The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2009

After you go back home

Sun Myung Moon
February 17, 2009
Hoon Dok Hae

Sun Myung Moon February 12, 2012

Disclaimer: This file contains the English translation of notes taken by the Unification Church History Committee in Korea regarding what True Father said during Hoon Dok Hae. Thus, no part of this content should be used to "quote" or "cite," or be regarded as a definitive rendering of what True Father said that day.

About 120 participants from the Ganbuk district in Seoul Korea took part in this morning's Hoon Dok Hae at Cheon Jeong Gung Museum. Ms. Yeon Sil Yang began to read from the introduction of the booklet True Family: The Way to Opening the Kingdom of Heaven. One hour into the Hoon Dok reading Shin-june nim entered the room to greet True Parents and then distributed candy to the participants.

The following is a translation of the notes on True Father's comments:

After you go back home today you should read this again. You will come to see where you should be going. You have to go your path with the chapters one, two and three in hand. These are very precious words indeed.

It's good for your emotions to experience and discover the fact that all the key concepts of my teachings are summarized in here.

How do you feel after reading this and hearing this? This is something that is needed for government ministers and presidents and even to servants and beggars.

You have to realize that the place that is completely harmonized with this content, whether it is your neighborhood or the entire world, is the place of a happy owner.

True Father then asked Dr. Dae O Son to pray. After the prayer Dr. Son gave a report on the developments of the project for writing an autobiography on True Father's life. He explained how the target readers of this publication will not be limited to members but to all people of the world. He also talked about the difficulty in the compilation citing the amount of material on True Father's life that they had to look through. Dr. Son also explained how they wanted to compile the book in a way that could be read by people of all age groups.

Father then interjected:

You have to break through the dead-center of things.

For 34 years, we climbed up to reach the pinnacle of America. I have moved the CIA and KGB. Who would have believed that?

The things I did will not disappear once I am gone; rather they will be further revealed to this world.

You have to believe that you have the root and generator that can operate for more than a thousand years.

Father then explained the meaning of the Chinese characters for the recent coronation ceremony and the motto. At the end of Hoon Dok Hae, Rev. Huh introduced Ms. Jeong Myeong Soon, an elderly member at Dobong Church who was now 99 years old. She joined the church in 1956.

Father was deeply touched and presented her with a small monetary gift. She offered a full bow before Father. Father asked her if she thought he would live to a hundred. Ms. Jeong exclaimed Father, please live to 200! Father then instructed Shin-june nim to hand her the gift. Everybody applauded. 

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