The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2008

What Shall You Do When I’m Gone?

Sun Myung Moon
September 24, 2008
North Garden, Kodiak, Alaska

What shall you do when I’m gone? I left you the Word in so many books. However, many of you don’t even purchase them. The Word will remain forever. The ideal son and daughters are those that have the proper relationship with the Word and with each other with balance.

Some members say: “I’m older and therefore I’m better.” This is the wrong attitude. We have to be the best by serving the most. You must take care of your health through moksa treatment and through the Happy Health machine. When you do the moksa treatment, it makes the skin dry and itchy -- that is normal -- so it is not easy.

Hoon Dok Hae is necessary. Through Hoon Dok Hae` you can overcome all difficulties and drive them out. Even after 1000 years only the Word shall remain. Once you stand upon God’s Word, you are in the central position, and you can and must go through all barriers.

Even for me to go over the hills of Satan I had to become one with the Word. I created these books because it [the Word] doesn’t belong to me. It is God’s Word and will remain forever. The secret to all humanity to get to God is to understand his Word. To go to God in heart we must liberate the world. To liberate yourself you must go beyond yourself.

I wanted to go fishing yesterday but Mother said that heavy rain, very strong wind and even a Typhoon would come!! So I didn’t go, however I found out that the weather wasn’t so bad. Why did Mother do that? (Everyone is smiling, because Mother is constantly working to protect Father’s health -- the cold weather is not good for Abonim).

Centering on God two persons can meet and develop more branches when they become True Parents. Because we lost True Love and True Lineage nothing could be established. Was there anyone who became a saint in history without God?

When you testify you must always testify to God. The key to success now is to educate people with the Chung Seong Gyeong and the Peace Messages. During my 60s 70s and 80s I received more persecution than all the years before. We must understand and know Father’s direction. Now the spiritual world is harmonizing. In Jin Nim is chairman of the U.S. movement and has the mission to unify the 12 children. I have sent 5 children to spirit world. I do not want any one of the True Children to work alone, they must unite and work together.

Our concern is to unify all religions and all denominations. The Abel UN is in the Abel position and the Cain UN is in the Cain position without God. How do we unite the family? It is through absolute sexual morality. If the family doesn’t practice absolute sexual morality it will never achieve heaven.

If we establish the Abel UN everything will be settled and everything will be accomplished. Blessed families must develop based on absolute sexual morality.

Israel was established through the shedding of blood from Cain and Abel through all of history. Israel had to overcome the shedding of blood to survive. The purpose of the 39 books in the Old Testament was to prepare for Jesus. Jesus should have overcome the Roman Empire. Heung Jin Nim had a special ceremony in the spirit world. We can’t just say that I will go to heaven. We must end all the shedding of blood between brothers. Michael Jenkins, do you understand? Old Testament is the story of bloodshed and indemnity. We must overcome all the obstacles to pay indemnity.

Jesus’ family was to overcome, John the Baptist’s family was to overcome. All their sacrifices led to Father’s family. Historically this never happened before. All the conditions lost in Jesus family were restored by True Father’s family. The Old Testament Age and the New Testament Age is to restore Adam’s family. Now we are in the Era after the coming of heaven. Adam’s family is restored. Now is the time in America that we must restore the Roman Empire. We must open the gate through restoration. Therefore in order to reach the United Nations we must restore America.

When you get the blessing, you are to start your family with the three-day ceremony.

When someone meets a blessed family in the spirit world they will be asked about three-day ceremony. Mrs. Pak, Rev. Pyung Hwa Kim, Michael Jenkins, all blessed families, you did not have the conditions that were necessary -- so through surviving the life-or-death trial I made the condition necessary for humanity to stay on course to the peace kingdom.

The Abel UN must be established. You must give all to make the Abel UN. Dr. Yang did Inter-religious activity in America through the ACLC and helped lead the way to the Abel UN. True Father is looking for the first, second and third president that can be established in this dispensation.

America -- South America and North America must unite. England is one of the key nations of the world. This is the Queen’s country. So Japan is really the younger sister nation. Cain and Abel, Jacob and Esau. Jacob had four wives. Leah, Rachel and two more. There were Cain and Abel there.

In America many believe in Rev. Moon. Three generations couldn’t go forward in Communism. Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il will finish it. Now is a most serious time that you must know. Rev. Moon can embrace Kim Jong Il and help him. There are some who say that Kim Jong Il used Rev. Moon. That is not the case.

All religions rejected Rev. Moon. Right now is a most serious time. We have to understand. Now is the time to open the gate. Abel and Cain, brothers and sisters -- there is a principle about how to bring them together. My brothers and sisters and even my mother rejected me. My wife could not follow and Sun Jin emerged. In the Second Advent the son and daughter can never go to Satan’s side. They do not have to sacrifice the same way as the True Parents. Our job is to protect them.

This time in the helicopter accident there is a profound restoration of 4000 years of history. Jesus was the King of Kings, and yet he lost his family. Mrs. Pak, you must also think about the Abel UN. Cain’s lineage and Abel’s lineage must be united. God always sacrificed Abel’s lineage and walked the way of restoration. This is very logical. Do you understand or not? Therefore, the three-objective purpose must be understood. Jesus went through the cross to sacrifice everything.

The Second Advent’s job is to take care of America centering on true love. Rev. Eu do you understand? The Pacific Rim era is also a total emergency. Italy and France... Syria is connected to France -- this is the same as Babylon. Pak Chung Hae, Kim Pyung Hwa, Michael Jenkins do you understand? This is very important. Mrs. Pak do you understand the importance of South America? They are Catholic. Therefore I leave from Alaska tomorrow. A new age has begun. America is developing space technology, this is important. Now that can go to help Korea. America’s technology cannot be kept for itself only. God gave it so America could develop the world.

Right now is a most serious time. I am taking each step according to the providence. You must go back and support Mr. Joo.

Neh Ba Da - my Ocean. 43 countries, three years we can make the world into one. We have to make this develop in three years based on 43 countries. Which country to decide.

Federation of Island Nations -- I made it. America, Korea, Japan (Pacific Rim).

Six countries were divided in WWII. Abel UN is to unite these centering on Korea. Why did Japan become the Eve country? It rejected Father but Father restored it.

The Bering Strait project connects Abel and Cain. America and Russia. The Peace Messages are calling for the whole world to unite under God. We must unite under Cain and Abel UN to develop. I must set the condition in the Pacific Rim -- in Alaska, Hawaii and Korea. The Pacific Rim is the mother’s womb and a huge education process must occur here.

What kind of country is America? The Second Israel and Elder Son’s Nation. South America is Cain, North America is Abel. England is connected also. 

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