The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2009

Birthday Address

Sun Myung Moon
January 31, 2009
Manhattan Center, New York, NY

Beloved citizens of God’s kingdom of Cheon Il Guk! Let us all celebrate without reserve this historic and providential day and sing praises to God, our eternal true parent, of His glory and nobility! On this solemn occasion, hundreds of billions living in the spirit world are here with us to congratulate and celebrate this blessed day.

Today is the day that God has been waiting for and has yearned for ever since He created the universe. For tens of thousands of years, since the day Adam and Eve, whom He created as His children, stained the heavenly lineage and concealed themselves in the dark, God has endured and waited in inexpressible pain and sorrow. God has waited impatiently for the day He could ascend to the throne as the king of kings, to be able to embrace His lost children and the creation again and live in joy for all eternity in the sacred reign of peace in the peace kingdom.

Ladies and gentlemen, God is and has always been the king of kings, even before He began the Creation. The heavenly way, however, dictates that after creating all things, God must manifest substantially as the king of kings who reigns over the world of physical phenomena, which is the sphere of the objects of God’s love. That is why, with true love, God sought and found the True Parent of this physical world, who was to become His representative and heir.

Although we are overwhelmed by the grace of having received Heaven’s seal, my wife and I are truly joyful to be able to stand here as God’s direct representatives and hold this coronation for the king of kings. At the same time I am deeply sorry before Heaven; I have reached my 90th year of life, yet I have been unable to fully restore the 6.5 billion people of this world to God. Citizens of the kingdom (Cheon Il Guk) who love God! Heaven will no longer wait. God is working with His authority as the king of kings through His representatives, the earthly True Parents, to establish heavenly law and restore this world. It is time to accelerate this true love revolution.

Therefore, on this solemn occasion today, I will proclaim to all of heaven and earth the outline of the heavenly law by which humankind and all things of creation will regain their rightful positions and be governed.

First, this era, which is moving toward the third millennium, will be the “Era of revolutionary change after the coming of heaven.” In this era, we will no longer be ensnared by the principles of restoration through indemnity; it will be the time when the king of kings rules the spirit world and physical world with His rightful authority. It will be an era of the providence that will return the earth back to its original state with the realm of the Pacific Rim serving as a central axis. People will no longer be beyond the influence of Heaven’s ways and the heavenly law. Therefore, you must lead a transparent life with your every action being as clear as a crystal.

Second, we must accomplish a revolution in educating all people on the value of absolute sexual ethics, with God as their vertical, absolute axis. This is the only way to pass on the lineage of goodness to all of humankind. That is the path to achieving God’s ideal of true families. From now on, sexual purity, purity of lineage and purity of love will be the educational philosophy of the human race.

Third, the Peace King Representatives (boon-bong-wangs) and the “Parent UN” will be placed at the forefront of the efforts to completely eliminate the walls and barriers that surround this earth in multiple layers and to reinstate harmony and peace between political parties, religions, races, cultures and nations. The existing UN (which stands in the position of the Cain-type UN) and the Abel-type UN should become one and elevate to a higher dimension, becoming the Parent UN, in other words, the “Peace UN.” Centering on the Peace UN, war, disease, hunger and all other problems confronting the world will be addressed and resolved. All people must surely go this way. They will have no choice because God and True Parents will be with them. Individualistic self-centeredness as well as collective self-centeredness will be completely eradicated, and this will lead to the realization of a world governed by our conscience and natural reason with no need for the election of leaders.

Fourth, the cross-cultural, international blessing of marriage is the optimal method of establishing true families that will purify the lineage of the fallen human race and build the peace kingdom. In the end, reconciliation and peace will come about through lineage. When blacks and whites, people from the East and West, Buddhists and Christians, and Jews and Moslems intermarry and carry on the blessed marriage tradition that True Parents have established, this world will naturally become one family. An ideal, heavenly kingdom based on the ideal of “One Family under God” will come about. As we melt our guns and cannons to make plows and hoes, a world of peace will open up before us.

Fifth, God created us as His counterparts in love, and He prepared the natural world as a gift for us, His children. God would not leave His children to live in a barren desert devoid of beautiful scenery. That is why all people have the duty to preserve and love the natural world. I am saying that you should develop your human nature as it was originally meant to be, such that you experience resonance even with a cluster of wild flowers as you share a heartfelt conversation with them. That will be the shortcut to restoring humankind to God.

Ladies and gentlemen, you have all truly received a heavenly blessing. You are participating in the ceremony to launch the providential undertakings governed by the king of kings. You are witnessing with your own eyes the whirlwind of this historic transition point. You received an invitation to attend the coronation of the True Parent, the king of kings on the horizontal level, who will govern all of creation as the physical representative of God, the king of kings on the vertical level. Will you ever again, in your lifetime, have the chance to attend such a historic and significant occasion? Your ancestors numbering in the billions are cheering and dancing in joy and light at this time, shaking the very axis of the earth!

I pray that you will open your mind’s eye and engrave this extraordinary and historic moment on your soul. When else during your life will you be able to witness such a day of blessing and glory as you have today? I hope that you can heed the words of Heaven that I have shared with you today and use them as guidelines for your life from now on.

I pray that the great blessing of God, the king of kings, will fill your families, nations and all of heaven and earth abundantly. 

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