The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2009

Gifts from the North Korean Government

Sun Myung Moon
January 29, 2009

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han February 11, 2012

These are unofficial notes from meetings with True Parents and Hyung Jin Nim shared by a leader from Europe who attended.

2.45 am

Exercise and meditation and guided visualization with Hyung Jin Nim and Yeon Ah Nim. He showed us Father's morning exercises and then asked us during the meditation to sit absolutely still cross legged on the floor for more than 40 minutes. He took us through a visualization exercise, where we placed our self in a cell in Hung Nam prison, at the end of which we realize that Father is in the cell next to us. And he teaches us as a prayer and mantra Father's prayer from that time: I am alive, thank you. He emphasized the power of expressing gratitude throughout our daily life. He wanted to also do a 120 bow condition with us, but we had to leave to go to the peace palace for Hoon Dok Hae with True Parents.

5 am Hoon Dok Hae with True Parents

Father moved slowly onto the stage with True Mother, but once sitting down he became vibrant and dynamic, before any speech could be read Father started talking with an energetic spirit. He continued until 9.30 am, and despite his grandson working very hard to get Father to come for breakfast. Once or twice before Mother left the room, she turned Father's wrist after the first 90 minutes to check his watch. Father then asked how long has it been? Everyone laughed, Mother smiled... and then Father just carried on.

His talk covered a vast expanse of topics. I will just list a few of them to give you a rough idea: early years being opposed by universities in Korea, WWII, Korean war, various other historical invasions, various aspects of history, Russia and the orthodox Christian tradition, football, Eiffel tower, Rockefeller, democracy, science, electricity, television, Obama, catching and skinning snakes in the Pantanal, different rivers, polar bears, being bitten by ants when going to the toilet in the mountains. It was like a snap shot of all the thoughts and feelings that were going through Father's heart and mind this particular morning, a summary of God's cosmos and history.

Then there was a report about gifts from the North Korean Government and Kim Jong Il for True Parents' birthday. Really incredible gifts: personal letter from Kim Jong Il, State letter, 3 Ginseng roots from the mountains (70, 80, and 90 year old roots). Two very large beautiful vases by the most famous Asian vase maker (probably worth a small fortune), ribbons with gold thread, and calligraphy written by another famous person. North Korean rep. asked them to prepare 90 roses and 67 lilies for True Parents age, and then asked them to place the special ribbon on the bouquet. This was all reported to the South Korean Government representatives.

1 pm Father and Mother arrive

Father is not happy that more people have not been invited, seems to have thought he had made things very clear, and wants to change to bigger room. We change to a bigger room, and the Chung Pyung workshop participants join us shortly after.

Father asks for several reports from Bo Hi Pak, Mr. Joo, and others. They give extensive reports. Later Father talks very profoundly about how precious and absolute the relationship between husband and wife is. Father finally asks Peter Kim to read one of the peace messages. He does so faster than any race horse commentator, or tobacco auctioneer; a quite phenomenal speed. Occasionally Father interrupted but Peter Kim tried his best to go straight back into the speech and finish his reading.

My main conclusion is that the regime Father keeps himself to is relentless and unforgiving regardless of his age, and he never stops working to bridge the gap between God and us (representing all of mankind). 

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