The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2008

The Original Plan Of God Was To Create An Ideal Family

Sun Myung Moon
September 23, 2008
Hoon Dok Hae

The couple to be the representative of God must have the proper center and vertical alignment and proper spherical relations. The center of the world is God and the family.

The original plan of God was to create such an ideal family, that family would be God’s family and Jesus family. When things are united properly there is no fighting. In order to unify, you have to be united. The son and daughter should be the son and daughter of the lord and should become saints and sages. We should be the seed of God.

We have to expand the family through three generations. All then are to be unified. Father will unify them, centering on God. If the center is strong and clear, everything goes well. There are the dual characteristics, South and North, East and West.

Where there is True Love -- that is the ideal place.

Man has the power to plant the seed. Women are made to receive. The seed goes right to the egg. Even if a woman is proud of herself but is not connected to the family, then there is no purpose.

Centering on love, the family will stick together. What is happiness? It occurs when there is some kind of sparkle between two. When the man and woman love each other there is a sparkle and joy. Unity and harmony are key to this. The circular motion is central to unity. Individualism does not promote unity. The principle formula is exact and absolute.

God is good, therefore the earth is good. Man and woman are the key to establishing God’s ideal. The seed must be planted. It is not meant to be wasted.

We have to conquer internal things. You have to conquer your body. You have to make that relationship. The unity of spirit is very special.

Father completely sacrificed himself for God’s Providence. He gave up sleep and denied his body to save humanity. How many years since America’s independence? 230 years. The principle of prosperity is to sacrifice yourself for others.

Who owns Alaska, one race? No, all races. The white brothers and sisters here, but they didn’t originate in America but in Europe.

Michael Jenkins, your wife is Japanese right? Father brought the enemy nations of America and Japan together for God’s Providence. Father received so much. America helped Korea during the Korean war. America invested 80 percent of its budget for the sake of Korea. The International Marriage is very important for God’s dispensation. Rev. Moon has been working to unify all through the teaching of heaven.

When the seed flows from man to woman, billions are released for one egg. It is amazing.

Michael Jenkins, you know many top political leaders in America, especially Christian leaders and you connected with key leaders and must educate them about the blessing.

Father plays pool and ping-pong and can go for 10 hours. One person said, “You can’t beat me.” Three years later Father beat him!! “I never gave up, and I got a sense of where the ball is going,” Father said.

Father always walks straight and his shoes wear evenly. Father goes straight. You have to take 500 steps. You have to push yourself to walk and exercise so that you will be healthy. It is difficult. This morning I had the Moksa treatment at 2:00 a.m.

Deer have very small feet but are so agile. They are trim because they run. They have strong teeth and strong necks.

Father used the microphone and the stand for an example -- you must have a central base and holder for the microphone to stand properly. If your wife does the moksa for you, you can be totally united as one. Moksa cannot cure by one treatment. If you become sick after many years, then you can’t be healed by just one treatment. You must do it continuously, many, many times to be healed. Father asked Mr. Lee to share -- (Father said: “If he didn’t join the church he would have become a Shaman.”)

Mr. Lee:

“Father wanted to go to Ku Mun Do. They couldn’t go by helicopter, There was a ferry so they took that and came to the second Chung Jeong Goong. Mother went by car and Father used the helicopter. Both Father and mother stayed in the hospital. My understanding is that Father’s trip to Alaska has such a deep meaning. Now Father is teaching about Moksa and how important it is. Father gave direction, but we didn’t listen. Father scolded Mr. Choi for not doing the treatment and Father clarified that it was because he didn’t use it that his health was deteriorating. Father had Rev. Kim and Mrs. Kim use the Moksa. Mr. Choi and Rev. and Mrs. Kim also were in need of treatment.”

Why Father gave direction for Rev. and Mrs. Kim to move to America. Father wants to give them something very special. But Father wants to work through Asia to develop America and then bring it back to the Fatherland. I shared with Father this morning. When they receive the direction from Father and don’t accept then it would be a tragedy. Moksa treatment has some meaning for Dr. and Mrs. Kim. Father must guide us internally and externally. It is very, very important.”


This treatment can be done in one year. You have to do the Moksa treatment and then expand the goodness. Then you can take care of 1000 families and the goodness will expand.

Mr. Joo reported on the Helicopter miracle.

“I came to Kodiak because this is the connection between America and Russia. We must expand North Garden. We must center on the church. America must give the budget for that. America must host the Korean people and hold seminars here for 300 people centering on our church. The Pacific Rim organization must be established in 40 locations. America is the Second Israel, centering on the media foundation we must develop the relations with key leaders. Eventually we must reach to the highest ground.”

Everything has to be cleared. Four years is a long time from God’s point of view. USA must connect with the United Nations. Father must connect the Cain UN and the Abel UN. We must connect South and North America. Russia and Asia and the spiritual world must be one. Centering on Hawaii we must unify the Pacific Rim.

In Jin Nim’s children are now studying at Harvard. Many wished for Father’s family to disappear but now Father’s presence is multiplying through his children.

Father is the leader and from God’s view there must be understanding of this. The media foundation is critical to lead this world. We have to bring the unity of the countries who opposed us. From now on you must take responsibility centering on Russia and China. India’s population will surpass China.

True Parents’ situation is not easy. Mother cannot stand up suddenly after sitting. Father’s situation is a little more difficult. Receiving God’s word is the most important thing of all. 

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