it. But Father took the opportunity to speak his mind, and speak from his heart, to the many dignitaries and guests. Early on in his speech, Father introduced the wives of the great saints and had them all come up to the stage and introduce themselves (and who they were blessed with). Father strongly exhorted the members of the audience to "Believe!" Throughout his speech, this was the side of Father we saw, filled with urgency and angst at the lateness of the hour. Though well into his ninetieth year of life, Father seemed to draw upon a source of youthful energy and vigor as, standing at the podium for several hours with no hint of fatigue, he called on the people of Korea (and beyond) with a strong voice to heed his words at this crucial time.

Father has said that his book conveys 80 percent of his life. It seemed that on this day he wanted to reveal something from the other 20 percent.

Together with all people of the world, and in particular the nation of Korea, I too celebrate this commemorative day. During this period, many sad and unmentionable incidents [Father is likely referring to the recent suicide of former president Roh Moo-hyun and the nuclear weapons testing in North Korea] have taken place, but they are already incidents of the history and so can be forgotten. However, the future that is coming before us will be full of incidents that cannot be forgotten in history but must be remembered. So the question is, How can this man, who is over ninety years of age, be given sufficient time to pioneer and celebrate the new future coming before him, of which he cannot be ashamed before the world?

However, when I think of the fact that I, as a peace-loving global citizen, I have been able to publish such an autobiography as this one, I cannot but express my gratitude to the people of Gimm-Young Publishers for their hard work. As the term "autobiography" suggests, in the course of my life I have established mottoes in front of my people, in front of history and the world. The first of these is Ae cheon. Repeat after me, Ae cheon. [Ae cheon.] This means, "Love God." Though there are many people, who wish to be loved by God, no matter how much you try you will never find a person who loves God and everything about Him. In loving God, you should not love just one corner of Him, but all of Him.

I was born in Jeongju in Korea, but Heaven is not in Jeongju. Neither is it in North Pyong-an Province. It is not in Hwanghae Province or in Jeju Island. It is afloat in midair, this great universe under God. When I start talking about these things, I am worried I will run out of time and be chased out before I can finish what I'm saying. Those who are waiting for me to finish my speech are saying to themselves, "This old man is saying all he wants to say even though there is no time," but actually I am not just speaking casually. I will just say this: In my autobiography, what I place great importance on is to love God. Say Ae Cheon. [Ae Cheon.] Love God. How vast is God? Though humankind has lived through thousands of years of history, there has not been one person who knew God.

How can you love something you don't know? That has been the task. You need to know God in fine detail, not vaguely. We need to be taught about God so that everyone, from people of the highest birth to mere beggars, can understand Him. We need to teach them and show them. An autobiography must include such content.

Beloved families that have recently received the new lineage of the absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal God... You don't know about the bloodline. Do Westerners know about lineage? Recently blessed... Yes, do you know how amazing and terrible is the Unification Church blessing? Once you inherit the blessing, you can live in a truly loving family. Without the blessing, there cannot be families. Without the blessing, the new nation of Cheon Il Guk, a nation where the two people are united, cannot come about. Those citizens who have received the blessing refers to men and women.

Even though not one person knew about it, I have worked hard to open the way for God's liberation. Let us all sing praises to God. ... Hundreds of billions of those living in the spirit world have descended and are here with us to congratulate and celebrate this blessed day. This is the day God has yearned for ever since He created the universe. This is the day, this June 1, that even as I am standing in front of you, I am celebrating. This is the day, and no other is necessary!

He has waited impatiently for the day He could ascend to the throne of the king of kings, to be able to embrace His lost children and the creation again and live in joy for all eternity in the sacred reign of peace in the peace kingdom. [Applause] Who? Our original Father. Our family has become like this. Can you sleep well with your arms and legs spread out in comfort? I still sleep curled up. Let's see how the nations, the families and the societies that spoke badly of me will turn out.

That is why, motivated by true love, God sought and found the True Parent of the substantial, physical world, who was to become His representative and heir. [Applause] If anyone were to hold me and shake my hand, I could weep with that person right there and then. I didn't weep when seven members of my family passed away in the course of a year in my father and mother's house, but you don't know how much I wept as I held on to God. You don't know my sorrow.

I have reached my ninetieth year of life, yet I have been unable to fully restore the 6.5 billion people of the world to God. Who knows the sad circumstances behind this? I cannot die yet, but you should do everything you can and devote yourself wholeheartedly, for it is said that the most sincere devotions move Heaven. So now God will step forward, and as He cries, He will call forth the dead, our ancestors, and we will be led toward the saints and our ancestors. Citizens of Cheon Il Guk who truly love God! ...The people of Cheon Il Guk who love God in His entirety! Do not be divided into thinner streams. We don't have much time. You don't know when I will leave, though I will surely leave, as you know. Heaven will no longer wait for us. God cannot harbor any hopes as He waits for me and the blessed families; so He will personally work from now on.

Therefore, on this solemn occasion, I will proclaim to all of heaven and earth an outline of the new heavenly law, by which humankind and all things of creation will regain their rightful positions and be governed. You don't know about the era after the coming of heaven. January 13, 2013 is January 13, 3000. Yes, this is what it means.

This is the only way the true, good lineage can be engrafted to humanity, and God's ideal of a true family can be perfected. It is inevitable. Dr. Hong Il-shik, Dr. Lee Cheol-seung, you must follow this to the letter, otherwise you will be caught when you go to the spiritual world and won't be allowed to enter.

The existing UN (in the position of the Cain-type UN) and the Abel-type UN should become one... Abel is Abel, and others must practice absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience to him. Didn't God drive Cain out because he killed Abel? We need to serve and attend God. The existing UN (in the position of the Cain-type UN) and the Abel-type UN should become one... Abel needs to unite with Cain, so that as one they enter a new dimension.

As we melt our guns and cannons to make plowshares... This is from the Bible, isn't it? ...a new world of peace will open up before us. This will certainly come to pass. [Applause] I am not a person who only dreams things but does not fulfill them; I will die only after I have accomplished them.

Our going to the kingdom of heaven is inevitable. That by Heaven! You have all truly received a heavenly blessing. It is not a humanistic blessing. You are participating in the is why I say: Ladies and gentlemen who have been chosen ceremony to launch the providential undertakings governed by the king of kings. You are witnessing with your own eyes the whirlwind of this historic transition point. Though others thought we would perish, we won't; we will survive. You received an invitation to attend the celebration of the autobiography... [Applause] If you do as I say, I will take responsibility for you.

Your ancestors, numbering in the billions throughout the cosmos, and your descendants will cheer, dance and live in joy and delight at this time, shaking the very axis of the earth. Your descendants will be better off than you are, and your ancestors will also be better off. That is what this means. This is not just advice. Do you understand?

I pray that you will open your mind's eyes and engrave this extraordinary and historic moment on your soul. When else during your life will you be able to witness such a day of blessing and glory as you have today? After I die, when will there be another day like this? I hope that you can heed the words of Heaven that I have shared with you today and use them as guidelines for your life from now on. I hope and pray that you will accept these words as guidelines for your lives for generations to come, and bring all this to pass.

Humankind is now entering a new providential era wherein the earth will be governed directly by a new heavenly way and new heavenly law. It is the era after the coming of heaven. You will not go to hell. It is the new providential era of the realm of the fourth and original Adam where no one can enter the new Kingdom of Heaven without inheriting God's new standard of heart based on His original nature. The era has come when we should all enter the realm of God's direct dominion, the world as it was before the Fall.... I pray that you may become new families of citizens in God's Kingdom, Cheon Il Guk... Just try to believe what I'm saying and live accordingly, and see how you turn out. All kinds of things will happen. I am asking you to form, and live as, new true families based on original human nature... I beseech you to follow these words.

I pray and proclaim in the names of the victorious True God and True Parents... I am declaring this and praying for this; you also need to follow this declaration. That is what this means. I hope that, in all corners of the cosmos, the blessings of God will overflow, and that we will all enter the kingdom of heaven with joy and gratitude in our hearts. Aju.

All of you should go out and live according to what I've said tonight. When you do, we who have inherited the rights of princes and princesses blessed by God will undoubtedly redeem this nation and universe. Now, if you have resolved to do this, raise both your hands, close your eyes and clap your hands for God. [Applause] 

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