The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2008

Prayer Following the Helicopter Incident

Sun Myung Moon
July 22, 2008 - 5:30 am

Heavenly Father! At this hour I am going to proclaim something important in front of heaven and earth. The recent ordeal that befell True Parent's family served as a turning point in going beyond Satan's divisive forces, which attempted to hold to ransom all of heaven and earth. It was possible to prevail over this ordeal and overcome that critical life-or-death challenge because I came to complete the mission on earth of the True Parent at his Second Advent.

With True Parents overcoming this life-or-death situation and with all the passengers surviving this incident, it was possible to rectify the situation in which Jesus and the family he was meant to have were massacred two thousand years ago under Satan's dominion.

With this recent incident as a turning point, I pledge before all of heaven and earth to move forward toward a victorious nation over which God can exert his absolute dominion. It is now the time when everyone in the spirit world can receive the blessing under the grace of True Parents, become an absolute good spirit and return to the fold of the heavenly tribe.

The blessing should be treasured above everything else. It must be remembered as the highest and most valued symbol throughout heaven and earth that shall allow those in the spirit world to return to God's embrace. This I bless and proclaim. I earnestly and fervently request your approval in the name of True Parents. I request your approval centering on True Parent's family, True Parent's clan, on the true nation and on the true reinstatement of the homeland. Father! ..."  

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