The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2008

Toward 2013 and the God Constitution

Sun Myung Moon
October 14, 2008

True Father's speech at Hoon Dok Hae on October 14, 2008, the eighth anniversary of the Ceremony for the Liberation of the Spirit World, at King Garden, in Kona, Hawaii. Present were a number of True Family members, the 163 participants of the Education Session Proclaiming the Completion of the Liberated Realm of the Portion of Responsibility, and some twenty members of the Kona Church.

What you need to know at this time is that, centering on God, five of Father's children are in the spirit world. The central cores of the spiritual and physical worlds are united, and through the ascension of Hyo-jin into the spirit world the restoration [to God's side] through indemnity of the realm in which Allies and the dictatorial Communist Bloc and democratic nations all tried to chase out the owner and do everything as they liked -- that is, trying to eliminate Heaven and become the center themselves -- has been completed. The realms of substantial resurrection, resurrection through rebirth, and immortality have been instituted anew centering on me. Thus, I could proclaim the return of the spirits to the earth with God at the forefront.

This is the eighth year, isn't it? We need to connect the seven years, from the seventh year through the eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth, and then enter the era wherein we can concentrate all our efforts. That is why an era of the type originally intended has dawned, in which completion and perfection can be achieved on earth through God in the spiritual realm, and through True Parents, and then transferred to the spirit world.

Therefore, knowing that the era has changed, True Parents, who are in direct control of the spiritual world, revealed God's Pyung Hwa Hoon Gyeong, which will become the new constitution from God and for the heavenly kingdom. You should lead your lives according to Pyung Hwa Shin Gyeong. You should lead them in such a way that you don't go astray in any respect, because the couples you form are not yours alone.

You have gone back-to the position similar to that of Adam and Eve before the Fall in the Garden of Eden -- so when all is said and done, this era wherein has been proclaimed the fulfillment of your responsibility and perfected liberation is our era. Many new and different races have emerged throughout history according to the different lineages. They are all separate.

Following the principle of the origin-division-union model, on the basis of the True Parents, there are three eras -- the era of God, the era of the parents and the era of the grandchildren. The four-position foundation is perfected centered on the grandchildren. Centering on these first, second and third eras this will become the one seed from which will spring the one central root, branches, the one stem and the one bud, and the one flower, which will bloom. Fruit will come from the central buds along each branch. This fruit will have the same value as the fruit of the original, unfallen Adam's family.

Thus, all of those standing in God's stead and reigning, over the physical world and all the families who have messages and messages from the spirit world. Now, at least one more speech has been added, and Father has renamed the work Pyung Hwa Shin Gyeong.

You received the blessing in the position of Cain until now, numbering more than six thousand five hundred, and all those who have been recently blessed centering on True Parents, will be included in the realm of the royal family. There, the restoration of the right of the eldest son, the right of the parents and the right of kingship will take place. Next, with the realm of the royal family as the standard, and centering on the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven -- and centering also on the origin and the standard of the relational beings with dual characteristics -- the internal kingdom of heaven and the external kingdom of heaven that were divided at that point can, through true love and marriage over three generations, go through the action of origin- division-union, completely overturn what was lost in Eden and restore it. In that we are seeing the reality of a time when the era of the grandfather can become the era of the grandson, the era of the father the era of the son and the era of the grandson the era of the grandfather, (and because you are ready to accept it) this is not just words.

The fulfillment of the "liberated realm of the portion of responsibility" -- which includes God's responsibility, True Parents' responsibility and the children's responsibility -- will be achieved on the basis of "absolute sex." You need to understand this clearly. Do you understand?

Those who cannot maintain the standard of absolute sexual ethics know where they stand. They are far behind; whereas members of the families who have become perfect through practicing absolute sexual ethics are united in mind and body centering on True Parents and are not in conflict with each other. These descendants of the Fall who are standing in the era of the "settlement of noon" where no shadows are cast, are in the original position of either Adam or Eve; and the fulfillment of God's responsibility, Adam and Eve's responsibility and even your own conception in the womb is recognized as the fulfillment of responsibility. For that reason, the time you were born is not related to the fallen world and you are standing in the realm of True Parents' benevolent grace.

Through the Fall, the one who was to be the true parent created false shadows. Because they could be completely eliminated and the era of liberation and complete inner freedom through indemnity could be proclaimed, it is the time when God can take the lead and True Parents can finally attend and serve Him as in the role of unfallen Adam and Eve. This refers to the perfection at the individual stage and at the same time the starting point of the perfection of the rest of the eight stages -- family, tribe, race, nation, world, universe and God. You need to know this. Do you understand?

The Second Coming is fulfilled. Through True Parents' children serving God and True Parents on earth, centering on the three generations, the fruit is harvested in the fourth generation. The fruits of four-position foundations over one, two, three generations is the fruitful family that is connected by one bloodline through three generations.

That is why everyone, whether they are heading for the gates of heaven by returning to a position that is free of shadows and of any traces of Satan's Fall, or they are heading for the gates of hell, will be completely liberated on the basis of complete sexual ethics that had been lost. Bearing in mind that we have entered a realm that was realized on the basis of the practice of absolute sex by which you become absolutely one, centering on the standard by which your conscience judges you, you should completely cleanse yourselves through a seven-year course. You should not merely restructure yourselves but straighten yourselves out completely.

You should completely offer up the results of this self-cleansing by the stated date of January 13, 2013. You should know that billions of families will achieve the perfected position as mature families through a new beginning as new Adams and Eves, and as new clans.

Yes, there are no shadows related with the True Parents, who are divided into the vertical True Parent [God] and the horizontal True Parents; they are like the sun at midday. There will always be a light like the sun shining twenty-four hours a day in the spirit world. As with that world, the world of your mind and heart should also be free of shadows, and you will resolve the historical era of indemnity wherein you can serve God. In your families, the three generations of the grandfather, the parents and yourselves should become the first perfected Adam, the second perfected Adam, and the third perfected Adam, and thus perfect the realm of heart of the fourth Adam. As such, centered on the True Parents, they should become one with the vertical and incorporeal True Parent and the horizontal and corporeal True Parents. Only true, devoted sons and daughters can serve True Parents from within their families in this historic era. You must be conscious of the fact that your families are candidates to enter the realm of the royal family of the kingdom of heaven by fulfilling the dutiful family way of devoted children, patriots, saints, and divine sons and daughters. Do you understand? [Yes.]

There are billions of our ancestors in the spirit world who have been blessed. True Parents proclaimed that they had fulfilled everything on earth, and we can enter the era of liberation and freedom when we can directly serve and attend God. And so you can stand on an equal footing with Adam's family and have the same status as God and serve Him in that capacity. You can also be on the same level as True Parents, having inherited that bloodline with your birth, from your mother's womb.

Centering on your own heart, achieving the settlement of noon, knowing the two worlds of the internal and external heavenly kingdoms, knowing the earthly kingdom and the hitherto unknown realm of the spirit world, and knowing God, you have inherited the substantial True Parents, and the lineage. For this reason, because you have become the fruit that is connected to the lineage centered on the internal True Parent and the external True Parents, and centered on true love, the age of entering the world of perfection that is God's kingdom -- the liberated and completely freed world of heaven and earth -- can emerge. Aju! You should have the confidence to do that.

The time for Pyung Hwa Shin Gyeong has begun. Pyung Hwa Shin Gyeong will not be about believing in peace. It will be the Godly constitution, under which we can directly serve Him, and it will be God's scripture of peace. It will become the one and only divine scripture, the constitution. Do you understand? This is a time of transition.

Even the history of my paying indemnity has gone through the stages of resurrection, rebirth, resurrection and liberation. This has been followed by the era of complete internal freedom. After the helicopter crash, we were discharged from the hospital within forty days, a similar length of time to that after which Jesus resurrected following his death. In relation to the accident, August 27 was the fortieth day. Because such an era has come, there can be families of filial sons or daughters based on the liberated and completely free family, patriots' families in the nation, saints' families in the world and families of divine sons or daughters in both heaven and on earth. This has more than one meaning.

Since we are ushering in the age of the unified kingship of internal and external Cain and Abel, the neutral beings having dual characteristics go through the process of division and, passing through the three generations, reunion. Thus, they assume the position of having reached spiritual and physical completion through the substantial True Parents. It is the unavoidable and principled conclusion that you too will inevitably come to stand in an equivalent position of the liberation and complete emancipation of your portion of responsibility.

As we enjoy the era of tranquility and prosperity, we are going the way of loyalty and filial piety in front of Heaven, eternally going the dutiful way of the family. In the vast and previously uninhabited world that God had made, He created Adam and Eve, one couple to be the True Parents. But you should know that you are standing in a position to be parents along with hundreds and thousands of couples. Because you are all standing in an equivalent position with God, you are positioned to inevitably become the fruits that can participate together with God.

Since you have this logical and reasonable conclusion, the fact that this has not yet come about means you fall short of the standard the constitution sets. You won't be able to settle down in the central position, perpendicular to the horizontal. You have lived until now as if passing by, having nothing to do with True Parents. It is as if you have been hanging in midair.

That is why, centering on the precepts expressed in Divine Principle, anyone can give an explanation of the truth. Any citizen will know how the nation is run and the names of government officials, such as the president and his cabinet members. Though there may be thousands of generations in the bloodline, because True Parents have indemnified all numbers, you all stand on an equal footing of oneness. And since you are families who have begun anew, upholding God's Pyung Hwa Shin Gyeong as our constitution, the sons and daughters will obey the laws of the two worlds, the kingdom of heaven and the kingdom on earth. Only then will you qualify to be liberated and completely freed to cross into the eternal realm of the royal family in the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven and become the owners of the unlimited world of freedom, peace and equality.

Aju. [Aju.] You should live with that consciousness. Do you understand? Kwak Chung-hwan? [Yes.]

Why are special advisers necessary? Our ancestors, who are on the level of angels, have gone to the spirit world. Through the special advisers attending True Parents in kingship, our ancestors all came down together, connecting with True Parents' children, and the angelic world too can receive the benefit of the blessing...

It was the special adviser who caused those who were to be the True Parents to fall and suffer on earth, but now the special advisers can come together and fulfill their responsibilities by dedicating themselves to the one original standard, and finally God can stand as the king in the position of the true parent. Thus, the special advisers can take part in the realm of grace of liberating the vertical and horizontal parents and become the new group of filial sons and daughters in the family, patriots in the nation, saints in the world and divine sons or daughters in heaven and on earth that abide by the laws of the two kingdoms.

Now you will become the ancestors -- that is, you will become the exemplary representatives of perfected Adam and actually teach all members of your clan to follow in your footsteps, so that the 286 Korean clans can, through True Parents, become one people related by blood and liberated, reborn, resurrected and made immortal. By becoming the owners of the two worlds through the restoration of the rights of the eldest son, parents and king, the clan will bring about the completion of the absolute liberation, freedom and perfection, so we, standing upon this, will not in any way be related to the satanic world. In a liberated and fully freed state, on an equal footing with God in terms of freedom, equality and peace, we will become the sons and daughters of the Father who possesses the great universe. We will constitute the one race, the one nation, the one generation that are the eternal owners of the inheritance -- that is, inheriting everything in the great universe that God and True Parents possess. We should live in awareness of this logical and reasonable result. Do you understand? [Yes.]

The life you have led until now lacked a skeleton. God's bloodline, True Parents' bloodline did not have any bones. Since we have the outer layer, if we serve God as the central spine and, together with True Parents, attend Him as the owner, we will surely bring about the liberated, infinitely free, egalitarian and peaceful kingdom of heaven. Aju! Problems will arise if you are not conscious of the fact that you are now in such a position.

You will be directly judged according to the law, and you will be caught if you make any mistake. I can't take responsibility for that. Because I have clearly taught you everything, the question becomes whether by your living in accordance with the constitution that you have been taught, you can become the fruit. So you need to eternally abide by that standard and from now on, you must become the ancestors from your clans who take ownership of absolute sexual ethics. Aju!

Such is the responsibility you are called and [ultimately] destined to fulfill. You need to follow this law eternally. Otherwise, in the world to come, you will end up eternally in hell, where you will completely forget yourself and lose even your bone marrow, skin and flesh as you languish in absolute darkness for millions of years. You will become like a stream of water and flow away. You will end up strewn about somewhere and your cells will wander across the universe, for such are the original raw materials that you need to return to. Even the elements, which were divided through the Fall, should not be carrying fallen nature.

How free can you claim yourselves to be? Though you are in the position of the elect, if you deny everything and cast aside the tenets of the Principle and wander about somewhere else, you will not be able to enter the kingdom of heaven. You should know that the responsibility you have been called and destined to fulfill -- to bring things to completion -- has been endowed to you, so you should practice filial piety toward your Heavenly Parent.

Because those people fell at the perfection stage of the growth period, you have been told to rectify this by making the Total Living Offering. You think my telling you this is the result of delusion...

I have waited until the responsibility was fulfilled and have proclaimed its fulfillment for the first time today, in the eighth year and in the combined seventh and eighth years. Counting from the combined seventh and eighth years, through the ninth, tenth, eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth, you have seven years not just to restructure yourselves completely but also to straighten yourselves out. You cannot say you don't know how to do this, because you have Cheon Seong Gyeong, which contains the principled constitution. You have Pyung Hwa Shin Gyeong and the Family Pledge. Therefore, all those families who know God's will for heaven and earth -- even those in the spirit world -- should, from now on, participate in Hoon Dok Hae with True Parents.

During the seven years, you need to abide by the constitution without going astray, and being aware of what I have been saying, consciously become the embodiment of this autonomous authority, thus becoming a member of the royal family of the kingdom of God and bringing about perfection through your own self-determination. Aju!

I hope you will remember what I have said today, uphold God's constitution, which calls you toward your destiny, and not leave behind a history of mistakes. Based on this conclusion, the ancestors will come down to the earth. If you don't know about this, you will have to call on and mobilize your ancestors, because the angelic world will not be able to help you...

Since there is instant resonance, you will be able to know Heaven and find the answers to the question of whether something is right or wrong. The answers that match the realm of resonance raise your families to the victorious position of families in the substantial realm. By becoming one in harmony with the proclaimed word through liberation, complete inner freedom and fulfillment of your responsibility, you cannot help becoming an eternal member of God's family. Aju. [Aju!] Then everything will be brought to a conclusion. Do you understand? [Yes.]

Now you must pray in line with what I've said. You need to know which of your ancestors you resemble. In Yoon Jeong-no's case, someone among his ancestors must have personal traits that resemble his in many ways. That ancestor will come to him and will connect Yoon Jeong-no upward to God and connect him to his descendants in whom similar traits emerge in succeeding generations. Thus, True Parents' bloodline will be connected horizontally and vertically. In this way, the realm of resonance will come to exist everywhere. That is why wherever there are individual embodiments of truth the realm of resonance can be found...

I am not leading my life thoughtlessly. Centering on the Principle, everyone is working in all directions, and we must put things right. In order to do so, difficult questions must be answered. You need to know the fact that by setting things up correctly they have been able to interact. This alone makes it possible for God and the universe, all things, to relate...

It can be said that as God grew bigger, He came to be perfected and complete centering on True Parents. If we serve those who occupy the original position of True Parents, achievement of the unity of heaven and earth and realization of the completion and perfection of the liberated kingdom of heaven is inevitable. Aju. Is this clear? [Yes.]

There are no questions. I have also lived without any doubt. Therefore, since this is the case centered on any one point, even if you are sitting still, you will know everything that goes on in the world through resonance felt to the tips of your toes. Whether it is from up or down, everything comes to the nucleus of the realm of resonance and so you would be able to trace it back and see where it comes from, and so there would be no additions. If we were to speak in terms of electricity, if the current were 100 volts, it would be 100 volts everywhere. The current would be uniform throughout.

That is why, through the formation of the realm of resonance, we will inevitably achieve the ideal of oneness. There is that song about freedom, equality and peace, isn't there? In our family, nation and world will be freedom, equality, peace and happiness. It will be everywhere. Aju. Our hopes will come true. The word will be fulfilled, Aju. "Aju" can also mean living eternally, or long-term residence. Aju. Aju. Everyone will be happy and harbor no grief. Everyone will be free. Balance can be achieved as well as vertical alignment. At the center would always be the roots of the true, man-woman love, his sperm and her ovum, which together become the one central root. Since it is formed from dual components, there would not one branch that cannot be reached through this root.

Yes, the place through which the branches can feel joy, the place where God the free owner dwells, and where He looks at and knows everything, though it may seem as if He doesn't, and knows everything be it night or day, whether He is awake or asleep, is the place of the resonating core. Do you understand? [Yes.]

Today I am instructing you to uphold these laws, in a way similar to that in which True Parents have upheld God; so, on the basis of this standard of value, you need to go to God and love Him even more than I have. You need to love Him more than He could ever love you, because only then can He get a foothold on the ideal of love, which would extend to the beginning and the ending of this historical era. It is only then that the independence, peace and happiness of liberation and complete internal freedom can be realized in which God and True Parents themselves can be set free. Aju.

So the time of God's constitution is coming. You should be grateful for the words "constitution from God." How could you possibly violate that if it is placed in your possession?...

I have taught you how to restore the nation and have set the guidelines by which you can enter the kingdom of God. Today, I allotted the work you are called upon, and also destined, to fulfill, which is to become the representatives who can act as those taking ownership of, and abiding by, these rules. Aju.

Let us continue with the ceremony. You will know yourselves if you have lived based on what I have taught you and on the practice of absolute sex. Ask your hearts. All the people who dwell throughout the world will get an answer if they ask their five senses and six internal organs. Then you will surely possess liberation and have a conscience without shadows. Aju!

I have declared that God will now be able to come down! Do you understand? [Yes.] Step forward, the wives of the saints and stand behind this point. You are the ones who should show our sons and daughters the way to go and instruct them.

[During Dr. Yang Chang-shik's concluding prayer, Father interjected:]

Stop! Stop! Include in your prayer that during this time we have been able to declare a new beginning centered on the Unification Church, Kim Nam-su and the unified realm of the spiritual and the physical. 

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