The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2009

True Parent's Prayer of Blessing

Sun Myung Moon
January 31, 2009
International Cross-Cultural Blessing Ceremony
Manhattan Center, New York, NY

Loving Father, as these 270 couples of husbands and wives, scrutinized by all that is above and below the heavens, approved jointly by heaven and a responding earth, having determined and promised to establish anew families that are within the realm of blessing of God's ideal blessed families, they have now completed the process of the Blessing before Heaven, and have promised with hearts of joy, hearts united, before all future generations and ages that they will bring to completion all they have pledged in their vows of marriage.

As the moment has arrived when, in accordance with what has been promised and with Heaven acting as the center, new points of origin have been set that can carry on the lineage relationship connecting the ancestors of each of these 270 couples and their relatives to the generations of the future; as we are grateful to You for permitting this day of Blessing, when the lineage representing the new tradition can be separated and planted on this earth so that they may inherit the lineage of righteousness, be connected to the Parents of Heaven and their own ancestors, and through the True Parents to their descendants; and as we dedicate before You the path through which these couples must be raised and guided so that they may become families representing True Parents, models through all time to humankind around the world, able to take pride in the day You bestowed Your Blessing upon them, models to others in their daily surroundings in raising their children, we ask that You receive all this in joy and grant Your Blessing. In the name of True Parents, I fervently, fervently, fervently report. Aju. Aju. Aju. 

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