The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2008

9th Anniversary: Liberation Ceremony of the Spirit World

Sun Myung Moon
October 14, 2008
King Garden, Kona, Hawaii

Note: These notes are taken from a script in the web site of FFWPU Korea. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication on Rev. Moon's words. However, they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" in the message.

(Katsumi: Oct. 14 is also the day of Father's liberation from the Hungnam Concentration Camp in North Korea in 1950, and also the 27th Anniversary of the Blessing Ceremony for 6,000 couples in 1982. True Parents went back to Korea after this ceremony)

Father explained to the participants (who were standing to offer a bow) on the importance of today's ceremony and God's providence from now on.

He said that we all have to go through the course of the liberated realm of the portion of responsibility based on absolute sexual morality. He emphasized that one, who achieved that, is the substitute for God, which gives that person the right of co-participation with God, co-status with God, and inheritance from God. He said that we, practicing the Peace Message, must enter the realm of eternal royal family of a heavenly nation by becoming the standard bearers of liberty, equality, peace and happiness.

He also mentioned the importance of the mission of the Boon Bong Wang (Regional Kings), who will open a new era. The fundamental mission of the Boon Bong Wang is to serve True Parents, and once Abel, Cain and Boon Bong Wang get united attending them, the Blessing in the angelic world will be able to occur.

Father emphasized that the Boon Bong Wang must restore all of the people in the realm of Cain on earth, and let them attend to True Parents, King of Kings, become the members of the royal family together, and expand the liberated realm further. He also asked all of the participants to become victors with the spirit world, which has already been liberated and mobilized.

Father told the participants to observe the new law of God's Kingdom, become the representatives of the perfection of Adam, and inherit the same victorious value as God and True Parents have. He told them to be victorious in realizing the position of the true owner who can have the rights of inheritance from the heavenly nation, which are the heart, love, lineage, conscience, and sovereignty.

He told all of them to be the ancestors and owners of absolute sexual morality who can harvest beautiful fruits, making a victorious liberated realm.

He emphasized to lead such life is our mission, responsibility, and destiny. He also said that this role is not only for us, but also for all of our descendants.

Father emphasized that the Peace Message is what we must read with the spirit world every morning, and we are now in the era where our ancestors and the angelic world will be totally mobilized. He said we must resonate with those who resurrected from the spirit world, connect the spirit and physical worlds, and adjust ourselves to such environments achieving the liberated realm.

He said we must seriously consider with what kind of attitude we take on our course from now on, and make utmost effort in our life.

After he talked for about 30 minutes, the ceremony continued according to the official program.

During the ceremony, one thing which sounded providential occurred; when Rev. Yang was praying True Father stopped him telling him to include in his prayer the activities of Elder Nam Soo Kim's moxa cautery. Rev. Yang started his prayer again and after his prayer, True Father prayed again.

After the prayer, Rev. Kwak explained the providential perspective of the day. The following is his explanation.

At the Cheon Jeong Goong at 7:00 a.m. on Oct. 14, 2000, True Parents conducted the Liberation Ceremony and the 51st anniversary of his liberation from Hungnam Concentration Camp joined by Hoon Suk Nim, Heung Jin Nim, Yeong Jin Nim, Hye Jin Nim, Hui Jin Nim, the four great sages, philosophers, and so on in the spirit world as well as four thousand women who were attending the 4th special seminar for the registration of Cheon Il Guk. On the altar, there were meals for True Parents, and under the altar, there were 7 sets of meals for Jesus, Confucius, Muhammad, Buddha, St. Augustine, and Socrates and so on..

During the reading, True Father emphasized it was important to practice and be the substitute to the words that were given to us.

After breakfast, the lecture on the providence of Boon Bong Wang (Regional King) was given at the King Garden. 

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