The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2008

The Peace Palace Opening Two Years Later

Sun Myung Moon
June 13, 2008

On June 13 this year, Father spoke at the Pledge Ceremony during the anniversary celebration of the opening of Cheon Jeong Peace Palace. We are pleased to include these excerpts from what Father said.

The third celebration of the palace entrances is the central point. Every year, we will hold the celebrations for this and the Day of All True Things together. The palace entrance commemoration is the center; the Day of All True Things is not the center. Worldwide, everyone should have focused more on setting sincere conditions than on the effort to celebrate.

Henceforth, all those who come here to participate should know that on a commemorative day such as today, you should express your devotion in the form of offerings given wholeheartedly. From all nations of the world, you should bring all the most precious and best things here and perform this ceremony in the presence of God. You should be resolved to do so. Do you understand? (Yes)...

You each represent your nation. You are national representatives of the world's countries, and this palace entrance celebration is not a celebration of my personal palace entrance; it is the celebration of a palace opening that is held on behalf of the authority of the world's pinnacle sovereignties. For that reason, an altar should be prepared with devotion on which the best things from each country can be displayed in front of everyone. Isn't that what the Day of All True Things signifies?

The rank and order of everything must be considered. Not even my own sons and daughters can do as they please. If you are holding a ceremony based on my instructions, you are doing it on my behalf, so you cannot do it just as you like. Whether for a week or three months or 120 days, you should start preparing in advance to participate on such a day. Is that clear? (Yes) If you have performed such an event only according to your own way of thinking, the path of your nation and your descendants will be blocked.

I invest sincere effort to honor Heaven, honor nations and honor descendants and generations to come. Therefore, I offer these devotions unblemished, with my mind and body united, and offer my essence based on my dedication to Heaven. Do you understand that? (Yes) You cannot invite just anybody here. You won't be able to do that in the future. Since we have declared the Abel nation, you cannot invite Abel nation representatives of your own accord. You should first pray and follow the instructions of Heaven and then make the gathering into a sacred meeting.

Bringing an audience here will no longer be a problem. You understand this, don't you?

Special representatives of the King of Peace should be selected and announced for all 190 Abel nations. The preparations for all this should be completed. You should hold workshops...

Ceremonies cannot be carried out just according to your own ideas. Centering on instructions from Heaven, God dwells where heaven and earth must work in harmony to embrace everything in the relative world and in relationships, thereby uniting into one and moving forward toward our goal. Neither True Parents nor you are the center.

With one couple as the center, those in the spirit world and those in the physical world -- that is, the blessed couples in both worlds -- should unite as Cain and Abel and attend God and True Parents, and Cain and Abel, and make an offering of everything they have, or otherwise their possessions cannot be converted into the possessions of Heaven. I am not playing around. You understand, don't you? (Yes)...

You should recognize that you have shortcomings though you have taken part in the ceremony. When you return to your homelands you should unreservedly and boldly make your nations into ones God and True Parents desire, such that those nations can stand before the world proudly and shamelessly. You should commemorate this day on behalf of your nations, which will then be considered countries that have celebrated the palace entrance and offered up all things to Heaven. This is the third celebration. Beginning with the fourth one, all of you should bring something precious from your nations and have it displayed here. There should be a room here dedicated to that purpose. Whatever it may be, you should dedicate it as an indication that you have lived centering on Heaven. Don't come here empty-handed. You will be struck by lightning if you do. Do you understand? (Yes)

Everyone stand up. We've all become aware of the fact that something is wanting in this celebration because of an error (in the preparations), so I too will have the heart to bow to God with my eyes closed and with a solemn heart...

What rally did we hold in Korea? One to launch the Abel UN in Korea. The Abel UN has been established here by representatives of Korea. That is why we were able to hold that celebration...

Rev. Yim Dow-soon offered three cheers of og-mansei to conclude the official Pledge Ceremony. Father then resumed speaking.

I have instructions to impart today. There am those who have been dispatched to all the world's nations on behalf of the special representatives of the King of Peace and who are responsible to witness and register the nations. What name did we use? (National messiahs) Even the title "National Messiah" does not refer to only one person. In all those nations where the national messiahs -- selected by Heaven, and by me -- have been stationed, the first and the second generations need to become one. When the national messiah becomes seventy years old, therefore, he should pass his work on to his son or daughter or to the person who is the most exemplary of all centering on the eight realms of the younger siblings. Do you understand?

These am my instructions: Especially for those from Korea, Japan and the U.S., as of today, the second generation should inherit that work. Is that clear? [Father is apparently referring to those appointed as special representatives for those three countries -- Dr. Kwak Chung-hwan, Rev. Oyamada Hideo and Mr. Joo tong-noon, respectively.] On the foundation of the Abel UN and the Cain UN united as one, the second-generation realm can be set up. On the foundation of father-son unity, from the central nations of the Abel UN, the special-representative organization should spread out, above and below, left and right, and front and back, centering on all those who pledge themselves here and now.

Centering on True Parents, True Mother practiced absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. All things were also created on the basis of these. Thus, if you fail to unite these three into one centering on true love and true life, the ideal of the realm of three generations will not be fulfilled. The Korean saying, "Though you may fail the first time, you will succeed at the third attempt," is prophetic. In view of this, I am instructing you this morning to make a new resolution. Is that clear? (Yes) Is it? (Yes)

Then centering on this day, you should decide in your minds and pray about who should take the place of the father, because it is inadvisable not to establish an heir to fulfill the providential will for the sake of your descendants in generations to come. This is also true in my family. No one can decide anything according to his or her whim alone.

Hyun-jin can't make decisions just as he pleases either, neither can Kook-jin. Don't think to yourselves that my mission is now done. The True Parents are eternal. There cannot be two sets of True Parents. Failure to complete the formation, growth and perfection stages in the Old Testament Age and New Testament Age caused confusion. Furthermore, the world cannot settle down because the realm of Adam's heart -- the era of the settlement of the realm of the fourth Adam -- has not come about in the Completed Testament Age. On the day it settles down centering on Cain and Abel, no one -- neither any country nor True Parents -- will be able to move it. The laws established must thus be followed eternally.

That is why you were given Pyung Hwa Boon Gyamg (Teachings of Peace) and why I need to give guidance and uphold this book as holy scripture day and night, eternally. I must do so even after I go to the spirit world and even after God proclaims that His will has been completely fulfilled. You need to know this.

Not only should you abide by Poong Mortloon Gyeong, but you should know that with these teachings at the core, your ancestors and forefathers and all those who ever sacrificed themselves for the religious realm are connected, and with the revelation of the ideal world and ideal garden, you have been placed in a victorious position.

Understand this clearly. This is done as of this day and this time. Kwak Chung-hwan, who is your son? [Kwak Jin-man] Where will he be from today? [Mongolia] After he is appointed leader of Mongolia, in carrying on with the ensuing generations, the question of who will inherit the work that the father has been doing is important. It is to be inherited by the direct sons and daughters, not the som-in-law, even if Jeon-sook [Dr. Kwak's daughter] is older than Jin-man. Is she? Is she older or younger? He is older, so in that generation, he should succeed you. Therefore, he should do his absolute best in his family and in Mongolia and complete the blessing of the whole nation. He should finish this before it is done in Korea.

Next-in Japan, Oyamada-do you have any sons or daughters? (Yes) You should pray to God and appoint one of them to take your place in representing Japan. You should do this before you are seventy years old. What would happen if you were to die before you reached seventy? You wouldn't be able to make that connection. That's why I must get you to make it.

Next, Joo Dong-moon. (Yes) You have children, right? (Yes) You need to decide. After you decide, you should hold a ceremony in your family focused on the son you have chosen. Then the first and second generations, the father and son, and their wives, and also the sibling [and his or her spouse] would become one and form the number six as a trinity; and next comes the number seven. It's summer during the jubilee seventh and eighth years of Cheon Il Guk. What is the motto for this year? Mansei for the combined jubilee years, the seventh and eighth years... This has been connected both horizontally and within tribes, so the jubilee years that we can celebrate bring to an end Cain and Abel as the subject and object partners. Then the ideologies themselves can also come to an end.

Yes, the Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholic ideologies did not become one as Cain and Abel, but they will inevitably become one now. Heaven leaves a place where the mind and body are in conflict, so you should know that if your mind and body are fighting each other, you cannot attend any meeting or gathering. Is that clear? (Yes)

The Ambassadors for Peace here are also thinking, "I've done some things, so l should be recognized for what I have done." But Heaven will not acknowledge the things they have done. They are all people who used to oppose the Unification Church. That has not been taken care of yet. You should all know that this work will only be connected to Heaven when those who have gone in advance of the special representatives go out representing your nations and take on that inherited task.

That's why you cannot come here and attend this meeting if your mind is separated from your body. If you do, by the time the rally comes to an end and you return home with your wife, you will find your life together has become disharmonious. You will simply be disunited. Your limitations will be only too clear. Because an era is beginning in which we must establish order, the National Messiahs are being dispatched instead of the special representatives. Therefore, they should assume all authority and complete the blessing and the change of lineage. The change of lineage will be completed at the same time as the completion of the blessing. After that, people must go through a forty-day period and then have their three-day ceremony. Everyone without exception needs to finish this by January 13, 2013. The other tasks cannot be postponed, or they will be lost from sight.

People will be lost to the satanic world. You will have to take hold of them and help save them. In that way, if you don't liberate the satanic world, the responsibility you have been called to fulfill will serve as the central law, establishing the traditions of the eternal kingdom of heaven, upholding the ideal of a strict heavenly constitution. This is all related to the father- son relationship. Do you understand?

There aren't two sets of True Parents. Even if you have become the leader of Korea, you should make preparations centering on the True Parents. The plans for Hyun-jin and Hyung-jin are related. Absolute sexual morality and purity are crucial qualities that must continue on after True Parents. I do not live as I please. Mother will testify to that.

Say "absolute sex." [Absolute sex] Such men as you are the children of thieves. What has Satan done with the right of the eldest son? You think you can do whatever you please, drinking and coveting women? No, you cannot. You should not abuse things that mess up your mind; these are enemies of God. You should not drink or become intoxicated, either on liquor or on cigarettes. They are enemies of Heaven.

Next, AIDS cannot continue to exist. Men living with men -- how can such a thing be? Everything must be put to rights. Exemplifying the origin of absolute sexual morality is a responsibility that rests entirely with me and is one I was called to fulfill...

If a person does not connect everyone together with his heart based on the central core, he will not get a passing grade. You should understand this clearly. Unification Church leaders, is this clear? (Yes)... [Referring to a lottery for choosing someone to fill a position] The will of human beings must not be asserted. Centering on God, you need to inherit God's victory, because only then can you become the owner of your family, the owner who can fulfill the responsibility of the husband. Do you understand? (Yes.)

God's will is not accomplished of its own accord. Following the absolute and strict official rules, an orderly world was formed, and that is how the great universe can work even now without conflict and is thus in the process of becoming a unified whole. Keeping this uppermost in your mind, you should abide by the laws, even if you live in the farthest parts of the world. Those who cannot absorb this will fall behind and disappear. You need to be clear on this point, okay? (Yes)

Remember this in the morning. Record this and abide by it so that you cannot go against it. Is that clear? (Yes) As of today, we are passing things on to the next generation. Do you understand? (Yes)...

You'll fly into heaven... You could go anywhere in the spiritual world or the physical world. That kind of era is coming. People will become the most liberated sons or daughters, princes or princesses, of the owner of heaven and earth, and that authority will be offered to God to glorify Him. You should not do this to glorify yourselves. In any era people should endeavor not to bring any blemish to the name of the eternal True Parents. The principle of restoration through indemnity is working. Is that clear? (Yes)

If you promise to abide by what I've said raise both your hands and clap. Then you must serve God. (Applause) The Old Testament Age, the New Testament Age, the Completed Testament Age, the Era of the Settlement of the Fourth Adam, the Era of Liberation and Complete Inner Freedom, Aju. (Aju) Thank you very much. Don't forget that. Your ancestors will take pictures and record them in the spirit world, and they will ask you when you get there, "What percentage of your effort have you invested to observe the principles True Father has revealed?" Then you will have problems. You might have to wait there for a thousand years, if you have done wrong. I am not playing around. Do you understand? (Yes)

I'll be in charge of keeping the picture book there. If people do not unite with the laws I have imparted today, or unite with the standard of the eternal laws, they will be held up in the world of darkness. Then they will have to be reeducated so that they will be able to digest that which they hate the most in the world, at the place they hate the most.

You may have become my relative through marriage, that is, my son or daughter-in-law, but I did not choose my sons and daughters-in-law from among the true sons and daughters of God. Since I chose them from among the sons and daughters of the false archangel, only after you promise to establish a tradition by which devoted children, patriots, saints and sages representing all nations serving God become one with heaven and earth by presenting -- in front of God -- a new heaven and earth, wherein everything can be released and freed even in the spirit world, can the world of freedom come into existence in the liberated realm. You have not yet been able to surpass the parents and go forward.

Here are my sons Hyun-jin, Kook-jin and Hyung-jin.

Hyun-jin should always stand in front of an audience wherever he goes. Kook-jin is in charge of the national-level economic sector, the banks and the media. Kook-jin should take an interest in the media organizations and banks. He is an expert in those fields, because I made him study them even though he didn't want to. Even now, if he is not fully educated, I plan to make him study what he doesn't already know.

So, what I am talking about at this time, which you have no idea of, is that to decide who inherits the legacy of the kingdom of heaven -- those who sacrifice more, shed more tears so that more liquid drips down their noses...

Absolute sexual fidelity and love should convey heaven and earth's tears shed in joy, with fluid running from the nose in laughter, saliva leaking from the mouth, milk leaking from breasts; the navel would cause the course of the flow to separate before it continues all the way down to the genitals. Only at this extreme can the foundations of true love and absolute sex become one. Those who do not shed tears will not make the grade. This applies even now. I hope you realize that.

You must all decide. I decided that the national messiahs should substitute for the special representatives and work with their own descendants. Henceforth, therefore, for someone in a nation to become its prime minister, he would first have to consult the special representative.

That is why you cannot help uniting. That is the law of Heaven that I too must uphold; I am uniting the UN and the United States, and uniting Cheon Il Guk and the Abel UN, so that, at the center of those four, God can be enthroned as the king of kings in the center of east, west, north and south where the four are united.

I am like the physical body of God; at that place where I am one with God, the vertical parent, I can attend Him. This is the first time you are hearing this. At that place where this work can be accomplished, we will usher in the eras of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, cosmos and even God, and connect them together, and the national and international headquarters should be included. People are acting as they please -- parents, fathers, mothers, children, and the leaders of nations all do as they please. With regard to the constitution, that won't do at all. There is only one constitution, only one set of True Parents, only one true love, only one tradition for the people and only one ideal settlement Each is unique. You have to do this, and it is unacceptable if you don't.

How difficult has it been until now? When the time comes for you to leave this place, make a resolution and engrave in your hearts the words and instructions I have given you today, all right? (Yes) Let us conclude with applause and with a promise to serve Heaven. (Applause) 

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