The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2009

The Meaning of the “Coronation for the Authority and Liberation of God, the King of Kings”

Sun Myung Moon
January 15, 2009

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han March 23, 2012

It is important for us to correctly know True Parents’ victory and our mission and responsibility now. Also, we need to deeply understand where we go, and practice it. Professor Taek Yong Oh, who is one of the leading experts on the study of God’s providence, gave us a lecture on the providential history for 6 hours on February 6 and 9, 2009. Centering on the lecture by Professor Oh, let’s consider the meaning of the “Coronation for the Authority and Liberation of God, the King of Kings.”

The Meaning of the “Coronation for the Authority and Liberation of God, the King of Kings” on January 15 and 31, 2009

The “Coronation Ceremony of God’s Kingship” was held on January 13, 2001. It means that God could stand in the original position. Also, God’s letter to True Parents on December 28, 2001 symbolizes that God succeeded His kingship to True Parents. The True Parents’ Entrance Ceremony to Cheon Jeong Gung on June 13, 2006 means that God, the vertical True Parent, settled down to the earth for the first time in human history on the foundation of the unity of True Parents and True Children. On various providential victories after that, the “Coronation for the Authority and Liberation of God, the King of Kings” was held 3 times:

on January 15, 2009 (Formation Stage),
January 31, 2009 in Korea (Growth Stage), and
January 31, 2009 in New York (Completion Stage).

It means that God’s authority of Totality, Generality, Full Power, and Omnipotence was liberated, and now there is no accusation from Satan. God can freely exercise everything. Then, after the Coronation, True Parents came to become God’s body and freely exercise God’s authority as His body. Therefore, the Coronation corresponds to the starting point that God and True Parents govern heaven and earth. (from the lecture on the providential history by professor Taek Yong Oh) In order to inherit the providential grace, it is the most important to practice the Absolute Sex.

Practice of Absolute Sex

The meaning of the motto this year can be said that it is the age to proclaim the victory of the authority of True Love, True Life, and True Lineage centering on the Absolute Sex in the realm of the cosmic settlement of the Parents of Heaven and Earth. True Parents emphasize the “Absolute Sex.” It is not just moral ethics but God’s fundamental purpose of Creation transcending the concept of morality. It is the method of the unity of God and Human, the method for Human to be united with God, and the method that Human becomes God’s substance. The purpose of True Parents’ life course has been to complete the Absolute Sex and introduce it to human beings. Therefore, we can say that the purpose of our life is the Absolute Sex.

True Parents explained in the speech “In Search of the Origin of the Universe” on August 1, 1996 that after the fall of Adam and Eve, Satan had ruled the human world and history through sexual organs and that Satan had ruled this world by false love, false life, and false lineage centering on Free Sex. When God and Human become one, the Absolute Sex is practiced. Only when the Absolute Sex is practiced, there is True Love and True Life, which is connected to True Lineage.

From now on, blessed families need to practice the Absolute Sex, through which God operates absolute, unique, eternal, and unchanging sexual organ. Now is the time that we can proclaim the victory. By what should we bring victory? By the Absolute Sex. It is sure that God will come to us through the Absolute Sex. On the contrary, Satan will come through Free Sex. The motto this year has such a meaning.

The booklet “True Family - Gateway to Heaven” and the “Determination to Practice Liberation”

Rev. Peter Kim talked about the booklet “True Family - Gateway to Heaven” at Hoon Dok Hae on February 26, 2009:

“True Parents received the revelation about the booklet from heaven on December 11, 2008, 2:00 am. They selected the words from Cheon Seong Gyeong book 3 True Family, chapter 3 (section 1, 2, and 3), chapter 4, chapter 5 (section 5, 6, and 7). True Parents said that it was like a bone of a human being. They told me to make a booklet for Hoon Dok Hae adding other parts like the flesh of a human being and deliver the booklet to the whole world.”

He also introduced True Parents’ direction:

“All human beings have to practice the content of the booklet ‘True Family - Gateway to Heaven.’ You can read the 95-page booklet for 2 hours. Each family can purchase 430 copies of it in order for the whole members of the family and relatives to carry and read the booklet. All people in the world should read it.”

Dr. Chang Shik Yang said after reading the booklet “True Family - Gateway to Heaven”:

“This booklet consists of the excerpts of True Parents’ words from 1958 to 1999. You can briefly understand True Parents’ words chronologically. The booklet shows the way to realize the Heavenly Kingdom of the Ideal Family based on the love of Original Creation, which has been taught by True Parents.”

At the Coronation on January 31, 2009, True Parents guided us to change the name of the “Sentence to Heaven” into the “Determination to Practice Liberation.” It symbolizes the liberation of heaven and earth, and our human beings have to practice it. [See Reference below]

It is said that a victory of a year is decided during the first 3 months: January, February, and March. In particular, the year 2009 is the first year of the 4-year course until 2012, so it is the time to overcome a high peak of the providence. In order to expand and substantialize God’s victory, we always have to gain serious battles with Satan. Japan, the Mother Nation, is now faced with big Satan. In order to win a victory under such an urgent situation, it is important to continue the life of offering utmost sincere devotion and being completely united with each other.

We are asked not to complain at all and to be completely united. In this time when God’s Authority was liberated, it is important to live a life of the settlement at noon with True Parents. We need to carry out the Revolution of Indemnity which is the first one of 3 Revolutions. We have to be careful with how to deal with the right of ownership and all things. Let’s bring a victory on establishing the substantial foundation through the joint works of the spirit and physical worlds, and offer a big victory in March!

References from Father's words

Determination to Practice Liberation Beloved Father, thank You for Your grace as You have protected me while I continued to fight ever since I was a child for fear that Heaven might suffer the indignity of being slighted. Regardless of how good things are here on earth, there is no standard more precious than to be connected to Your original heart. Our longing for that connection should therefore be unbounded. We should realize that people who are connected to Your true love are without regret even if they have lost everything in this world. Now we must find our way to the original hometown, the ideal world in which Your love is at the center of our lives. While we are on the earth, we should prepare for the day that we are born as liberated children with free authority in our third life.

Just as a baby must be healthy in the womb to be healthy in life, one’s life on earth must be spiritually sound so that one’s life in the heavenly world can be sound. In order to stand in a position to receive help from both heaven and earth and to be moving in step with the dynamic fortune of the entire universe, we have to be ready to face death, because the present world is a contradictory world under the dominion of evil. We must be aware that it would be absolutely wrong to allow our descendants to have to carry our burden in our place.
(49-308, October 17, 1971)

Beloved Father, when we realize that You have been ceaselessly working until now to pioneer a spring-type environment, we are infinitely grateful to You and infinitely glad; yet we should become sons and daughters who can still lament the fact that we have still been unable to give our entire life and love to You. In order for us to greet the new spring, we should secure a bond with You through which we can invest our life fully and become totally absorbed in that relationship.

In that way, we can greet spring for the first time and come into bloom. We should not become pitiful spiritual beings that go to the next world without having ever welcomed springtime during our earthly life. Just as a flower must go through summer and autumn in order to produce a fruit, we also must go through such a process to bear our own fruit.

For a life to be invested and come to fruition, it must go through the summer season and absorb life elements through the root, trunk and branches until it has the full life force needed to begin a second life. We should become Your sons and daughters who can ask ourselves the question, Is there a life force within our mind and heart that is ready to burst into life in the next world after our bodies have died?

We know that the internal life force must not be invaded by the environment no matter how much time passes and how strong the storm may be. It must follow a course of consistent development so that it becomes a seed that can be planted again as the source of a second life when spring arrives.

In the same way, even if we are not externally powerful, if we are beings with an intense, infinite life force within us -- people with an internal value that can be planted again in the infinite world of the spirit as the fruit of our life in this world -- then we realize that no matter how miserable we may seem, we are not really miserable. I sincerely wish and desire that You will permit us to know that, even as our outer form gradually deteriorates, we are guaranteed to become more serious about investing in the internal value within.
(32-37, June 14, 1970)

Father, we need to be aware that no one lacking the desire to humbly bow before You can have any connection with You in the eternal spirit world. Please permit us to feel Your deep heart as we open the door to our own mind and heart. Please let us hear Your voice, which is calling to us from within our own hearts, in order that we may find our lost selves. Please allow us to become people who can bow our heads as we feel the history of hardships and toil through which You have invested in order to restore each of us.
(4-280, September 14, 1958)  

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