The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2008

The Age of Indemnity

Sun Myung Moon
June 21, 2008
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Jeong Peace Palace, Chung Pyung, Korea

Following are notes by the reporter, which are a severely limited interpretation of Father's words. Readers are strongly encouraged to study the Korean language and listen to Father's words without translation in order to obtain a deeper understanding. These notes should never be used as official representations of Father's words.

Father's Words:

After all the attendants offered a bow to True Parents, Father asked Dr. Yang to read the ninth Message of Peace.

Father explained that the seventh, eighth and ninth messages are related to the age of indemnity. In order to inherit what True Parents have done, each nation and each tribe in each nation should overcome difficulties, and should establish itself as a tribe or nation [that is part of God's providence]. We have to prepare this. Within four or five years, this should be done. We should work on this during this year and next year. This means that we have a lot to do. Do you understand? We have to follow Heaven's program. Any of you who are not going according to the nation's program, even if you have a high position, you will need to be removed. Do you understand? There will be a time when you will need to leave your positions behind.

Therefore, the Abel UN should quickly make a foundation to become greater than the Cain UN. We have to bring USA and UN into unity. And also Cheon Il Guk and the Unification Church should be united. On that foundation, on January 13, 2013, we need to offer everything up to Heaven, all our property, all our ownership. It needs to be given back to Heaven. Then the entire spirit world will give it back to True Parents and from then, humanity will be able to claim ownership [over the things of the creation.] There is no ownership until then.

Now there is no [true] ownership. Nations and other entities claim ownership, but that kind of ownership needs to be denied. Do you understand? That's the conclusion. That's why it is serious. We have to connect to a standard of a worldwide information center. That's why we need media organizations and, originally we also need banks. I educated bankers in America for 11 years. I let Dr. Durst be in charge of it but he didn't think that banks are needed to fulfill God's Will, so he sold everything. Now there is no way for banks to go. They are under media organizations. Washington Times is in that kind of high position. Dong Moon Joo, do you understand?

The Boon Bong Wang (special representative / viceroy / regional king) should unite the three branches of government. Next, he should go to the media organizations and banks. Satan took control of all these five branches centering on leftists. The five branches are the three branches of government, media organizations and banks. Media organizations and banks move for the sake of the benefit of one nation. They have no concept of the world.

Because of the Fall, everything was lost to Satan. That includes lineage and brotherhood. Through Cain killing Abel, there were the first tears of sadness for God in the first generation. And also, after the Fall of Adam and Eve, who were to become True Parents, God shed tears. God also lost the children. How could such a terrible thing happen to God? From then is when the history of blood and resentment started. That history must come to an end now. We must keep working until we can declare an end to that history. This cannot be denied.

Nobody can deny the restoration of God's ideal of creation. A line will be drawn. A boundary will be drawn, so that X's can never be made again. You can draw as many X's as you want within one O, but you cannot draw any O's within an X. [Father draws an X with his hand.] How could it fit in here? That's why we have to make an O to put the X inside of. Because of the Fall, Satan went on top, and Heaven was on the bottom. Through the course of history, Satan went lower and Heaven went higher, so they would intersect and switch positions.

The Last Days is the time when we deny the X of the universe. During that period of 40 years, all the sins of human history come to the surface. God, who was at the bottom, has to move to the top, and Satan, who was at the top, has to move to the bottom... When God gets to the top, there are eight stages: the age of the individual, the age of the family, the age of the clan, the age of society, the age of a nation, the age of the world, the age of the cosmos, the age of God. In this course, an O must be made. 

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