The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2009

Commemorative for True Parents’ Birthday and Father Sun Myung Moon’s 90th Birthday ‘Coronation for the Realm of Liberation for God, the King of Kings’

Dae Mo Nim
January 31, 2009

The ‘Coronation for the Realm of Liberation for God, the King of Kings’ held at Cheon Jeong Gung Museum on January 15 (Photo: Provided from FFWPU-Korea Webpage)

On January 31, at 5 a.m., filling all the 3 main halls of Cheon Jeong Gung Museum (Chapel, Banquet Hall, Basement Hall), the ‘Coronation for the Realm of Liberation for God, the King of Kings’ was held with True Parents, and it was magnificently held with around 2,000 members of distinguished guests and Ambassadors for Peace from home and abroad. The coronation ceremony was held on the following day of the ‘Congratulatory Banquet for True Parents’ Birthday and Father Sun Myung Moon’s 90th Birthday’ (January 30, 2009, Cheonseong Wanglim Palace).

Hyung Jin Nim’s Declaration to God’s Liberation

After the opening statement by Rev. Chang-shik Yang, President of FFWPU-Korea, who was also the emcee for the coronation ceremony, a video presentation, ‘Coronation for the Realm of Liberation for God, the King of Kings,’ introducing to True Parents’ lifetime achievements for the liberation of God and for a peaceful world. Then, Hyung Jin Nim, International President of FFWPU, read True Parents’ word, ‘Declaration to God’s Liberation’;

“My beloved Father, the internal will to live overcame the various stormy trials and has steadily developed, and we came to realize that spring, the second seed of life, has arrived. Thinking about the never ending effort that Father have put in to open the path for spring, we all must acknowledge and have eternal gratitude and joyous feelings for our Father.

We must become individuals who can give our life and love completely to our Father, and realize that we must build the foundation where our descendants could have the 3rd authority, the freedom of life. From now on, we will open our gates of heart and listen to you voice, Father, so make us find our lost selves. The much difficulty and hardship that had to be endured to save one member, Father, let us realize your work by our selves and forgive us for bowing our heads to you.”

Following the reading, a ‘Ceremony to Restore the Nations and Religions to God’ was held, where 12 national representatives, 12 clan representatives and 8 representatives of religions, representing the world, offered Holy Gifts to God, the King of Kings, that represents nations and religions.

Then, 120 blessed couples that completed the ideal family of God’s providence, as attendants, welcomed True Parents and God to the stage. To represent the True Children, Mr. and Mrs. Hyung Jin Nim followed behind True Parent and then 10 members of the grandchildren entered the stage. True Parents gave a benediction as they bestowed the Pyunghwa Shingyeong (Peace God’s Scripture) to Mr. and Mrs. Hyung Jin Nim.

Heung Jin Nim’s first son, Shin Cheol Nim offered the Royal Scepter, Rev. Sun-jo Hwang, President of UPF-Korea, and Rev. Jeong-ok Yu, President of Pacific Ocean Providence, offered the Royal Seal to True Parents. Then, Rev. Hideo Oyamada, Bunbongwangs (Peace King Representative) of Japan, Rev. Dong-mun Chu, Peace King Representatives of U.S.A., and Rev. Jae-hui Lee, North America Continental Leader, presented the Plaque of Nomination to True Parents.

For the congratulatory address, President Mi-na Kim, Central Ambassadors for Peace, said, “Let’s all march strongly forward and participate with the ‘Peace’s Cape of Good Hope’ of Mr. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon who contributed for the construction of one world that prospers on peace and for the development of the nation.”

True Parents Proclaiming a part of the Heavenly Law

After the congratulatory song, ‘God’s Grace’ sang by Professor Mi-ran Kim, Sun Moon University, True Parents came to the stage and read the same words that was read at the ‘Coronation for the Realm of Liberation for God, the King of Kings’ that was held on January 15 in Cheon Jeong Gung Museum. The following is a brief extract of the special address that True Parents read on that time.

“Through this occasion, standing here as God’s substance and have this Coronation for the Realm of Liberation for God, Kings of Kings, I will declare the contents of heavenly law.

First, this era, which is gradually bringing us toward the year 3000, will be the ‘era of revolutionary change after the coming of heaven,’ it will be the time when the king of kings rules the spiritual and physical worlds with His rightful authority. Therefore, you must lead a transparent life with your every action being as clear as a crystal.

Second, we must accomplish a revolution in educating all people on the value of Absolute Sexual Ethics with the educational philosophy of Sexual Purity, Purity of Lineage and Purity of Love.

Third, the bunbongwangs (Peace King Representatives) and the ‘Parent UN’ will be placed at the forefront of the efforts to create a world of our natural conscience centering on peace and harmony.

Fourth, the Cross-cultural Marriage Blessing is the optimal method of establishing the peace kingdom, thus, ideal heavenly kingdom based on the ideal of ‘one family under God’ will come about.

Firth, humanity must share a heartfelt conversation with the natural world and experience resonance and develop our human nature as it was originally meant to be."

After reading the speech, True Parents conferred the Pyunghwa Shingyeong and the Peace UN Flag to the 12 national representatives. The Pyunghwa Shingyeong and the Peace UN Flag represent the heavenly constitution and the kingdom in which all people will live as one family under God. True Parents then offered a benediction and the coronation ceremony ended with a strong 3 cheers of Eok Mansei by President Jong-gwan Yu, Citizens Federation for the North-South Unification.

True Parents left Cheon Jeong Gung Museum at 8:30 a.m., Korean time, to attend the ‘Coronation for the Realm of Liberation for God, King of Kings’ held in Manhattan Center, U.S.A., on January 31 (USA time). 

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