The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2008

Who is the owner?

Sun Myung Moon
July 10, 2008

Sun Myung Moon, Hak Ja Han and Kook Jin MoonJanuary 23, 2012

[Following is an interpretation of what Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon said, based on the interpreter's best judgment and knowledge of Rev. Moon's thought and the Principle. This text should not be quoted, paraphrased or distributed.]

Who is in the position of the owner? God is the owner and True Parents are the owners. The first family of the True Parents, which is the first family that God could love, is the original owner of the Unification Church. The lineage needs to be connected through that family. There can be no other lineage. People have to take responsibility for their mistakes. When someone does not fulfill his portion of responsibility, then it needs to be restored through indemnity. People need to pay indemnity in order to go back to the original state.

Nowadays, Ambassadors for Peace are acting like thieves. What connection do they have with the Unification Church? They should have no connection. They are in the position of the archangel, so they have the responsibility to raise the Unification Church to the position before the Fall. Up until now, they have been gaining positions in the world and working for their own benefit, blowing their own horn. They should not be put in high positions in the Unification Church.

Ambassadors for Peace are like little babies who were just born in Adam's family. They have to go into the realm of the heavenly nation. They have to establish a Heavenly Kingdom of attendance, in which the children of Adam and Eve are attended. Who are those children? The reality is that there were seen as children of Satan. Ambassadors for Peace are in the position of archangels, and they should become like elder brothers and fathers. Ambassadors for Peace, do you understand?

Ambassadors for Peace should not expect to be treated like Cabinet members when they become involved in the Unification Church. I don't recognize Cabinet members. Being a Cabinet member in itself is not as great as people think. In some ways, it is like being a dead corpse. Those kinds of people should now have a normal family and raise children who can become kings or queens of their nation. That is not all. They should also raise their children to become children of God, the great king of Heaven and Earth. That is when they can become owners of the Heavenly Nation.

That is when you can call Heaven your own. What has Father taught you up until now? I taught you about yourselves, about your family, your nation, your world, and your God. There is no more than one God. There cannot be another world. There cannot be another nation. There cannot be another family.

There are many Ambassadors for Peace who are like archangels, living their lives the way they did in the world. Some who drank alcohol before they became Ambassadors for Peace are still drinking alcohol. Some who smoked cigarettes are still doing so. Some who liked to gamble are still doing so. I don't see those people repenting. John the Baptist taught that we should repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. That's what the Boon Bong Wangs (special representatives/viceroys/regional kings) should do. John the Baptist told people to repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. He was supposed to guide people to Jesus. The Boon Bong Wangs are in the exact same type of position as John the Baptist. Through following the archangels, people should accept Adam's family, bless it in front of God, raise it up, give it a place to call home, and put it into the position of the owner. Through the lineage, Adam as an owner can give birth to direct sons and daughters who would not need repentance or indemnity and would be part of God's ownership. God's ownership! Please repeat after me. [God's ownership]

You all have your own belongings, right? I gave up everything that I owned. I gave away my belongings three times. Even though I was in debt, I gave everything away. If you have belongings, you cannot go to a position of blessing or ownership. Where did you get the things you own? Did they come from God or from the satanic world?

Unification Church members, you have worked hard to make money but you have to offer that money up to God from the position of sons and daughters of angels. There is no person or religious organization in the fallen world that can claim that what it has belongs to the nation, the world or God. The same goes to all of you who have worked hard for the Providence. You've lived your lives however you wanted to. Have you had tears guide you, have you repented and have you ever endured in a position where you were in such pain that you thought you might lose your mind and body? You are all thieves.

Because we are going to that new kind of world, now we will not only claim the best things of America to be ours. We will also claim the worst things. Los Angeles represents the lost angelic world, which must be found again. Los Angeles is a central cultural location of America. Actors go to acting schools in Los Angeles and there is Hollywood, a temple of promiscuity, there as well. Los Angeles is a place that people go to find freedom from any interference to living a free sex lifestyle. That's why Los Angeles represents the lost angels. It does not represent angels which have been found [restored]. All the authority of the satanic world was lost thanks to Los Angeles. Top leaders of nations have gone to Los Angeles and swapped wives. Their blood has been mixed in many ways.

The women don't just go to be with men that they like. 2/3 of the wives look for men who are evil even though they know that they are evil, because they think that they will be embraced and loved by those men. Then those men and the women's husbands start to compete for the love of the women in order to leave their lineage behind. It's the same with you.

People who are successful have a lot of concubines. In America, those who have a lot of concubines had more than 20. A lot have more than 3 or 5. I have married many people, so when it comes to issues of fidelity, I can tell who is being faithful to his or her spouse and who isn't. If you don't report your mistakes to me, then it's a big problem. It's a big mess. That's not a place where human beings can live.

While I lived in America for 34 years and during the three years since I moved to Korea, I have been shedding blood and tears in order to protect America and stop these kinds of practices. I made a spiritual dam in order to block America from going to spiritual decadence and decline. That dam was spiritually greater than the Hoover Dam is physically. That is why America can sit with authority as the most powerful nation in the world. But that will not last for thousands or tens of thousands of years. The dam will end up breaking in time. Father can neither give any additional blessings to America nor wish for anything greater for America. Father did that in the past, but now that time has passed. Up until now I couldn't love my own physical children and grandchildren. Have you seen me walking around with my children?

Even though they were my children, their lineage was not the same as mine. In order to set a condition to change their lineage, I could not claim them as my children or part of my ownership. So in turn, my children should not think of their belongings as their own. You need to know this clearly. Ambassadors for Peace, from today, you must live according to the Pyeong Hwa Hoon Gyeong. A time will come when I will directly deal with Unification Church members who go to bars and drinks alcohol.

You have to become one family with God. God's family should become your family. True Parents' family should become your family. You should be able to stand above of all the scripture that you have read, studied and tried to live by. That is the kind of age that has come now. People who were living in the bottom of Hell have been brought out and given benefits which even God could not give them. Since the ancestors of humankind became false parents and could not do this, the True Parents have come to bring restoration through indemnity. There is no one else who can do this for you other than True Parents.

Your life, your relatives, your tribe, your nation, or your world could not replace what True Parents have given you. How many of you have that kind of heart and go out witnessing with that kind of heart? Like John the Baptist, you should be willing to leave everything in your hometown and go around like a beggar proclaiming that the Messiah has come. Yet who would believe such words? You have to clean yourselves inside out and be reborn. You should prepare yourselves. You should be better than John the Baptist and better than Jesus. If you cannot be better than Jesus, then you cannot find the bride that Jesus could not find and you cannot possess the family, nation and world that Jesus could not possess. That's an inevitable heavenly rule.

Smart people like us didn't become this way because of our ancestors' faults. My grandfather was famous in China for his knowledge of Confucian texts and Chinese prophetic texts. Don't you think I come from a great family? Yet, my family, which has appeared, leads a miserable life. People point at me when I go places. People of faith in Satan's world spit at my grandchildren calling them grandchildren of Rev. Moon and don't let them enter their churches.

There will be a time when people in North Korea study and discuss the contents of the Pyeong Hwa Hoon Gyeong to a greater degree than they study the works of Kim Il Sung. They may have to take my name out of the book, but it will happen. So what do they have? They have the family and nation that the children of True Parents' family should have. In some ways, North Korea is better than South Korea. They can't drink alcohol even when they want to. On the other hand, they can't even eat properly. If they start to live their lives based on the Divine Principle, then it will be seen as God's teachings, not True Parents' teachings. Then who will become the greatest filial sons and daughters of True Parents? It won't be the Unification Church members, because they have not made the Divine Principle into the core of their habits. But if communists decide to follow the Pyeong Hwa Goon Gyeong, then they can become even more filial and loyal than Unification Church members. Then there can be a possibility for a foundation to be made through families in North Korea. It cannot be done by Unification Church families alone. Do you understand?

Don't use the words "True Parents" lightly. You should have the proper attitude toward True Parents. How have True Parents lived their lives? You should think about what True Parents have accomplished. We have done so many things. We did not just [talk the talk] but we [walked the walk] and brought fruits. Your families should become like what the families of the children of Adam's family would have been like if not for the Fall. Your families should have no hurt or pain.

You should not let your babies be born as those who are born in the satanic world with the blood of the devil. You should have your children connected to the blood and flesh of the liberated True Parents and of God, the True Great Master of Heaven and Earth and Master of the Creation. Your children should have a different seed than those of the satanic world. Do you think about this at night? There is NOTHING that you can claim otherwise. You should not expect to be recognized for the way you lived your lives. Don't use the Providence as an excuse for how you lived your lives. Do you want to be recognized? Even if I were to bury you alive, that would not be a great enough condition for you to be restored through indemnity. The sins of thousands and tens of thousands of people in the nation cannot be forgiven, not even in the course of eternity. 

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