The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2008

4th World Martial Arts Peace Cup 2008

Sun Myung Moon
October 17, 2008
Hoon Dok Hae at Chung Shim Youth Center
Chung Pyung, Korea

The Fourth World Martial Arts Peace Cup 2008 was held at the Chung Shim Youth Center where True Parents conducted Hoon Dok Hae today. 100 athletes of the martial artists were also at the meeting. Mrs. McDivitt read chapter 16 of the Cheon Seong Gyeong for 40 minutes, and then Father gave following words.

I have something to say. The final conclusion of what God's providence is like is simple. Who can stop the war between your mind and body, which have been warring and unable to unite? Not even God can stop it. Even if one says, I am a leader that person will be the same when it comes to this issue. If God could stop it, He would not have left the world this way.

It is the Unification Seminary of the Unification Church which started centering on the formula of teaching clearly God's ontology.

What is the name of the president of this Chung Shim Graduate School? (It's Jin Choon Kim.) (His name means) We make a new start heading for spring.

(Katsumi: Father interpreted Choon, “spring) From the perspective of God's providence, due to the fall of human ancestors, humankind could not have spring season where they could have raised new buds. As the Last Days come by, the Chung Shim Graduate School is doing well because it has received new spring (Shin Choon) and clearly teaches ontology of God.

(Katsumi: the president's name is Jin Choon, but Shin which means new in English is similar in pronunciation to Jin, and so Father seemingly transformed his original name Jin Choon to Shin Choon in an impromptu way. It is remarkable that Father often does this in his speech.)

Other than teaching that, we need to deal with the root 90% of the people cannot win against this kind of spiritual battle, and in order to solve that problem, we established a hospital here. We built the Chung Shim International Hospital here.

Revealing all secrets and facts in the medical world, we will develop this institute so that we can dominate the fundamental factor of all diseases. We need to have medical treatment done centering on the hospital in the Unification Graduate School.

In Korea, I have been researching medical treatment on a worldwide level, and preparing for years moxa cautery, acupuncture, and so on which are now famous. I have my own medical treatment, which I innovated, the Happy Health machine. You must know all of the methods of treatment I just mentioned. The Chung Shim International Hospital began in order to shed the light to ontology of God and diseases of the human body which have been unclear by now.

I already cured the disease of the fight between the mind and body, and with a healthy body you must occupy the world of martial arts, which will prevent us from being invaded by Satan to our prepared and connected position. Our Won Hwa Do is a martial art.

You must have the highest record in your performance, for which you use your body, not military weapons. The Won Hwa Do, which can prevent attacks with any type of martial arts, has a circulatory movement as opposed to a direct movement. It moves like a piston, and when an arm moves in circulation like this, you can throw a stone a long way.

Adjusting ourselves to the universal tempo and taking a reciprocal object partner's position, we can achieve the ultimate standard of martial arts, and you can have the authority as victor which can protect you from anything.

We, the Unification Church, are occupying all fields in the world such as athletic, artistic, and so on.

When the skill, resonating with the universal tempo, reaches the level of the perfect formula, that will be the best standard of spirit and body and one can get healthier. Once one's movement, physical education, martial arts, and physical body are united and reach God's position, everything will get united, which will surely lead to one world.

So from now on, we need to teach the Won Hwa Do, which is a martial art, at the Chung Shim Graduate School. It wont take years to master it. The Chung Shim Graduate School must be the best martial arts place in the world, and the best hospital in the world where any disease can be cured.

(Through the Peace Cup) I proclaimed that the most integrated educational institute was organized here. Do you understand, Jin Choon Kim? (Yes)

Chung Hwan Kwak! (Yes) Pan Nam Park for soccer! (Yes) You need to integrate Europe and South America together. We are already doing that.

In doing a direct movement, one would exhaust one's energy, but in a circulatory movement, one would not. An attack created in a circulatory movement can destroy anything in a direct movement. You need to understand that Won Hwa Do, which is a new martial art, was taught from the spirit world, so be brave members of the Unification Church.

Becoming brave and victorious men who go forward everyday, you have to dominate three fields: the religious realm, the world of thought, and the world of athletics through martial arts. The next will be Chung Shim International Hospital.

It is Korea, not any other place, that we hold records centering on True Parents such as martial arts, the explanation on God's ontology, the medical treatment of disease and illness. We are going to be the top in the military world too. All of the techniques in the US must be transferred to Korea. You must know that all of those, starting with that of the helicopter, are now being transferred.

I have been pioneering an unusual path without being known by anybody. People have persecuted me without knowing. I have been persecuted. People in physical education, religious fields, and politics and so on have been against me. We went beyond that era, so be God's sons and daughters who can be the substitutes for the power of God’s exclusive right for settlement and progress.

God, True Parents, and all of the spirits in the spirit world strive for this, so be the victorious fruits of that kind. Today, I proclaimed here that the Graduate School which will fit in the three great principles (religion, martial arts, and medical treatment) will be established. Aju! Welcome this proclamation! (Applause)

The World Martial Arts Peace Cup 2008 has been held from Oct 7th to the 16th at the Chung Shim Youth Center under the theme of Realization of Word Peace through Martial Arts, where athletes who won separate tournaments in each continent joined. Those who joined Hoon Dok Hae (around 100 athletes) were all determined to become Peace Ambassadors. After Father's words, they showed 18 different forms for one hour. Later True Parents granted $20,000 to them and took group photos with them.

On the way back to the Cheon Jeong Goong, in the corridor, Father wrote his calligraphy (To go the path of loyalty and fidelity is the base for all victory).  

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