The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2008

Read The Divine Principle Out Loud

Sun Myung Moon
June 19, 2008
Cheon Jeong Peace Palace

Morning Hoon Dok Hae Meeting

Following are notes by the reporter, which are a severely limited interpretation of Father's words. Readers are strongly encouraged to study the Korean language and listen to Father's words without translation in order to obtain a deeper understanding. These notes should never be used as official representations of Father's words.

Father's words:

If Unification Church members had read the Divine Principle out loud word for word, the Unification Church would have developed a lot. Instead, they only studied the most important points in the Divine Principle. So they do not know the whole first half of the Divine Principle. They are not even dreaming about figuring out the second half. If you don't know the second half, then you cannot understand the indemnity courses in history. You should know this.

Bringing people to nice places to educate them is not the essential issue. The important thing is to bring people together from different religions in order to bring about inter-religious harmony. But you are not even dreaming about doing this.

How are you going to take responsibility for people's livelihood in the future? Chang Shik Yang [Yes!] People are becoming like beggars.

Should unification come first, or should peace come first? Up until now, human beings have been in a state of conflict and contradiction because of the Fall. That's why they fight. Their minds and bodies are fighting. Because people don't know this, they... Father suffered a lot because of this. I had to figure out how Satan had power over human beings throughout history. If you don't understand the Fall, then you can't understand this.

We have to restore the nation. Is the Cheolla Province God's nation? Is the Kyeongsang Province? No, they are not. They are fighting one another. There is a big divide between the two provinces. I've wanted to organize exchange marriages between the two provinces. If the government had helped this to happen, we could have stopped the fighting between the two provinces. We could also unite Korea, Japan and America through exchange marriages.

As members of the Unification Church, you need to get to the point where you are joyful about being members. Let's think about the Pyung Hwa Hoon Gyeong. What if we took out the word Pyung Hwa [which means peace] and replaced it with Tong Il [which means unification]. Can unification come about all of a sudden? There should first be harmony between the two entities. Without creating relationships, there can be no movement. This is the relationship between the subject and object. It's a great thing that the relationship between subject and object could be discovered.

Compared to this world, the spiritual world is so beautiful and so ideal. It's not enough to have spiritual experiences. You have to know the laws of the spiritual world which God established.

Now I have to go quickly. I have taught you everything. You can find everything in my teachings. People cannot figure out the three great secrets of the Divine Principle, no matter how much they research it. That's why people do not read the Divine Principle. Do you think you can figure out the hidden secrets of the Divine Principle by studying an outline of the key points in it? The key points picked out by human beings are not the same as the key points of God's providence. You cannot live a proper life of faith without understanding that God could not overcome his painful heart for thousands of years. It's not enough to go to a river and try the water and say that it's salty. You have to go to the ocean and see how salty the water is. There is a lot of salt in the ocean surrounding Hawaii, which is sweet as juice. In the future, people will try to have control over that salt.

Salt in deep water is the clean kind of salt. It is disinfected in deep ocean water. There are reasons for me going to Hawaii.

In the future, I need to take over Las Vegas. I went to Law Vegas for many decades, but I didn't play card games or slot machines. I used to invite ministers and other guests to Las Vegas to educate them about God's Word. I've researched about Las Vegas for many decades.

In order to save America in the future, the biggest issue is Los Angeles. Los Angeles, centering on Hoover Dam, the Grand Canyon. The Hoover Dam is what kept America from declining in the 1930s. It kept the realm of the 2nd Israel alive. The Hoover Dam is an example that can be taken to the former Soviet states and Europe, in order to change the world which is becoming more and more like a desert into greens. Water is needed, which can be supplied by dams. Seven states in America receive water and electricity from the Hoover Dam. From when I was young, I dreamed of things like the Hoover Dam.

The Colorado River, which runs through the Grand Canyon, is 4300 kilometers long, and geographical history of back to 400 million years in the past is recorded on the sides of the Grand Canyon. It would take at least 10 years to study the geographical history of the Grand Canyon.

In order to lead America in the future, you have to digest the Grand Canyon and understand the role of the Hoover Dam, which saved America from decline. The Colorado River now runs 240 meters below the top level of the Grand Canyon. There was not enough drinking water for the seven states surrounding the Hoover Dam. The water that they could get from rain was not enough. Those seven states could have become deserts but instead they now have rich soil, richer than any soil in Europe. This was part of the foundation that helped America to become a world superpower. The power of Christianity was not enough.

Las Vegas is very close to the Hoover Dam. It's about a 30-minute drive. Goods from North and South America can be traded in Las Vegas and Eastern and Western culture meet in Las Vegas. If we do not take over that area, then God's Will cannot be fulfilled.

God is alive, but many people think or say that God is dead because they cannot see him working in the world today. How many people who study in Seoul University are truly thinking about their nation? They are like thieves.

Do you think that I'm making you suffer for no reason? After you have suffered for 10 years, 20 years, 30 years, 40 years.. People who have suffered for 40 years can find their place. You have to go beyond the hill of 40. If young people cannot find a place in society by the time they are 40, then they will become wanderers. Jesus could have gone to the position of king during the seven years from when he was 33 to when he would have become 40. The number 40 is important in this way.

What happens when you become 48 years old? 7 times 7 is 49. When you are 48, you are about to become 49. Therefore, you have to find your place in society by then. It's the same for Father. In my life, I had to finish everything by when I was 45, which I did. In a life of faith, it's worthwhile to go a way with many struggles and difficulties. What did I do in my life of faith? I liberated God! God's ideal has not been established on this earth. Therefore, in the end God has to ask Rev. Moon.

When you get in relationships with people, the original motive does not come from people. The motive comes from your parents and your ancestors. You have never tried to ask one of your ancestors that you can respect, have you?

When I was 26 and 27 years old, I went to meet the most famous Christian ministers in Pyongyang, like Rev. Young Do Lee. At the time, I educated them with the Bible, with the book of John.

You should clearly know who I am so that you can look at me properly.  

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