The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2009

Ninetieth-Birthday Speech

Sun Myung Moon
January 30, 2009
Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center

Respected heads of state, leaders in the global community!

In welcoming a new year of great hope, my wife and I, as well as our entire family, welcome all of you, who in the midst of your busy schedules, have come to brighten this meaningful event today. Today is my birthday as well as that of my wife, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon.

Ladies and gentlemen, Heaven's providence is carried out in truly profound ways. I embarked on the way of heaven after receiving a heavenly decree at the age of sixteen, at the start of my adolescent years. It was an event I vividly remember even now as if it were yesterday. In the spring of 1935, early on Easter morning, in the face of a cold north wind that was still blowing at the foot of Mount Myodu in Jeongju, I made the greatest decision of my life while holding tightly onto God.

Before I knew it, God's passionate tears were filling up my heart, even as I was desperately declining that fearful and almost dream-like heavenly decree. It was in this way that I left behind my carefree adolescent years -- spent in the mountains and fields, at home and at school -- and entered a fathomless sea of challenge filled with life-or-death prayers.

Looking back on my life, on my ninetieth birthday, I can only declare that my life has followed a lonely and desolate path. Since the day I was called by Heaven, I have been like a marathon runner who has been running toward the fulfillment of God's will while communicating solely with God.

It was a path along which I could not look around at my surroundings or compromise with anyone. It was not a path along which I could seek out a teacher. I was not even able to demonstrate filial piety to my parents. It has been a long journey, fraught with tribulations and soaked with blood, sweat and tears as I dashed forward toward my destination, gasping for breath while embracing the 6.5 billion people of the world to my bosom. This was what the heavenly decree called me to do

Ladies and gentlemen, the promised year of 2013, a serious time, is now approaching. Heaven has waited thousands of years for the day, four years from now, when the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven, which billions of people have dreamed of, is perfected and stands on the foundation True Parents have laid by overcoming countless life-or-death situations. Theirs is neither an avoidable path nor one that allows time for rest. It is not a path that can be abandoned in the middle. It is a path that we are all destined to travel on together under the guidance of heavenly fortune. It is a course that we should complete while full of hope and joy.

On that day you will see four generations -- the grandparents, parents, children and grandchildren -- holding hands and singing hallelujahs as they welcome the day.

Leaders from around the world!

We are here to celebrate a truly historic day. History will not forget the lofty efforts and spirit displayed by the UN as it has exerted itself for the welfare and peace of humankind over the past sixty years while standing on the side of Heaven. However, we are at a point where there is broad consensus that the UN is falling behind and the actions it takes are severely limited in addressing the problems of the world while the currents of the world move full-speed through the third millennium. The twenty-first century is a time when humanity is desperately in need of a new wineskin to hold the new wine of the revolutionary era after the coming of heaven.

In response to this historic need, Heaven has blessed us with the Parent UN, in other words, the Peace UN, which I am proclaiming the existence of today on this occasion. It is a special gift from Heaven, which I am conveying to humanity in my capacity as the King of Peace and True Parent. What is the Parent UN? I'm sure there are those who are wondering what it means. There is no need to think about it in a complicated manner.

What does the UN stand for? It is the acronym for the United Nations, in other words a confederation of nations.

Isn't that why it is called the United Nations? It was created immediately after the end of the Second World War as a global institution out of the earnest desire to create a peaceful world, without conflict. It is an organization with the semblance of a world government with more than 190 member states. It is like a global company with an annual budget in the billions of dollars.

However, let us consider it in light of the vision of one family under God, a concept I have taught throughout my life. In the end, the UN, as one family of nations, has the mission of working for the peace of humanity. And humankind cannot escape from the reality that we are all one family.

Therefore, the existing UN is the "Cain-type UN" in relation to the "Abel UN," which Heaven declared at the start of the revolutionary Era After the Coming of Heaven. The existing UN has 193 member states. By comparison, within just two years, the Abel UN has already established itself in 194 nations and is actively carrying out its work for peace.

However, as brothers, Cain and Abel are in a horizontal relationship. Therefore, parents have a necessary vertical role in establishing and maintaining the order and guidelines of the family. Cain and Abel need to follow the way and rules of Heaven, which means to become one as brothers and be obedient to their parents. On the global level, the Cain UN and Abel UN should become one as the Peace UN, which will be in the position of the Parent UN. Its duty will be to fulfill its mission in this transition period for the building of a peaceful world.

Then, the Peace UN, led by the Peace King Representatives in Korean, boon-bong-wangs, dispatched to all nations of the world, should fulfill its mission to advance the day of the completion of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in Heaven by centering upon True Parents, who have been enthroned as the Peace King of Kings Throughout Heaven and Earth. And what is the significance of Peace King Representatives? There may be some who are curious about this point.

Think about the time of Jesus. The title and mission of disciples, who should have served Jesus and realized the dream of uniting all humanity as one family, should have been boon-bong-wang. As Jesus' second selves, they should have been dispatched to all corners of the globe. They should have taken the roads from Rome to the rest of the world and fulfilled their missions as Jesus' representatives and heirs.

In short, it was their mission to serve Jesus and establish the kingdom of peace here on earth.

Similarly, the leaders from around the world to whom the King of Peace, the True Parent of Humankind, has given the mission of Peace King Representatives should fulfill their responsibilities as True Parents representatives and heirs.

In other words, they should fulfill their God-given mission to settle everlasting peace on earth. They should perform their mission as a furnace of true love, eradicating without trace the walls between races, religions, nations and cultures, and establishing the kingdom of peace under the banner, One Family under God. The Peace Kingdom Corps and Peace Kingdom Police force, which I have organized worldwide, will be fully mobilized to carry out this solemn mission.

Distinguished guests, by attending this historic rally, you have received Heaven's call. Although they may not be visible to your eyes -- for you live based only on your five physical senses -- behind each and every one of you are standing thousands of good ancestors. With grateful hearts, they have come running to help and encourage you upon your receiving this summons from Heaven. They are filled with joy and ecstasy and are crying, Hallelujah!

Try to set your five spiritual senses into motion. All the things of creation, which are essential elements in our lives, are also welcoming you with open arms. This present era, when we are racing toward the year 3000, is an era of true love, in which we live for the sake of others. It is the Era After the Coming of Heaven. Even a wild chrysanthemum blooming all by itself in an open field is awaiting its true owner with whom it can exchange true love.

In this context, I declared the twenty-first century the era of the Pacific Rim realm. The final destination of human civilization, which has continued to develop and move along the central axis of history, is the sphere of the Pacific Rim. It is our responsibility to safeguard and love the Pacific Rim -- which embraces six continents -- and nurture it, so that it can in turn protect the lives of all people in the future.

Ladies and gentlemen!

Humankind's purpose is to serve and attend God as our parent and to be one family. The words from Heaven that I have brought to humankind fill the pages of more than a thousand books. That is truly an astonishing number. In fact, it would take a person all his life and possibly more to read them all. They are the treasure trove of the heavenly way, which scholars should research and delve into in the years to come.

I hope you will each take home one of the available booklets, in which is recorded the core of all this content about the heavenly way. I hope you will read it carefully with your family and abide by it as your family's rules and tradition from this point on. If your families live according to the teachings of this booklet, they will be unable to avoid an outpouring of heavenly fortune. Your families will become families of saints and sages that will be remembered in history.

May the great blessing of God, the king of kings, be with your families, your nations and all of heaven and earth.

Thank you. 

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