The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2008

How to connect God's Will to the world

Sun Myung Moon
May 29, 2008
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Jeong Peace Palace

Sun Myung Moon and Hyung Jin Moon January 24, 2012

In attendance: True Parents, Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Dr. Peter Kim, Mr. Dong Moon Joo, Rev. Jeong Og Yu, Rev. Dong Han Lee, Dr. Sun Jo Hwang, Rev. Jong Gwan Yu, members from Daegu and Ulsan. 26 men and 74 women, 100 total in attendance at the beginning of the Hoon Dok Hae service.

After all in attendance offered a bow of greeting to True Parents, Father asked Rev. Jong Gwan Yu, president of the People's Federation for the Unification of North and South Korea, to read the 15th Peace Message in the Pyeong Hwa Hoon Gyeong. As Rev. Yu was about to read, Father asked him to give a report about the 'Korea Rally for the Inauguration of the Abel UN Realm,' an event which was held at 10:30 am on May 28, 2008 (yesterday) in the Central City Marriott Hotel in Seoul, and organized by the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) and the International and Inter-religious Federation for World Peace (IIFWP).

Rev. Yu said that there were many special participants in yesterday's event, and that the event had a different meaning than previous events. He explained that this event was part of a continuation of a series of events, starting with the proclamation of the Abel UN two years ago, and continuing with the inauguration of the Abel UN on September 22nd last year.

Rev. Yu also talked about Hyung Jin Nim's wife, Yeon Ah Nim, who recently received an appointment from Father as a special pastor, an appointment which had been received by In Jin Nim in the past. This represented an official recognition by Father of Hyung Jin Nim's couple as pastors. Rev. Yu added that both Father and Mother are pastors, a point which Hyung Jin Nim testifies to when he visits Japan, thereby helping members to see True Parents as pastors.

Rev. Yu added more comments about Hyung Jin Nim, especially about his work as a pastor and his visits to families, in which he sees the situation of each family, including the situation of 2nd generation, and he prays and sheds tears for the family he is visiting. Rev. Yu expressed that Hyung Jin Nim is inspiring many Koreans with his work as a pastor. He quoted Hyung Jin Nim as having said that he has no choice but to go the way of a pastor since both of his parents are pastors.

Then Rev. Yu reported about Hyung Jin Nim's testimony and introduction of True Parents at yesterday's UPF event. He said that Hyung Jin Nim's testimony, as a son of True Parents, was much more moving than a testimony by any of the leaders could be. He said that leaders, such as himself, cannot catch up with True Parents no matter how hard they may try.

Hyung Jin Nim had testified about how True Father spoke to members for two and a half hours while they were in a small restaurant in Hampyeong, which is in the South Jeolla Province. Through Hyung Jin Nim's testimony, Rev. Yu could deeply feel that True Parents were truly victorious. He said that he wanted to testify to this during yesterday's event if he had been given such an opportunity.

He also testified to the beautiful relationship between Hyung Jin Nim and Kook Jin Nim. He said that he could see a true brotherly relationship between them. Many times, in public events, Kook Jin Nim has said that he will serve his younger brother Hyung Jin Nim as his Abel figure. Many members are moved to see Kook Jin Nim guide, help and support Hyung Jin Nim to succeed.

Rev. Yu also wanted to testify about Kook Jin Nim in front of the ambassadors for peace who attended yesterday's event, but he could not because of a lack of time

Rev. Yu then quoted a passage from the Bible, where Jesus said that we should first build harmony with one another before making an offering, and compared Kook Jin Nim and Hyung Jin Nim's relationship to that passage.

After Rev. Yu gave his report, Father asked him if he knew that Father would ask him to give the report. Rev. Yu said that he spoke with many Ambassadors for Peace after the event and felt that he wanted to share what he learned with Father the next day, so he determined to attend the Hoon Dok Hae service today. He added that he feels like he has responsibility similar to that of an angel, that of giving news to Father.

Then Rev. Yu read the 15th Peace Message.

Father started speaking.

[Following are notes by the reporter, which are a severely limited interpretation of Father's words. Readers are strongly encouraged to study the Korean language and listen to Father's words without translation in order to obtain a deeper understanding. These notes should never be used as official representations of Father's words.]

The greatest problem is to figure out how to connect God's Will to the world of vertical and horizontal relationships. The culture of [ancient] Greece and Rome was not simply created by human beings. That kind of culture could come to be because of God's existence. In Confucianism, there are a lot of teachings about vertical and horizontal relationships. There needs to be a being in the center. That central being cannot be omitted. The vertical core. The lower being should be connected 180 degrees in its motive, process and result [to the higher being] no matter how high or low it may be.

It's the same if we look at this from a horizontal perspective. In the universe, the core must be connected. People do not know this. The question is how to connect the great universe to the world of heavenly law. There is the upper half, the lower half, the half on the right side and the half on the left side. Ideally, these should all go through the center. You cannot just have upper and lower. There must be the upper and the center, so that there is the upper, the center and the lower. For vertical and horizontal to unite, no matter how great the vertical is, there should be a center. Centering on the four directions, the upper should be connected. There is a horizontal and a vertical world, but the question is how to unite them.

Please breathe out, "fwu" As you breathe out, your body will bend forward: "fwu" You have to completely stop and then breathe in all the way. Everything should be at a 90 degree angle. There should be the center. When there is a core, then there should be a 2nd beginning. When the father and mother can become one after their life and love is connected, then they can establish the origin of a 2nd beginning, so that when [God] breathes out, then the father, mother, sons and daughters can breathe in. There must be a partner. Although this is simple, it is the core that can help you discover all the fundamental truths and principles of the universe.

Therefore, what I ponder the most is how to connect God's boundless and infinite love as the central core of the universe in spherical motion. Where is the origin to do this? The question is, that is the relationship between the ideological perspective of Greek thought and God-like, internal origin. There should be upper and lower, left and right, and front and back relationships. That's how spherical motion can begin. It's important to attend God as the origin, so that He can become the owner from a vertical perspective, the owner from a horizontal perspective, and the owner of the central plane. He should be the owner of each of these three planes. If you become connected to that core, you have no choice but to recognize it.

If there is a being in the east, then even when it is connected to the central core, when it is in the east, it should always be level with the center and it should keep a set distance between itself and the center, so that it does not join the center. It should remain in a state of equilibrium. Even when there is a difference of 1 degree, for example the space between 1 degree and 2 degrees two entities should eternally remain level. If they are not level, then eventually they will meet and form an X and join. What happens if they join? It's all over then because they stop moving.

Everything should connect vertical and horizontal relationships to the universe, and should move according to the core without joining other entities. There is only one motive, one core, of the universe, not two. That becomes the model of truth and goodness. There should be vertical and horizontal relationships there, the upper, center and lower. So there would be the upper and lower, left and right, front and back. If the upper and lower relationship is vertical but the left and right relationship does not make a 90 degree angle with the upper and lower relationship, then the sphere changes and there will never be unity for all eternity. It's important to find the intersecting point.

In order for truth to continue to exist, of course the left and right [horizontal] relationships are important, but there should be the shortest distance [to the vertical being] established at a 90 degree angle [from the horizontal relationships]. That is the answer. This is an amazing answer. All thought should be connected to the core, or it becomes a lie, and creates an improper angle, which disables spherical motion. Do you understand?

Greek thought which came out of the region of the Mediterranean sea does not recognize this fundamental principle. For fallen human beings, human beings are the origin. If you look at human beings as the origin, you will see that they are in a state of conflict and opposition. This is because their mind and body are fighting. Isn't that right? The mind and body are in a state of conflict and opposition. On the other hand, in order for a peaceful world to come about, there should be harmonious unification. There is no logical theoretical system that can explain how to go from a state of conflict and opposition to a state of harmonious unification. Have you thought about this kind of thing?

Any kind of philosophical thought, whether it is from the East or from Greece, has taught that the mind and body of a fallen human being can never unite. Because the mind and body are in a state of conflict and opposition, the concept of struggle came about in order to make things level. Do you understand? In a state of conflict, if the greater being gets rid of the lesser being, the greater being itself will end up disappearing. If there are ten other beings, you do not get bigger by getting get rid of them.

When we look at human thought, we can see that Greek thought did not recognize God and established imaginary gods in His place. The origin and beginning is not clear in Greek thought. They should have found the single focus and motive of the great universe, which would be like the North Star, but they made up what they thought was the origin of the universe. There is only one motive for the formation of the universe. Therefore, it must be an absolute being.

What's the difference between Unification Thought and Greek thought? The greatest problem to creating a unified peaceful world is to create harmony first. There can be no unification in a state of division and conflict. We have to bring about unification through first creating harmony. The Unification Church is the church that works to bring about harmonious unification.

So what do we do with entities that are larger? That is a question that we need to solve. In a struggle that occurs in a state of conflict and opposition, based on Greek thought, you can hit and catch someone using strength, make the opponent weaker, or cut the opponent. In a relationship of opposition and conflict, the larger entity gets smaller and the smaller entity also gets smaller, so they disappear in the end. Human beings exist in a universe with these kinds of principles. But if we look at human beings, they do live according to those principles. They think that the universe is the center, but actually human beings should be the center of the universe. The natural world does not change. Therefore, the seed that comes from Heaven should form the central root, the central trunk, the central branches and the central leaves, centering on the core.

In a relationship, two beings should not hit each other. Each being may get smaller or larger at different points in time. There is no eternal being in the world, but human beings are given eternal spiritual selves. That is an amazing thing! Where is the junction between the physical self and the spiritual self? Where is the beginning point? That's why the seed is important. For a seed to emerge, whether it is the seed of a tree or the seed of a person, the origin, process and result is important. The process which brings the origin and result together has to become one. There should be no contradictions. When we look at things with this principle in mind, harmonious unification of the world can be brought about. That is a different world than a world of conflict, opposition and contradiction.

So where is the Unification Church going? In a world of conflict, opposition and contradiction, the devil brings everything to destruction, but in a world of harmonious unification, both beings get greater. Do you think the Unification Church will go to ruin, or will the Satan's world go to ruin? No matter how much the Unification Church is opposed, because the Unification Church is working to bring about a peaceful unification, eventually it can eat Satan's world and then wash it down with water. That's why metabolism is important? 

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