The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2008

Creation and Fruition

Sun Myung Moon
November 8, 2008

The following is from Father's extemporaneous comments at Hoon Dok Hae at the Cheon Jeong Peace Palace. These are excerpts.

From now on, you husbands and wives, being exemplary models, must inherit all that has been completed centering on True Parents and what True Parents have accomplished after the proclamation of the realm of rebirth, revival and eternal life.

You have been living centering on your individual blessed families, but now we are not at that stage. When you think of how each of your families stands in the position of a central family for countless numbers of the world's blessed families, based on the foundation of all of True Parents' victories for the sake of fulfilling the will of divine providence, you can see there are the stages for the individual, family, clan, ethnic people and nation.

We must establish a system in which all nations, the 194 member nations of the UN, are interconnected by going through these five stages. We must restore the original, oceanic era by uniting centering on the UN, which, through the unity of Cain and Abel (that is, communism and democracy) and based on the standard of the new nation, is to become one with the True Mother who is one with the True Father.

Because Eve began by putting everything into utter confusion in the Garden of Eden, women must unite and, representing all providential objectives of the Unification Church, bring their individual families to perfection, and bring True Parents' family to perfection. And on the foundation of True Parents clan, people and nation, and (as True Parents are beyond the national level) the world, couples must themselves go beyond the national level to the worldwide level, surpassing the sphere of women and that of men and achieving the five consecutive standards of the family of God, family of True Parents, family of Adam, family of Eve and family of children.

You have been thinking that the Family Pledge and Cheon Seong Gyeong have nothing to do with your lives as you follow True Parents. But I created these. I announced yesterday evening the realm of victory through rebirth, revival and eternal life. What happened yesterday evening? [The Global Peace Festival] Yes, the Global Peace Festival conference, which was carried out centering on True Parents. Once families with true parents begin in a few countries centering on yourselves who are newly revived, billions of people will spread out as the branches. There will be many branches but only one root.

Our families must accomplish the realm of liberation after passing through the eight stages of individual, family, clan, race and nation, centering on the final three stages, mother, father and God.

This was the requirement Adam's family failed to fulfill. Blessed families must be able to freely achieve this. Only by doing so can they be respected wherever they go as families who represent God's realm of victory. Whatever circumstances you are in, the environment will become one in which Satan is voluntarily subjugated. You should engender strong confidence in your family and clan that they can inherit the position of the greatest victory.

There are countless clans, aren't there? There are 286 surnames even in Korea, and the families they belong to are to build a new nation based on their ancestors. If families do not stand as ancestors representing clans and nations, with billions of people spreading to the 194 nations connected to the Abel UN, the way for True Parents to interconnect the world cannot be opened up.

Whole blessed families, billions of them in heaven and on earth, can reach a new level when they become exemplary representatives thoroughly connected in the ideal-family realm, rather than standing alone, isolated from other families. Otherwise, they will remain in a situation that cannot be resolved, unable to cross the borderline and remaining at a standstill. You have to solve and overcome all this. The original world can be realized when all of you set the conditions necessary for even babies in the womb to be beyond this problem.

True Parents will be able to proclaim the perfection of the liberated and completely free heaven and earth, which can only be achieved when there are new clans, peoples, nations and a world based on the ideal family. God (who is connected to the true bloodline, true love and true life, which have no relationship to the Fall) desires to see that family.

This is so tremendous. You Japanese members are not just Japanese. As sons and daughters of True Parents and as members who will carry on the restored tradition, standing upon the worldwide standard and transcending the feelings you have for your nation, you must liberate even God and realize the liberated kingdom of heaven and earth that achieves freedom, peace, unification and happiness. You must do this by raising a family of God, a family of true parents, a family of the eldest son, a family of the second son, and grandchildren over four generations. If you do not do so, you will be unable to discern God's world from Satan's world. You will never be able to distinguish between them.

The Oceanic era sees the start of a godly civilization today is the eighth day of November, heading toward the ninth day. If all things have been declared from the providential point of view, we need to go beyond the number nine. So today Mother will read from chapter sixteen of Pyung Hwa Shin Gyeong. Then my son Hyung-jin will read. In the positions of Cain and Abel, Hyun-jin from the U.S., which represents the UN, and Hyung-jin representing Korea, are to unite centering on their mother. On the foundation of that unity Kwak Chung-hwan, Hwang Sun-jo, Yang Chang-shik and Yu Jeon-gok (who is in charge of the Pacific Rim providence), should read next, proving they are connected together one by one, and are thus in unity; we must get past this point.

Now the oceanic era, representing the cosmic era of women, has begun. This means the world as originally created, as if the Fall had never occurred (that is, the world as it existed before the Fall), is emerging. We need to find a nation standing on a supra-national basis, centering on the ocean. It should exist in a supra-religious and supra-racial realm. Rising above religious and racial considerations should be the main themes in re-creating the original, unfallen culture. It has to be created. Since it has not yet been made, we must make it.

From the realm of the Pacific Rim civilization can begin the opening of the godly civilization, which is the master of the former... Women must inherit and carry on the work of creation that is carried out by the Holy Spirit, which acts to fulfill the work of Eve. Because the Holy Spirit does not have a physical body, however, it is true parents, having both physical and spiritual bodies, that inherit her work and produce the fruits of it. They must fulfill the mission of a "locomotive" that fulfills and perfects the victorious undertaking of giving birth that is to bring to fulfillment these final times of the universe.

All daughters and mothers need to become one and then continue the work of the Holy Spirit, which is to create according to the vertical standard. How much sacrifice has been made until now in order to do so?

Adam's family fell, and the mother failed to fulfill her role as mother. It is thus a historical fact that women have been violated by archangelic men. Therefore, to overcome this reality, the second Israel needs to perfect the third Israel centered on the Pacific Rim. This will fulfill the providential will. To fulfill this, we need to usher in the era of the godly civilization, which is the new Pacific Rim civilization. You must create a unified reality that is the same as history was originally intended to be.

The realm of the Pacific Rim civilization opening the era of the godly civilization, which is its master, is the act of bequeathing what has been created. Next, it is up to you to give it birth. Since True Parents have completed its creation, you need to inherit that and produce the sphere of civilization.

You need to complete this task.

Without any knowledge of this, you have already given birth to children, and knowing this, you need to give rebirth. Therefore, in the work of production, the mother and daughter need to become one in body, and though the mother is on heaven's side the daughter is on the earth's side, in order to completely eradicate the world of Cain and Abel, all daughter must become one in body and mind centering on True Mother. If they can thus become one, those who have received the blessing after going to the spirit world can come back to earth. I know how it is in the spirit world; they are full of the hope for this work to be completed. The spirit world will unite and create the culture of the oceanic realm free from the Fall, which is the realm of the original feminine culture. It needs to be created...

You need to take overall responsibility. The providence of salvation under the Heavenly Parent and the providence of salvation under the True Parents is not directly connected with you. Do you understand this separation? The work of creation is God's work of re-creating Adam under the providence of salvation, so centering on Adam the spiritual and physical worlds have been united. That is why, now that I have taken control of the satanic realm in the spiritual and physical worlds, they had to be brought to submission and a new world produced from them. We needed to seize them and create anew. Through such a practice of creation, we need to give birth to children. We need to do this on behalf of God...

Since you have undergone the throes of childbirth to form a nation and families, your families should not think only about themselves. In the position of rail-cars being pulled by the locomotive, you share a common fate, and therefore the people who have been within the realm of the providence of salvation until now and those who are responsible for the process by which the completion of the providence of salvation can be proclaimed should become one. Cain and Abel should become one centering on the mother and fulfill their mission as the locomotive that pulls the rail-cars attached to it -- whether there are a hundred and twenty or tens of thousands of rail-cars -- and transport all kinds of everything. This is not about you, as an individual, crossing the hills in front of you. You need to be aware of this...

There is no way by which you can return to the original position wherein you can create what has already been made, so you need to inherit that original position of creation and, instead, give birth to sons and daughters who will be the citizens of the kingdom of God. You must ride on the locomotive of True Parents and advance together to the final destination.

Creation! Say it. [Creation!] Production! [Production!] Next childbirth! [Childbirth!] The vertical God has worked hard centering on the horizontal family. True Parents have brought to submission the substantial world, the world of human beings who opposed them, and have emerged triumphant. After that, it is up to you to become one and experience the labor of childbirth. In three generations, you need to restore your clans to the seventh and eighth generations, to the eighteenth degree of relation, even including God... Unless you struggle to assist in the liberation of even such distant relative. you cannot take them to the kingdom of God. You need to know this clearly...

In the world of men, women are to unite with the men, creating the wheels of the locomotive and together go wherever the locomotive goes. Isn't that how it is? I've already said, "Men and women need to fulfill their mission as the locomotive for the perfection and completion of the victorious undertaking of giving birth." They are not merely a set of wheels... Supposing the train has ten rail-cars; all the passengers need to unite as a people. Only then can the Messiah be liberated. Unless the Messiah, who came to restore a nation, is liberated, God cannot be liberated. In that case, we would not be able to escape from the world in which we have been enduring suffering in the service of God.

You should not give birth to and raise sons and daughters just by yourselves. The act of childbirth involves your receiving assistance from God, inheriting that victorious realm of assistance through True Parents, uniting with them, and then, finally, giving birth to children. In the era of giving birth to children, which is at the risk of one's life, and which is a serious undertaking on earth, you are able to become the locomotives yourselves. You should know that when you go to the heavenly world, you and your sons and daughters will be the masters who teach the saints, the sages and your ancestors. That's being a locomotive.

The oceans constitute the world as originally created, where the Fall had not occurred. This is the oceanic era of the three worlds of water, air and space. If this era is not based on the love of the mother, children cannot come. The mother must be the center.

Since the first mother formed a blood relationship with Satan, the children fully inherited Satan's lineage. This must be cut off. If you are not clear on these concepts, the history of the providence cannot be brought to a conclusion.

Men are archangels. That is why the returning Lord was to come and give the blessing only to virgin men and women. This is not how it happened, however. Problems to do with sex have not been resolved through religion. Because it has to be resolved all at once, I am working to solve everything...

Unity with Mother in order to give rebirth to humanity

When the wife is undergoing childbirth, the substantial True Parents, and God too, can embrace her. The spiritual and physical aspects are separate; the vertical Parent experiences beginning a family, and then the horizontal True Parents experience beginning a family. The visible True Parents and the invisible True Parent are one in body. Even if a man and a woman who do not have mind-body unity give birth to sons and daughters, they will not be able to enter the kingdom of heaven. It is a matter of vertical alignment with Heaven, as if the sun were directly overhead and we cast no shadows. How serious a problem it is that we are in the middle of the night!

In the end, you must unite with True Mother and give rebirth to everyone in heaven and on earth. The new families that are giving rebirth are, by that act, becoming locomotives of the heavenly kingdom. Those who are connected to those locomotives cannot fail to become people of the kingdom of heaven.

Though Jesus resurrected spiritually, the True Parent resurrected substantially at the second coming... Even though Jesus broke through some barriers spiritually, God could not prevent Satan taking Jesus' physical life.

It would therefore be a serious matter if True Parents ceased to be. There could be no such things as creation or production or a unified realm, and nothing about women cooperating together to give birth to humanity. Everything would break down. That is a very serious matter. Do you understand? That is why it is rebirth. By finally succeeding, we have entered the realm of rebirth. Since we have been reborn, we have gone beyond the world of Satan, the devil... The bloodline has been established, and behind the bloodline are the love of the father and the life of the mother. For the lineage to be completed, love and life must become one. The parent body of love is the father, and the parent body of life, the physical body, is the mother. Yes, that is why the mother should nurture the baby in every way, so that the baby can grow.

In Christian culture, there is the analogy of a bride and groom, right? As the groom, Jesus came to find his bride; that is to say, the husband came in substantial form to meet his bride after four thousand years of history, but the substantial spirit world and this substantial world have not become one. Jesus came to unite them centering on the foundation of his spiritual and physical family, but he lost his earthly life and only accomplished his mission spiritually. Therefore, the Feast of the Lamb still must take place. By holding the Feast of the Lamb, just as was to have happened centering on Eve in the world as it was originally created, victory must be won on earth by the daughters substantially becoming one with True Mother, the wife of True Father, and then giving rebirth to all of humankind. Otherwise, they cannot be restored in front of Heaven by January 13, 2013...

You have to engrave my word in your minds, as if you have deeply engraved them in solid granite. Don't just hear them and forget them. You have to engrave them deeply in your hearts.

The ancestors are coming to help, because they cannot be liberated if they do not help. You are not alone. Your ancestors have all shared the benefit of True Parents' victory and have come to help you. You should mobilize them through your prayers. If you don't, you will not be able to offer memorial services to them. Because the time has come when you can offer the memorial service, that is to say, because the time has come when you can serve your ancestors in the spirit world, the way has been opened for them to receive forgiveness. Other religions think the ancestors are on Satan's side and assert that we should not follow them.

Because we know of all this even better than Satan himself does, he cannot come to obstruct us. If we say, "Get out of the way," he has to do so. If you say, Step aside! he will have to step aside. Otherwise, he may exercise his right to stand in front of you and boldly oppose you. Archangels are of different classes, and those of the highest class, that is, the four great Archangels, could all take part in opposing you. They may oppose you, or the good ones may help you.

Do you want only yourselves to become true parents? Do you want only yourselves to become princes and princesses of liberation? Historically, Adam's bloodline was defiled and falsified by Satan, so it is stained, but this was only because Satan was the first to take dominion over it; Adam's bloodline must not die out. We need to attach even the ancestors to the perfection locomotive and ride without hindrance from Satan's Arctic Ocean to the Antarctic Ocean, from the uppermost corner of the communist world of the North Sea down to the waters of the South Pole...

In order for you to become a responsible person in seeking out the truth to make the church and save the nation, you need to make the Principle your center and know the contents of Cheon Seong Gyeong. The core of Cheon Seong Gyeong is represented in Pyung Hwa Shin Gyeong, and the Family Pledge is based on such content. Because you have all the teachings of the genuine truth, if you instruct someone to do something and it was not done, it would be up to you, who gave the order, to do it instead. I have indemnified everything on your behalf. In regard to your sons and daughters and your nations, victorious supremacy has been relinquished to you centering on True Parents. All you need to do is perfect it without any problems; there can be no such thing as leaving it undone. You have been given a responsibility, a calling, which you must completely fulfill. Even if you die and your flesh rots away and your bones dissolve, you must fulfill your responsibility. You cannot leave behind unfinished work on the path of that calling. Even if your bones become water or dust and ultimately disappear, you still need to finish that work before you can enter the kingdom of God...

Those in the spirit world will cooperate only when you speak based on Father's teachings; if you speak based on your own ideas, they will not cooperate. This is serious. That is why over many years until they die, and even after they have gone to the spirit world, people have placed the greatest importance on my teachings. If my teachings are insufficiently evident in a person's life, that person will go to the world that also lacks my teachings; it could not be called the kingdom of heaven. That is only too clear. It will become pitch-dark. The settlement of noon could not take place. The term "settlement of noon" can only be found in the Unification Church. Can you find it in an encyclopedia? [No.] No, you can't! You don't know how joyful and good a term that is.

As we usher in the era of the supranational and supra-oceanic realm, all women centering on True Mother... When father speaks about women he is thinking of families, both on the right and the left. The blessing of billions of people depends on them. Therefore, in giving birth to children on earth, they will have to go through the rigors of childbirth...

Well, Mother, step forward and read again what we read yesterday. We did not read as much as we wanted to yesterday, but since I explained everything this morning, in this Hoon Dok Hae session, we can read as much as we want. Anyone of us can read on behalf of Father, God, Mother, the groom in the stead of Mother, the groom newly met, the groom who is an old man, and anyone else. Is there any groom older than God? Is there one who is older than the returning Lord? Therefore, we will begin the Hoon Dok Hae session under Mother's full authority, and she will read about something as exciting as a breath of fresh spring air. Let us welcome her with applause.

Whether or not you are producing good fruits, you must listen to what I've said. You must take yourself in hand. Think that you must control your body if it is sleepy and focus your mind if it wanders...

Look at the Chinese characters. The Chinese character for "cheon," meaning "heaven," signifies that two people come together to build a nation, and that nation is Cheon Guk... Isn't that a nation that brings two people into unity? In the Chinese character for "guk" meaning "nation" can be found the Chinese character "hok" meaning "perhaps," so I thought of the word "amugena" (howsoever). With the syllables reversed, it becomes naketnua, and I interpret that to mean You should uproot yourselves and be buried in ecstasy. Then God will work to manage the heavenly world with Rev. Moon as the leader and work backward to find the way to the gates of the kingdom of heaven. Since it is backward, it is nakemua, and it means that God should use me in the work of uprooting and then send me away to win against the satanic world.

After Mother speaks:

Now, I've been saying all this while Mother has been standing at the front. She may complain that she is worried she might have had to stand there for days, since it is she, not the members, who are standing at the front. But that won't be the case. We will finish now. By holding morning Hoon Dok Hae on a brand new day, centering on True Parents, centering on the True Mother, we should cherish this day in our hearts as a day to remember for the rest of our lives. Yes, this will become a day to commemorate and to mark the complete fulfillment of our wishes! Aju! [Aju!] 

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