The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2008

Visualizing the Kingdom of God

Sun Myung Moon
August 1, 2008

True Father gave the speech from which these excerpts are drawn at the August 1 Pledge Service at Cheon Jeong Peace Palace. It was on this day that Father first returned to the palace in time to lead Hoon Dok Hae after spending almost two weeks under the care of the Chungshim International Medical Center. The content has been edited.

This year we ushered in the eternal reign of peace and prosperity based on the combined jubilee years, the seventh and eighth years of Cheon Il Guk. If we were to consider each of the two years as fifty, combined, they would be a hundred... You should know that because we have crossed the boundary of the summit of fifty, we are meant to go up, not to descend. But we have been called to offer our lives to cross over the summit in the position of having completed the responsibility we are called to fulfill, to build the new world of the ideal of creation that Adam and Eve never imagined nor God Himself been able to realize.

During this period, the lineage needs to be converted! We need to cross over into the world without the Fall, where God will be able to have direct dominion over us and rule over all nations with the authority of the king of kings. Such is the world without the Fall. From the beginning, human beings were meant to welcome the moment from which they could advance the unfolding of God's ideal of creation into a future that no one had yet experienced. Because they lost this through the Fall, however, the history to bring it about has taken tens of thousands of years longer than it would have, and God has had to dwell alone, with no one by His side. God's ideal for the whole creation can only have had its origins in true love. This means that not one person should be outside the realm of true love.

The realm of true love is where the perfection of the True Parents, the perfection of God, and the perfection of True Parents' nation and world can take place. Thus, it is the original land, the restored ancestral fatherland, which can be the home of happiness and peace. Remembering this, and hoping for the restoration of what has been lost, in the midst of darkness, all forms of creation have observed history (which has been characterized by weeping and sorrow), yearned for the perfection of True Parents and waited for the time when this would comes to be. How great God's suffering has been while He endured the long wait with a persevering heart! He had to work so hard in order to send to earth the little child who could become the True Parent. There is much you do not know about the history of the effort He made...

The realm of True Parents' liberation!

In the realm of True Parents' liberation, all beings created based on God's true love and absolute faith, absolute love and absolute sacrifice should harmonize together in the realm of True Parents' oneness. They should do so in such a way that whether you looked at them from inside or outside, from above or below, from the left or the right, from the front or from behind, there would not be one being disconnected from True Parents. This indicates that the true men and true women -- these blessed individuals with true bodies and minds, and having a true love centered blood relationship with True Parents -- were meant to grow up in an atmosphere of true love, receive the blessing and begin true families. This is the greatest of all dreams. Though it may not be possible to forget tens of thousands of years of sorrow and grief, the entire universe and God Himself yearn for the day of God's blessing -- that very moment at which the lineage can be reconnected to Him.

Starting as a child who knew nothing, I grew under Heaven's guidance. I learned that my life as the True Father would not be one of happiness, but one in which all things in the satanic world would focus on eliminating me. Thus, from a position in which I was meant to see the glory of victory in my life as I grew every day, I attended Heaven, even though at first I was in a situation in which I could not hold onto or attend Heaven. In the end, I came to be in the position from which I could rejoice more than anyone else. You need to be aware of how glorious and dignified is the realm that has become one in flesh and blood, in lineage, with the True Parents and how much all beings in the universe have longed for it.

I came to realize after the recent accident that water, air and even the sun are True Parents' kith and kin. Even the earth exists to nurture True Parents...

God awaited the glorious manifestation of True Parents from deep within His heart, breathing in and out together with, in complete oneness with, the environment. Thus He has been perfected, liberated, and, as God, has become the king of kings, the great master of all the universe, the ultimate owner of goodness, the owner of true love and the owner of the true lineage. As such, His love has filled the entire universe, and no matter how much the circumstances are stirred up, He has no concept of conflict with elements of evil....

Heaven and earth are completely separated because satanic forces have taken dominion in the middle. The responsibility to connect them does not lie with God. God Himself is not in a position to achieve this because human beings fell. If the responsibility does not lie with God, whose responsibility is it? It would be True Parents'. Satan is the one preventing this. Those who are within Satan's dominion are like drowning people submerged in water. God Himself, and True Parents are also immersed. In the midst of all this, carrying out the task of establishing the original standard of the owner of all liberated and unfallen beings seems unimaginable.

Yet in carrying this out, God should not compromise the ideal He held at the time of the Creation but establish it in the world centered on true love. The origin is not evil. Since the origin is true love, which represents goodness, God endeavored to fill this void by longing for, yearning after and acting on the basis of true love. You need to understand this. There are some facts I have not yet been able to tell you, but the helicopter accident that took place was the final cosmic decision Satan made to destroy even the wish that I kept in my heart, because it could not yet be unfolded in the human world.

I abandoned my family when I was sixteen and departed from this world at that young age. The things over which I was unable to gain victory as the Son of Heaven when I was sixteen should be restored through history... When Satan made his final assault to destroy me, when I was on the S-92 helicopter, heaven foiled his attack. I am truly, sincerely and deeply grateful for the fact that none of the people on board were hurt in that pit of fire but survived and can be here today amidst the testimonies of the people on the earth and in the spirit world asserting the emergence of the True Parents.

There is nothing left for me to teach now. What has been made clear since July 19 is that all beings in the universe -- be they large or small -- must develop into perfected incarnations of True Parents.

God's beginning point, together with that of His sons and daughters, the family, nation, world and cosmos, makes Him the subject in the horizontal position so that a fragrant flower garden of beautiful love can bloom as the counterpart realm in the horizontal position. Within that, sprouts can emerge from new seeds, and trunks, branches, leaves and flowers can spring forth and finally bear fruit, through which the final barriers can be broken down and God can forever shout, Eog Mansei! The recent accident has been the final attack on this.

The heavenly and earthly worlds are being fully mobilized. Though the satanic world was mobilized in full force and had confidence in its victory, just at the moment everything was about to break down and be destroyed, God removed the cloth wrapping that is the desire in His heart and wrapped it around True Parents, thus protecting them. Within that, True Parents were able to survive and be in a position from which they could become the king and queen of the liberated place in the liberated world, going beyond God's own beloved sons, His beloved original family, His original kith and kin and the nine stages. You need to know what a great blessing this is...

The authority and glorious worlds of past kings of the fallen era have all faded away without leaving any traces. We need to completely and thoroughly do away with old things and say goodbye to them. We need to make a new beginning and be focused on one thing -- the glorious place in which the internal and external heart of God cheering mansei can be disclosed and in which we are eligible to inherit everything and are not lacking in any way. The one to bequeath that place to us is God, our true parent, the king of goodness, and you cannot grasp how grateful you should be to be able to call Him the owner of true love, true life and true lineage, our origin, our Father and Mother.

God too is following that path. Based on the realm of oneness and the desire of God to be the Father and Mother, the sons and daughters of God are finally on the verge of reaching the position from which they can call God their Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother.

Now, when two unite as one, no being -- not even God Himself -- will be able to separate them. Only then will we be able to assume the attitude of dignified sons and daughters who can attend Heaven, based on absolute liberation, absolute victory and absolute triumph, which constitutes the true sovereignty of goodness. Henceforth, if there are any difficulties in our environment, they are there to help us grow and to serve as textbooks to establish us. The high, vast and deep world is there for each of us.

With a heart of even greater love, we should live for God, our parents, our spouses and children, and our extended families. In the explosive joy over being liberated, over having forgotten in a flash the grievous history during the eight stages -- the eras of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, cosmos and God -- we should be able to hold on to our Heavenly Father and call Him our Father and our Mother. We should be able to call our home our own and our nation our own and welcome being in the joyous, liberated position from which we can together assume the original attitude toward the restoration of our homeland and ancestral fatherland. Now that a new morning has come, we should awaken and make a resolution to carry this out, for it is the portion of responsibility we are called to fulfill.

Steadily taking on all that work, we should claim everything that happens afterward and the results of it as belonging to God. Our only wish should be to attend God forever. This morning, we should make a new resolution to do so and to leave as our legacy only lives of gratitude and rejoicing.

Even microscopic animals were created based on God's absolute love and absolute faith. These qualities pertain to God Himself. They are absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Obedience! Everything that exists as a result of obedience can enter the realm of God's providence of salvation, come together as one and have equal status with True Parents as beings of thousands of different orders and levels. We too are now able to do so. If you take a grain of sand, in it there should be the true father, true mother, true husband and true wife as well as the true lineage, connected to true love and true life. That is where the great and small beings of the universe can bloom as the perfected and liberated flowers in the fragrant garden. It is the place of the greatest supremacy and the victory of the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven, where the sons and daughters of the Father can live together with Him in joy, laughter and delight and praise Him. In our lives, henceforth, we should travel to the end of the path of the owner, which we are to seek out.

All things in the universe also belong to True Parents' unified realm and therefore begin with the same status as True Parents. We too begin with the same status. Our minds and bodies, men and women, husbands and wives after marriage, and sons and daughters born in families that come into being can all take pride in themselves because they also belong in True Parents' realm. We should live as those who are pleased to look upon these people sharing love; representing God and True Parents, we should embrace them and stand as the origin of the unified nation of the restored fatherland. There, we can add to the stimulus of the love from True Parents' environment in their stead, bring light to the ancestral homeland, and live as its citizens.

The heavenly nation must have sovereignty, territory and citizens. It resembles a person, a couple. Though there is the great universe, it is like the perfected bodies of a man and woman on a magnified scale. Everything attained through their union as a couple is equal in value, and when they hold on to each other, all that remains is love and the results of love. We must inherit the lifestyle that can return glory to God and give Him cause to rejoice.

The morning of this new day is a time for us to renew our resolve to head toward that world, horizontally on the same level as True Parents. This is done by completely putting the world into proper order and returning to the original position before the Fall. From that position, we can serve the liberated realm of kingly authority with the proper mind-set. We should return to the flower, that is, the hope, the focus of all of the goals, which all things in the universe are yearning to see fulfilled. In other words, through the appearance of this core destiny, all forms of existence in the world can advance into the eternal, unchanging, immortal and indestructible world of love in the embrace of God. Aju!...

A day like today is, to True Parents, a day of rebirth. And what comes next? Resurrection! And what's next? Eternal life. Rebirth and resurrection -- we experienced the recent accident, followed by being born again and resurrected. I would say that anyone can possess the historical substance of True Parents' original ideal realm Such conditions can accrue to you, and you can emerge with the same status as the rest of creation. Heaven will be glorified; the earth will prosper, and all people will dance and sing -- first out of joy and happiness, then because of their liberation, and finally because of their harmony with the heavenly world. You will then live forevermore with one focus of your heart, body and mind-set in the home of all the liberated nations, joyful and glorious. Aju!

You will live as owners. The question is whether you are ready to do so Each hair on your body should desire the restoration of True Parents' honor. You should march forward into the unfettered, liberated and internally free world. In that world, all people will be on an equal footing with the central being, the creator of the cosmos, and lead lives filled with rapture, songs and joy. Aju!

You should remember that you are to live in such a world, a world separated from this reality, in which the distance between Heaven and us is very far. It is a great distance, miles and miles. You could travel many miles only to find that there are more miles to go. You might go millions of miles and discover you still have far to go in order to connect to that joyful era and be one with the eternal, unchanging immortal being, living and breathing together with God. Aju!

Inheriting everything from God, the great master of the universe, you should bequeath a legacy of having lived with dignity as the second owners of heaven and earth. You should give your full effort, race forward and even compete with others to do so. You should follow True Parents, who are walking in front of you, knowing that you cannot walk anywhere else but on that path. Following requires absolute faith. Do you understand? Absolute what? Love! Absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience! The True Parents have these attributes. True love, true life and the quality of trueness have these attributes. This shows that, looking at the perfected and ideal realm of the substantial Parents, what we as human beings desire as the firmly established ideal land, is inevitably our ideal homeland, our nation and our family. Aju!

Now that you have inherited the wrong lineage, lineal conversion must take place. You were born because of your parents, and you therefore received their love. Thus, the top and the middle should be connected vertically... The vertical connection is made naturally. Water naturally falls vertically when the top, middle and bottom are connected, and so water droplets will fall straight down to one central point for millions of years. Knowing that all the work we have done has not been in vain and that the results we have achieved are a credit to us and remain in existence, transcending the years and the world's generations as compensation for our work, we should become worthy sons of the owner and representatives of the owner. Aju!

With such a mind and heart, we are reading Pyung Hwa Hoon Gyeong today, but when I returned to Hawaii on April 3, I said that the era of Pyung Hwa Hoon Gyeong was ending and that it was time to inherit Pyung Hwa Shin Gyeong. I will be saying more about this in time. Pyung Hwa Shin Gyeong is not a textbook that teaches about True Parents. In their personal history, True Parents have overcome innumerable sorrows and have experiences with these teachings. They are finally attending God through Pyung Hwa Shin Gyeong, the teachings from God, starting from the best place in the original homeland that knows nothing of the Fall, where God can give us His commands and His constitution. You must not forget this.

Pyung Hwa Shin Gyeong has fifteen chapters. Now a sixteenth is being added, and a seventeenth will be added too. From March 17 [2007], we held celebrations on the seventeenth of each month. It is now August 2008; if we hold a celebration on the seventeenth of this month, we will have celebrated that date in each of the twelve months of the year. After I reached maturity, having no relationship to the Fall, I established the position of True Parents. On the basis of this were added Father and Parents' Day. The seventeenth has been the center. There has not been one day that we did not read the Peace Messages or think about them. Know this, and resolve to act.

March 17 is the day on which Hyo-jin shouldered a responsibility and passed into the spirit world. Within two hours, he left this world to fill a gap between the spiritual and physical worlds and pave the highway to a unified realm. In the world, the son should be the pride, glory and fruit of the parents' victories. Yet, what would you do if you had been swept away on the waves of the satanic world and drifted to all corners of the earth only to finally realize that nothing matters as much as your parents and that you have not completely fulfilled your responsibility to them as their first son? If he gives his life to usher in a new dawn in the spirit world and close the gap between heaven and earth, between parents and children, and among the cells in all created beings, we can say that he has passed away in order to fulfill the filial responsibility. Therefore, Hyo-jin has passed away at that point where he broke down the final walls in the Unification Family and went beyond them. And he has thus been elevated to the position where no one can be jealous or envious of him or think of him as an enemy.

To unify the brothers and sisters who had been unable to unite, to fulfill the filial duties he had been unable to complete, and to bring about unity that transcends the wall separating God and True Parents, he has offered his body and soul. He embraces the Ssang Hap Ship Seung Su in his heart, through which can be ushered in the Ahn Shill (Sabbath day) of the heavenly world. And moreover, he has achieved his dream.

You should be aware that the path Hyo-jin is walking down is like that. He made that resolution within those two hours. Heaven helped him; and God and True Parents held fast to him. Nothing could have been considered a mistake. All beings sprang from true love, and the fallen realm of death cannot divide that which is based on true love, so the work to establish the liberated and completely free heavenly kingdom has been completed. This is not symbolic but substantial.

The hearts of Unification Church members comprise the hearts of true parents with love for God, and the dream of becoming filial sons and daughters, patriots, saints and divine sons and daughters. Therefore, the fact that I have sent five sons and daughters to block that realm of death, and thus have been able to establish the liberated and freed kingdom of heaven is even more glorious than the victory of thousands of generations. In terms of the effort invested, it can be said that the accrued result is many times greater than even God's hard work to create the world. Holding fast to this, and on the basis of this result, you are able to attend God and True Parents and the heavenly family of the eight stages in the eras of the individual, family, tribe, race, and so on.

We are now in a position where God can give us millions of times greater love than He gave Adam's family before the Fall. Thus, all beings can now possess and take pride in the authority of God as our parent and receive the love of God and True Parents, a love that is so great that even after we have passed on that loving tradition, some love would still be left over. In light of this, we should offer endless sincere conditions and march forward to our homeland with the fortune of the eternal, liberated and completely freed kingdom of heaven. Aju!

The Parents of Heaven and Earth have worked hard, hoping for you to become this type of son or daughter, and so that you can know how all created beings can be liberated from the realm of lamentation. Thus, if you face any difficulty -- from even a shadow of Satan's past authority -- all you need to do is blow it away or flick it away. That is why in our Unification Church we blow three times; we eliminate such things by blowing on them.

The one responsible to put everything in order is neither God nor the Parents who are bequeathing their victory from a position of perfection. The central root, central stem, central branch and central bud of God, shooting up high like a lighthouse of eternal victory, starting from the place of the fallen parents where all had been swept away, have borne one fruit, which is the fruit of the work of thousands of years. Moreover, this son who can embrace and defend this precious owner and protect heaven and earth has come into his inheritance. Aju! Please live your lives in this way.

You should receive today's Hoon Dok Hae on this basis. Hoon Dok Hae allows a historical perspective of the Pacific Rim era, from the viewpoint of the will of God. The teaching in Pyung Hwa Shin Gyeong can bring about the completion and perfection of this perspective of history, the beginning of a new heaven and earth and the new origin. Inheriting the victory achieved by True Parents, you should, with this in your hands, spur yourselves on to usher in the glorious day when all nations and all peoples can express their gratitude to God, praise Him in one voice and manifest their joy together. Aju!

In order to bring about the reign of peace and prosperity, the change of lineage must take place. Then everything up to the Three-Day Ceremony must be carried out. We need to complete the blessing work by January 13, 2013, so that there is not one person in Korea or on the planet Earth who has not received the blessing. You should accept the task of doing Hoon Dok Hae with joy. The speech about this era is number thirteen. From March 17 [2007], the seventeenth of every month should be set aside as a day of joy, marriage and praise.

We must continue with this work. We must continue it without ceasing, so that the Blessing Ceremony can take place even in the spirit world, where the spirit people, who will use Pyung Shin Gyeong as the Hoon Dok Hae reading material for millions of years to come, are also holding Hoon Dok Hae. You should understand this. If you do, you must practice it. If you don't practice Hoon Dok Hae, the fruits, whatever they may be, will disappear. As the universe cannot disappear, please fulfill your responsibility by attending Hoon Dok Hae with gratitude for that time, during which you can gain the privilege of being able to erase the flaws that prevent the perfection of the universe.

Say "True Parents." [True Parents] May we all receive gratitude, praise, glory and honor together with heaven and earth! Aju!

Satan is tenaciously at us, asking, How can the Unification Church build a Korea-Japan undersea tunnel and a Bering Strait tunnel? However, it has already been three years since the work on the Bering Strait tunnel was begun. Nothing from this time disputes that fact; everything affirms it. The recent accident was the final expression of Satan's resolve, his ultimatum to Heaven? It was a warning. However, it has been three years since the work on the Bering Strait tunnel was begun. There is no information during this time that disputes that fact, only that which affirms it.

You may think what I am saying are ordinary utterances that flow out of an organization, but wait until you go to the spirit world. This has appeared before you as the summit, the borderline, that you have to cross over in real life, and you must cross it. If you cannot, you will have to try until you do so even if it takes tens of thousands of years. There will be no measures to be taken by future generations. There will be no new providence of salvation.

Therefore, we need to respond to this in all urgency. On the border between life and death, the question is, Will you cross the border or retreat? At the final front line, where life and destruction meet, Satan's fully armed side and the other side, which is fully armed with God's love, should come together harmoniously. Instead of killing each other on the borderline, they should all embrace each other as brothers and shed tears. Only after returning from such a place to your hometown can the kingdom of heaven be built.

Because I became aware of this, I am saying things that I have never said before. With much that is hidden within me, I might foretell the future. This quality came to me from my mother's side of the family, the Kim's from Yeon-an.

The Shill and the Tang Dynasties united and defeated the Bake Dynasty. Gourde resisted the invasion of the Tang Dynasty. This war has not ended. The incident with the Mongols that Yeon Dae-job was at the center of is directly [providentially] connected to Rev. Moon. There is no way to deny the historical facts...

Everything about the recent incident, such as what was revealed through examination of the black box is miraculous. Such a thing could never have taken place under ordinary circumstances; you need to understand that God was at the forefront, took full responsibility and made it all turn out for the best.

In conclusion, today is the day I was discharged from the hospital. On my way out, I wanted to take everyone with me because I was the one who brought them there. The door that marks the beginning of the successful conclusion has been opened, however, not everyone can go out of it at once.

In dealing with this incident, I took full responsibility and worked hard. You know what happened; it is a clear and certain evidence of the work of the satanic world. It is a testimony to God, True Parents, the desire of all things, heaven and earth, the universe, the ideal of creation, and the original homeland...

Now there is no more need for me to guide you. The matter at hand is how much influence you will have on your descendents through inheriting what I have achieved in my life. On the basis of the effort you make, your descendants, bearing the 286 Korean surnames, will be able to join the ranks of the ancestors in heaven.

The question is, If I am the first generation, who are in the second and third generations? In the end, the bloodline lost in Adam's family has to be restored and established. This can be done in an instant. In this regard, the special spiritual adviser in the United States at this time is very important. America should take the lead. If one has power, that power should be used to push ahead.

If you were to go to the spirit world now there would still be more problems than this issue unresolved, and you would have to suffer more than you do now. That is why God has taken responsibility and resolved everything. You must be grateful to Him. Now then, as you return home, do so with hope in your hearts. Make twice the effort and work twice as hard as you did before. If you embrace and love the homeland as much as or more than True Parents do (and more than you love airplanes or spacecraft!) Korea can become the fatherland of the heavenly nation.

Since I know this of a certainty, I hope you will take part in receiving that great blessing, and I wish to conclude this meeting by expressing thanks. 

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