The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2009

Twenty-sixth Day of Victory of Love

Sun Myung Moon
January 2, 2009

Excerpts from Father's Speech on January 2, at Cheon Jeong Peace Palace

What is the cosmos? It is the house where heaven and earth dwell. Would that house always be fixed in one place? ... Whether I move north or south, I would know everything about the house and feel comfortable. If I went south, I would think, "Oh, it's this degree of latitude or that, and can adjust the realm of the Sabbath at will."

What comes after the realm of the Cosmic Sabbath? What is needed? We say that what is most needed is absolute love, and there is a reason the word absolute is used. Who said it has to do with sex? ... The Parents of Heaven and Earth are united as one in the house. Where do they go next? Do you think only people will be able to enter heaven-and-earth, or will the universe be able to go in? Since the Parents of Heaven and Earth, united as one, have entered that house, people will automatically come to stand in that house, in that natural environment. The word "heaven-and-earth" can be used here, because in that house we can live at the appropriate level in the east, west, north and south.

What comes after the heaven-and-earth? As all of that room or space is known as the Sabbath realm, in the king's Sabbath realm there should be the king's room and a room for the ministers of his government, and so forth.

In applying absolute sexual ethics, men and women should be separate, so that women would not be allowed to enter a room set aside for men. What about couples? They would ask the owner to let them have a room together, even a very small one. They wouldn't need a big room. The size of the room wouldn't matter. Even if it were small, their being together would fulfill their needs. A home organized in this way is the Sabbath realm. All these matters can be adjusted.

You are entering the cosmic house of the Parents of Heaven and Earth, and that house is based only on Absolute Sex; there is no discrimination. Whether it is God or a government minster who comes there, everyone is meant to live in that house, which is like a condominium....

Our Hyung Jin! Kook Jin! Cheon Bok Gung signifies that even if there are a thousand, or ten thousand, blessed palaces, just one house and nothing more is enough for two people. Two people living together would prefer to live in a small house where they are happy than in a house ten times its size where they are not.

In the realm of the Cosmic Sabbath, there is Absolute Sex. What comes after that? [True love] We don't say "absolute love," but "true love." Who should assert true love, the mother or the father? Since this has not been made clear, it poses a problem. Who should exert influence when it comes to Absolute Sex, the father or the mother? Answer! [The father] Who comes second? Who is the owner of love, the mother or the father? I don't know the answer either. Women say that I like men more than I do women, even if the men are no better than vagabonds, and that I don't acknowledge women. It is true that the mother can act in the place of the father, but in the Sabbath realm, sex must be made absolute; and with Absolute Sex being centered on the father, who has the seed of life, the mother, or the father? [The father] No, it is the mother! [It is the father!] So you do know that it is the father! ...

Therefore, since love is like this and you can't just do as you please, all you can do is be absolutely obedient. That which is more precious, nobler and stronger than obedience and which does not diminish in the cold yet endures the heat throughout the four seasons is absolute love....

There should be Absolute Sex, absolute love and absolute life all at once. How good it will be when all three of them are absolute! If you try to distinguish between them, there will be confusion. Issues to do with sex are more important] than those related to love or life. I am talking about the man-woman relationship. Did you catch what I meant? ...

Once you are in the realm of the Cosmic Sabbath, absolute sexual ethics are different. Who brings love there, the father or the mother? If your father were to stay in the house every day, you would see that your father's love is closer to you than your mother's. If that's the case, why did I say that love, rather than life, comes after absolute sexual ethics? That is in the father position. Do you understand? In relation to absolute sexual ethics, there is the position of the absolute father and the position of absolute life, and the two combined together signify the parents. Those parents have come their way separately, following their connection to the Parents of Heaven and Earth. Even heaven and earth are distinct entities. The father, not the mother, is the center of the Parents of Heaven and Earth. That is to say, the father is the center and the mother is his counterpart.

The question is where the fruits of absolute values are to be reaped.... The fruits are not to be reaped from the father. Where are they reaped? The fruits cannot be harvested except through the mother's field, that is, her womb. The father plants the seed, and everything in the mother's body -- from her blood and flesh to her hair, bones, skin, muscles, oils, ligaments, blood vessels and even her bone marrow -- is connected to that pocket, that palace, where that seed is planted and nurtured into a baby. That pocket is the mother's womb.

What is a key feature of the realm of the Cosmic Sabbath of the Parents of Heaven and Earth? [Absolute Sex] "Absolute Sex" is our own patented, professional term from now on. People who are acknowledged officially by heaven and earth and living in heaven and on earth all belong to the realm of the Parents of Heaven and Earth, that is, the realm of the Cosmic Sabbath of the Parents of Heaven and Earth. The first and absolute prerequisite to entering this realm is absolute sexual ethics, and no one is outside of this realm....

Human beings, as lords of all creation, however, have regarded this most precious of all gifts from Heaven as one that should just be used for themselves. They have interpreted it as they pleased, taken advantage of it, and abused it. This has resulted in the creation of all sorts of falsehoods. Since we know this fact, it is urgent that history fully move in the direction of getting the fundamentals in order.

Also, in every nation, there has been a breakdown in sexual morality among young people through the misuse of their special, precious sexual organs. Since we clearly recognize that those young people are to marry and the resulting new man-woman relationships are meant to be the absolute prerequisites for laying the ideal foundation of a nation's future and the life or death of its history, we know very well that the issue of young people's sexual ethics is the most important one for us to deal with.

People who have not thought about this issue or heard of it until now might ask why we need the concept Absolute Sex. We absolutely need it. Do you understand? The father is the owner of love. That is, he is the owner of life. Parents comprise a father and mother. There are only two people in the parental position. These two people should reach a standard history would honor and God would want established, but we have never seen anyone seek to reach, think about or bring others to achieve such a standard. We now realize that absolute sexual ethics are absolutely needed. When they are subverted, destruction comes to a nation.

If sick people are placed at the center, the disease could spread to the whole world. If this disease is incurable, the situation could become serious enough to end human existence. So Absolute Sex is very precious. Now the next most valuable thing is love. Who is the owner that makes the first sexual encounter with your spouse have value? The owner of true love is a man. If the man gets into trouble, his woman will experience many changing circumstances. The tradition of unchanging love is simple. The resolution made on the wedding night should be an eternal one, not just on earth but also in heaven. If this goes awry on earth, we cannot rectify our behavior even in heaven, where it will multiply into dozens and hundreds of instances of bad behavior. As a result, chaos would ensue in the spirit world, which automatically would be influenced by this ongoing behavior. We wouldn't have any way to solve the problem.

We now think that only True Parents can solve the problem on earth. I am the one who has taught people over several generations that the experiences and details related to sexual immorality create a certain bad influence, and I know very well that absolute sexual ethics are absolutely needed. Do you understand?

In true love, you have only one unchangeable object of that love; you cannot expand this to others as you please. You cannot multiply a true [conjugal] love relationship to include others, or use it as you like. Once you include others, it has already become false love.

Also, when it comes to managing relationships, we need only true love in making a true-love relationship. How much false love is involved in your relationships? Since so much false love brings disease, we must make a situation where true love stays in one place no matter what. We must understand that in preparing our essential mindset for love, the issue of sexual relations becomes a major one.

What's next? Even having sexual relations can transmit disease, which can then destroy life itself. Even life! Without true love, the realm of life would be in chaos. We cannot talk about the settlement and security of the realm of life. This is chaos, a pit of ruin. When a person needing the connecting bonds of life realizes that this entails an essential, eternal lineal relationship, we must attach the words "absolute love" and "absolute life" to him. Then, he cannot just casually make love and share his life. This is a fundamental issue.

If we leave matters as they are, humankind will be destroyed through the sexual organs, that is, through sexual relations. When people who have all sorts of diseases freely interact, uniting [sexually], the human race faces a future of certain collapse. If this cannot be corrected, those people who indulge in such behavior should be dealt with strongly by the rest of humankind.

Now we can say that those who do not maintain an absolute standard of sexual ethics ought to disappear. Such people are incapacitated. That's why we need true lineage following Absolute Sex, true love and true life. True lineage is centered on Absolute Sex, in which true love and true life become one. This is the only way to make a true lineage. If a true lineage is not created, there will be a tattered sphere of sexuality, that is, a tattered lineage. Since to envision an ideal human world based upon such a tattered lineage is flawed thinking, such a world remains in the realm dreams. We are unable to integrate such a reality with our actual realm of life, even if we could imagine it.

No matter how difficult it is, centering on absolute sexual ethics, true fathers and true mothers must emerge. Only a true father can plant the seeds of true life with true love and only a true mother can grow that true life within her womb. They are absolutely needed.

The important issues are that people misuse sex and love and fathers and mothers live as they wish. Sex itself is in a state of confusion and disorder without standards and without fidelity throughout spring, summer, fall and winter. The lineage is going in the wrong direction; it's been turned upside down and is a terrible, mixed up mess. Every day we see different lineages circulating through spring, summer, fall and winter. Since a different type of blood is passing through each day, human beings, who every day are the fruits of different kinds of life and love, will get into a terrible mess and will be ruined. That is the conclusion. Inevitably, even though we don't like it, we have to enforce the law to prevent this from happening. In this way, the realm of the Cosmic Sabbath will remain alive.

Let's say the realm of the Cosmic Sabbath were to die; then the Parents of Heaven and Earth would disappear. If the realm of the Cosmic Sabbath were to disappear, the Parents of Heaven and Earth themselves would disappear. As long as we don't have any fields where we can plant seeds and grow them, whatever we do in the heavens will disappear as something without practical application. Without a practical application, we cannot consider it a reasonable course. We absolutely must protect the realm of the Cosmic Sabbath. Do you understand?

Hence, Absolute Sex and true love should be protected by the father, who possesses true love, and by the mother's womb, in which the root of absolute life can be nurtured from infancy and protected by the mother. If she has sexual relations carelessly, this could be destroyed. Even though we all know that we have to preserve Absolute Sex, if we do not rectify the misuse of sexual relations, things will inevitably end in failure. Thus, if we want to seek out and live in the ideal world, we have to abide by this ironclad rule. What kind of rule is this? [An ironclad rule]

If we do not abide by it, we must establish a heavenly constitution that is much more fearsome than the ironclad rule in correcting the problem. In adhering to the heavenly constitution, all people must put aside their lives. The practice of not having children will also disappear. Since only we know the appropriate decisions we have to make, we should be the ones to begin. Heaven, earth and parents who can be the owners of heaven and earth want that. In light of the consequences of not aligning with absolute sexual ethics, all the children, families, and nations who center on these will be connected to the ideal homeland, or to the future image of an ideal world. However, without the ironclad rule, no matter how high or low the punishment level, everybody would automatically vanish. Those who support this idea, welcome it by clapping your hands. Don't just welcome it; you should support it with absolute faith.

In the same way that God, the Creator, does, we have to have absolute faith and absolute obedience centered on absolute love. When it comes to obedience, if we have a relationship based on allowing any or all opinions and if we do not serve absolutely, it cannot be related to the terms "absolute obedience," "absolute love" and "absolute life." Absolute lineage, absolute love and absolute obedience will become a trinity, and we must begin to preserve the ironclad rule that even if the sexual organs of father and mother are used a hundred or a thousand times, it must only be by their owners. This ironclad rule must be our family tradition from now on. [Aju!] Is that "Aju, I am resolved" or "Aju I am undecided"? Words are easy to say.

The practice of Absolute Sex is not a reality yet but is still in the preparation process; it hasn't been practiced yet, so we will now enter the era of practicing it.

If you were married by me, you should think for yourselves. When I lay hands on you and pray, I love you and everything about you, not as a father but as a counterpart. However, when I give you in marriage, I do so as a father marrying off his daughter. If you give someone in marriage, it should be your daughter.... And once you have seen her get married, the path is already laid down for her. She may have lingering attachments. Even so, because such a path of love is there, it can be found, and once she practices that love, everything will surely bear fruit centering on that love. Then she will become the one and only wife in all eternity.

So, you all know how great the goals of the Unification Church are, don't you? Yu Jeong-ok and his wife Cho Myeong-won are sitting here, and they, as well as the rest of you, should know that. You should all think that our goals are wonderful.

Do you understand?

That is why we need to restore the Sabbath realm of the Parents of Heaven and Earth today. The Sabbath realm is a thing to be grateful for. It is where we can finally come to rest. It means we no longer have to look for our home, because we have found it and can reside in it. Before such a home is found, no man or woman can claim that he or she has found a home to live in. Everyone is a wanderer, floating in midair.

How many spirits are there -- including Satan -- wandering in the spirit world, unable to go to either heaven or hell?

Because of love and sexual matters, there are many spirits wandering around. Since they cannot remain where they are, they have, more than you know, violated the homes of couples who live on earth. So, when the sun shines, the spirits create a cloud that blocks the sun's rays, so that people living in their homes cannot receive sunlight. Such is the environment the spirits have created, and I am aware of the fact that they have also been exerting a bad influence on family life. To resolve this, I have brought together the men and women of the Unification Church, because the place where they meet is where such circumstances are bound to come to an end. It is up to me to bring it to an end, and if I didn't have the confidence to do it, I would lose my position. No matter how long it takes, I should end that situation, so that the clouds that have gathered to hide the sunlight can dissipate. Much time is needed. Not much talk....

Kook Jin and Hyung Jin, where is Cheon Bok Gung? Cheon Bok Gung is the palace, the home we are to live in. It includes the family palace, the tribal palace, the national palace, the district palace, the county palace, the provincial palace, the government ministers' palace, the vice-president's palace and the president's palace, doesn't it? You are aiming to build the church around your extended families in order to construct the palace, aren't you?

Then Cheon Bok Gung signifies the group of palaces including the palace of the individual, tribe, race, nation, and so forth, that is to say, the integrated palace where twenty-one tribes live. Yeoido itself should make the palace. Will you be including a place for me to stay? [It will be on the top floor.]...

Isn't that the site for the main palace of the entire world? Isn't that for the construction of the main palace? Did you plan to make only one room for me? When I go there, I will bring more than a hundred and twenty people with me, maybe a thousand two hundred people. The entire community should be mobilized. It will be a community palace. Only then can the king be attended there; and only then can he educate those guests who come to visit so that they become part of his royal family....

So I have said that Cheon Bok Gung does not refer to something in just one place.... When a son reaches a certain age, he will say he wants to go to his uncle's home. Then he will go to his uncle's home and give out what he has, and those who can live in the main palace will all share in what is handed out, and the many relatives thus gathered will come together to the main palace, and they will form a tribe.

You don't know how to form such a tribe. If such a group were formed, you would automatically come to like giving birth, for it would be your hope, and that of your clans, to be included in the tribe and enlarge your clan and nation. Isn't that so?

Henceforth there can be nothing else but Cheon Seong Gyeong, Pyung Hwa Shin Gyeong, the Family Pledge, and the Divine Principle. All of you know the Principle. Did you ever read Explanation of the Divine Principle (Wolli Haesol) after Exposition of the Divine Principle (Wolli Kangron) came out? If you know the Original Divine Principle (Wolli Bonchae-ron), it is okay to forget the Exposition of the Divine Principle, because everything in the latter is included in the former. But you are not thinking about giving Principle lectures. This [Original Divine Principle] is something of a totally different line. This is not the one under Chung Hwan Kwak. The title of the workshop explaining it is different, isn't it? It's the one with "realm of the portion of responsibility" in the title.

Where could such topics for education on the portion of responsibility, indemnity, restoration through indemnity, deliverance and perfection be found before? They came into being after True Parents liberated God. [To Shin Joon nim, who has suddenly appeared:] Have you come looking for me? He has come to get me. [Applause] But I'm saying something important right now.

This is important. Even if heaven and earth, the parents, and the realm of the Cosmic Sabbath are forsaken, we are automatically included in the lineage of God, our substantial Parent, as His seed, the seed of the True Father and True Mother. Are we, or aren't we included? We are all included. That is why we have read in Hoon Dok Hae about the realm of the Cosmic Sabbath for the Parents of Heaven and Earth. That is the term used, and in 1997 it was connected to the number seven. Once we get beyond the number seven and become connected centering on the seventh and eighth years [of Cheon II Guk] the jubilee years, everything will be brought to an end.

Once that Sabbath realm comes into being, everything will be brought to an end, and there will no longer be a satanic world. The UN will cease to exist in its current form. We have entered the era of the True Parent UN. There is only one nation, one set of parents and one bloodline. There is only one father and one mother. The only difference is that they are on different joints.? Because this is the central joint, centering on the many joints arising from there, the twelve tribes are connected to the joints. And they grow tenfold. [Shin Joon nim: Father, have breakfast!] Yes, I will. You see he has come to get me. What I am saying is important.

Yes, so the Day of Victory of Love is very simple. In order to enter the cosmic home, you need to offer everything you have, whether it is your assets or your relatives, to the Parents of Heaven and Earth, because otherwise you will not be able to enter the house of the cosmic family. Then there will be no need for the Parents of Heaven and Earth, because everyone will already be there. Can there be two sets of parents? The Old Testament Age, New Testament Age and Completed Testament Age... We are now in the era of the realm of the fourth Adam. Do you know how I came to announce that? It was inevitable in this generation. Shouldn't the first, second and third generations all come to their restful Sabbath? Knowing that, you should widen the place, so that all 6.5 billion people of the world can be included. 

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