The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2008

49th True Children's Day

Sun Myung Moon
October 29, 2008
Chung Jeong Goong Peace Palace and Museum
Notes: Michael Jenkins from the translator
Editors L. Strait and J. Flynn

Note: These notes are taken from a simultaneous translation. Simultaneous translation is done in summary form and depends greatly on the translator's ability to communicate the essence of the message. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an Official publication on Rev. Moon's words. However they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message.

My original name was Yong Myung Moon. Then it became Sun Myung Moon. Now Mother and I together are called the True Parents.

Mr. Yoon is now head of the newspaper in Korea. His background has been more based in church work. Many have thought that you can’t make such a change. However, I deeply appreciate the spiritual perspective and want it to be the root. Who would I like more, a sophisticated, well-paid, knowledgeable person in the field of journalism or a humble person from the spiritual side who has served God?

Only the person who really knows the value of the fruit can be its owner. The owner would immediately know the best fruit by its fragrance. Someone who is not an owner might pick the best-looking or biggest fruit as the best; however, the owner will know by the fragrance which is the best. How do you rank these fruit? The owner will know exactly which is the best. You have to know what is the best, and so forth.

There are many Ambassadors for Peace here; some have even run for high office. Only those who can look ahead to the future can find the right way. If your spiritual senses are right, you can find the right way even in the dark. From April to this day, we have had many events in Chung Jeong Gyong. This is the unique palace of God in Cheon Il Guk, where two people can become one. Can you have faith in any president of any nation? You should place your faith in God, not in any one individual. There is now a worldwide economic crisis and depression. It is a serious time in history. To guide nations in the right way, you must have the spiritual sense of which way to go.

Hyung Jin Nim is saying, “Let's build Cheon Bok Gyong, a place where all people of any religions will be able to come for the next 10,000 years to give offerings to God and receive blessings.”

Many have advised me concerning this president or that president. However, if you look over the history of Korea or of other nations, they have all fallen by the wayside. You could not put your faith in any of them. That is why our movement is important. The Washington Times has vast information that can be used for the sake of peace and the nation. Did that happen just because of dream or because of hard-earned investment of blood, sweat and tears? I have been preparing for this time for many, many years. Now the Washington Times is one of the most influential newspapers in America. Also, the Abel UN will rise up. You will see.

Americans have a philosophy of brotherhood in America. They share as brothers from the same glass. However, there is a lack of clarity of the parents’ role in democracy. The parents’ position must be recognized, or else the brothers will fight. The parents’ role is that of God's.

Many doctors predict that I will pass 100 -- you never know. It's possible that I may live to be 120 years old. However, because of the helicopter accident I am still in some difficulty, but overall my health is good. Most people take 15 minutes to get dressed; I can do it in 3 minutes. In an hour, I can walk the distance that takes other people an hour and 20 minutes. I don’t lift my feet high; therefore, I can walk much quicker than others.

People have opposed me at every turn, but I didn’t ever retreat or run away. Many leaders who claimed they were the center of things wanted to meet me, but I would not meet them. I knew they would pass. God is the true center.

This is the Day. When you say right wing, it reflects the right hand, but it exists only because there is a left hand. The right cannot exist without the left. Yes, God created a man first. But he couldn’t create man without having the complete vision and blueprint for woman. He made man to match his idea for woman. Men are convex; women are concave. Left cannot exist by itself; right cannot exist on its own.

This universe is infinitely vast, can you believe that? When God created, he expanded at the speed of light, and it's been expanding for 4 billion light years; it may go on to 10 billion light years. This great and vast universe! How can God govern over this vast world? Through True Love.

Who was with me in Nevada? Las Vegas is a place where people gamble and there are serious problems. There are also casinos in Cheju Island. This kind of place is where Satan is tempting people; this is where women sell their bodies. Don’t people pay hundreds and thousands of dollars for this? Atlantic City is the same. When we go to South America, we also see a lot of casinos. Satan can use this environment. I am the founder of the Unification Church. Even though it is dangerous to go to these places, Mother and I have to go there to set condition to clean them up.

What about the world of soccer? We have given money to develop soccer teams so that young people may be educated. Even though there are many challenges to this, we are making a foundation for the future world through this activity for young people. There have been many similar efforts, but they have collapsed. All I have is my hands and my head. In South America we have two very famous soccer teams, and at the University of Bridgeport our team is a champion.

The Boon Bang Hwan represents my direct sons and daughters. We are talking about a temple for 210,000 people. It is not a church but a base for moving the nation. If we have more than 50 percent of the people with us, the democracy can move in God's way.

If you sweat, where does the water go on your face? It flows down through the wrinkles and misses your eyes. There are five types of water that flow; none of them flows in reverse. The sweat flows off of your face and your shirt. It flows not only to your body but then to the ground. What is it that is over your eyes? Eyebrows. Eyes always have eyebrows. Your eyebrows are important. Women may pluck them and then pencil in what they want, but it isn’t a good idea. The eyebrows keep your sweat from going down that way, and the eyelashes protect your eyes from dust. A line or wrinkle on your cheek can reveal whether you have good fortune. I know this because I have observed many people.

Hoon Mo Nim is a woman of great filial piety. I treat her like she is my younger sister.

All the Japanese women from Korea, Japan, and America must long for me to move heaven. 

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