The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2008

Ground Breaking Ceremony of the Chungshim Peace World Center

Sun Myung Moon
October 28, 2008
Edited: Department of Education and Planning, Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center

Note: The following speech was spoken by True Parents on October 28 at the ‘Ground Breaking Ceremony of the Chungshim Peace World Center’.

What kind of day is today? You have gathered here today... I wish that many blessings to you who have gathered here. (Applause)

Today, we have gathered in the midst of nature, therefore, naturally we will have more interest in nature. When I see the pine trees and Korean white pines growing, the future world of those who have gathered... your descendants will prosper in many nations, and I wish for you to become people who will love nature that organize beautifully the garden of hope that will cover heaven and earth.

Should I talk for a short time today or a long time? (“Please talk for a long time.”) What? What did you say? (“Please talk for a long time!”) Today will be short! The record for me to talking on a stage was 16 hours but today I will only talk for 16 minutes. How short would be that? Please listen to me with a heart of sympathy and silence.

My title is, 'Ground Breaking Ceremony for the Chungshim Peace World Center’. The date of October 28, 2008 is really good. October 28! At the Chungshim Complex Republic of Korea.

Can you see my face? (“Yes!”) How old do I look? If I had gotten old would it be possible for me to talk on this stage. If you say I look young, power shall emerge. Am I an old person? (“You are a young person.”) Those who gathered here seem to be younger than me but I can hardly hear you. Once again, loudly! (“You are a young person!”) Thank you very much. Okay, shall we start now?

The Chungshim Complex that is Heaven’s Plan

Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests and beloved blessed families. Please raise your heads and look around the mountains and streams. Nature is beautiful. Let us offer a great round of applause to God who has opened the path to build the Chungshim Peace World Center in the Chungshim Complex that is filled with nature's beauty on this beautiful clear day.

Ladies and gentlemen! Without you being aware of it, heaven has prepared this place for several decades. On top of this place, through receiving True Parents’ life, centering on Heung Jin Nim in the spirit world and Dae Mo Nim, there is a person who is like a mother who can go back and forth to the spirit world and is also in touch with the humanity. Dae Mo Nim! Not only of the passionate support of the True Children in the spirit world but on the sincere devotion offered by Hoon Mo Nim, heaven and True Parents came and we are able to have this meaningful ground breaking ceremony! (Applause)

What will this building hold in the future? I too will have hope and at the same time I must wish for you to become people who can link this building to future generations and make it a bright and beautiful palace.

Especially now, as we are living the second half of the Ssang Hab Jubilee Years of the 7th and 8th years, we have witnessed many miracles of heaven. Even at the last attack of Satan, the helicopter accident, heaven had mobilized the whole spirit world and protected True Parents, and was victorious over True Parents family’s Realm of Three Generations of Perfect Substantial Victory. The success of the ‘Abel UN’ for it has rooted itself into 190 nations of the world. This will also become the ‘Abel UN’ in the 21st century. Miracles are being recorded continuously.

Please think about the heart of God and True Parents who have decided the period until January 13, 2013, for the completion of the providence. It is a path of seriousness, as if a day is 1,000 years. We are establishing Cheon Il Guk being perfected and completed on this earth. Until that day when 300 billion people of heaven and earth would shout hallelujah, you should value the steps you take with True Parents and for the fulfillment of the responsibility that was given to you. You should do your best! (Applause)

Unification Family’s General Culture Center

If the Chungshim Peace World Center is completed and opened by 2010, this Chungshim Complex both in name and reality become the best place in the Republic of Korea. Not only will heavenly fortune be with you but heaven will be with you step by step fulfilling all external conditions.

One year from now, this place will have a better environment to live than Seoul. I also wish for you to live near by. Where in Korea can you find a place within 30 minutes of Seoul that has good air and clear water? This is the only place.

If the Chungshim Peace World Center is completed, not only would it fulfill its mission as the general cultural center for the Unification Family but it will also fulfill its roll as an All Weather Gymnasium for various sporting events. From now on, we won't have to use the (Seoul) Olympic Stadium for giving birth to few thousand blessed families and this place shall become a holy wedding venue. (Applause) You must send many of your descendants to this place.

Please picture your children and grandchildren running around in this huge stadium training their mind and body. Please also picture a couple of hundred thousand college students listening to True Parents’ words in tears promising their loyalty in front of heaven before going out to the world. Thinking about it, doesn’t it fill your heart up? (Applause)

Blessed Families that must unite with Chung Pyung Works

My beloved blessed families! The responsibility of heaven and True Parents is until this point. From now on you must take hands with Hoon Mo Nim and take responsibility for completing this Chungshim Peace World Center! (Applause) You are going to build a center for your descendants. Here where you attend Cheon Jeong Gung Museum and embrace the Cheonshim lake, please plant your dreams. It is hope.

Please attend this project in both physically and spiritually, and make this Chungshim Peace World Center, your center. Entering this year of miracles, please create a miracle -- you can complete the construction of the Chungshim Peace World Center by yourselves! (Applause)

May God’s blessings be upon you and to this Chungshim Peace World Center project. Thank you very much.

May God be happy for this hour, and He has seen each and everyone’s heart, how huge is the hope that you have wished for. Let it be fulfilled and it shall be established. Aju! (Applause) 

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