The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2008

Neglecting Ahn Shi Il

Sun Myung Moon
May 16, 2008
Cheon Jeong Gung, Chung Pyung, Korea

Disclaimer: This files contains the English translation of notes taken by the UC History Committee regarding what True Father said during Hoon Dok Hae. Thus, no part of this content should be used to "quote" or "cite," or be regarded as a definitive rendering of what True Father said that day.

About 120 participants took part in this morning's Ahn Shil Il service at Cheon Jeong Gung. Most of the participants were from South Seoul District under Rev. Moo San Lym.

Hyung-jin nim and his wife offered a full bow representing the True Family and the rest of the participants followed suit. After the recital of the family pledge, Hyung-jin nim offered a representative prayer.

Summary of notes taken of True Parents' words:

Where are you from? [We are from South Seoul.] How many are you? [120.] Don't limit the number to 120. Make plans to allow 150 and even 200 centering on Ambassadors for Peace to fill this room. If three generations are gathered here then were already like one family. If each family were to come as three generations we would need only a few families to fill this room.

Anybody who neglects to participate in these gatherings will be disqualified. You develop and grow by diligently taking part in these gatherings. It's like breathing. You can lead a normal life only after observing Ahn Shi Il -- holding the ceremony and reciting the pledge. If you fail to perform one of the components of this ceremony you're only half-good. You would be like a person with only one leg: you would swagger aimlessly wherever you go. To follow the formula course is the same as how you would eat in the morning, go to work, come back in the evening, go to sleep, and wake up again in the morning -- doing this throughout your entire life.

In your daily life today should always be better than the day before.

You should at least take a step forward to add another point to your cumulative devotion. That's the formula way.

There is so much to do. I am now making a new beginning. I rise vertically. You, however, should move laterally and return to your family to bring order to your clan. That is your responsibility. You don't have to worry about the responsibility of bringing order to the world. That can be done by your ancestors in the spirit world and the blessed family in the angelic world. Rather than you dealing with the world rooted in the lineage dominated by Satan, the spirit world should come down and deal with that world. They are returning to the earth to be reborn, revived and obtain eternal life by connecting with True Parents' lineage. They must be reborn.

Our origin is and will forever be found in God. That will never change.

It's found in the same place as the origin of the lineage. [Adam and Eve] grew up under the same parent. They were influenced by that parent, immersed within His sphere of influence. As they grew up together they were like siblings. They were supposed to become a couple and actual parents, yet they were unable to become actual parents. That is the source of God's bitter pain. That task was what remained.

There is no need for the Members of the Unification Church to hesitate.

They should offer devotion. A parent would not oppose a child that offers greater devotion and effort than the parent.

In order to create a cosmic realm of Sabbath for the Parents of Heaven and Earth, that is, in order for the Parent of Heaven and Earth to find respite in the cosmos, they must go through the five stages of perfecting the individual, family, tribe, clan, and nation. These five stages must be completed in order to enter the realm of the Sabbath.

Each of your families must enter the realm of the Sabbath centering on the three generations. That's how the formula is made. How can you deviate from that formula?!

You cannot change the family pledge as you please. You will continue to recite the pledge even after going to the other world. When you look into your hearts and compare it with each line of the family pledge, you will immediately know where you lack. You are giving that pledging while looking into your heart. That is why you cannot make a false pledge. you may not be aware of it on the earth but in the spirit world the family pledge is something that is recited while sensing the validity of each line of the pledge together with God and True Parents.

How amazing the pledge is! Do you know what the land of the original hometown is? It is not that hometown where you can breathe oxygen in the same kind of natural environment that you could live in. The land of the hometown refers to the stronghold of love. This refers to the sexual organ centering on absolute sexual ethics. That land means -- not a village. It refers to the sexual organ of love based in absolute sexual ethics. That is the royal foundation of love, life and lineage.

You must understand that the royal foundation of a nation begins not from the nose, mouth or heart of a man but from the sexual organs.

True Father spoke for about two hours this day mentioning many times that the time for fulfilling God's will has drawn near. True Father indicated that the Pyunghwa Hoongyeong was complete and that we should have a "peace-oriented" nerve system which should be protected at all costs.

True Father asked Hyung-jin nim to lead Hoon Dok Hae even in True Father's absence. Saying that Hyung-jin nim was more handsome than his father, he asked Hyung-jin nim to sing.

Hyung-jin nim introduced the fact that True Parents had appointed his wife, Yeon-ah nim as a `chooksa-jang.' Together the couple sang a song.

Professor Lan Young Moon finished reading chapter fourteen from the Pyunghwa Hoongyeong and offered a prayer, thus concluding this day's Ahn Shi Il service 

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