The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2008

Become an Inheritor - Inauguration of Hyung Jin Moon as International President of FFWPU

Sun Myung Moon
May 3, 2008

Thinking of this beautiful young man and woman standing here, representing Korea, the world, and furthermore the cosmos, I believe they are people you can take pride in. They will become the pillars of our house in the future. It is my hope and wish that the dutiful way of filial children, patriots, saints and divine sons and daughters will be fulfilled in relation to them. With that hope and wish, I, as a parent, am looking upon them with a heart full of anticipation that surpasses yours.

So I fervently and earnestly hope you will offer your support so that these intentions can be quickly fulfilled. Aju. [Aju!] [Applause]

A blessing prayer should not simply consist of words. With this blessing prayer there is the form, the substance, and the central core of three ages -- the Old, New and Completed Testament Ages representing formation, growth and perfection; all these are connected, brought together and related centering on the basis of that prayer. If, or when that relationship is established, you will know how to embrace and digest the realm of your ideal love partner. I am letting you know that once you become such people you can become historical representatives such that all you do leads to success.

Therefore, True Parents would like to convey everything, but the first thing that we would like to convey is the word -- the historical word, the word that True Parents have loved, the word that God has desired, which is given through True Parents. These are not simply words for their own sake; they are derived from the core of the word, from its substance, and reach the realm of its counterpart that has external form. I will pass on the word -- the word expressive of God's hope and the word that True Parents have put into practice centering on the standard of that hope-that you become the representative of that word.

When you become the owner of the word and not only read the text but also approach its deeper content, you will discover the words "achieving victory over resentment." If you go to America and open the first door you see at East Garden, you will see the inscription: "Achieving Victory over Resentment." Whose bitter pain are you relieving? It is the bitter pain of the cosmos, of heaven and earth. You have to overcome the bitter pain in the root, trunk and shoot, the resentment from three eras -- the Old, New and Completed Testament Ages. Later you must go beyond the bitter pain of the realm of the heart of the fourth Adam.

Members of the Unification Church have, of course, attended me in person and followed the path that allowed them to become one with me. However, they must surmount the hill that is the realm of the heart of the fourth Adam together with me; yet I do not have much time left to do that with you. In that the hill of the heart of the fourth Adam is one that you should render eternally vanquished, the foundation you lay for realizing hope and finding success in whatever you do -- which allows you to become a representatives and inheritor centering not only on me but also on God while living in that realm -- should cause that hill to be substantially overcome. The world where you should live together eternally is the world of the realm of the heart of the fourth Adam.

The hope God had for Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden -- everything God cherished in His heart, His wishes for His son and daughter, who could have become the son and daughter He had hoped for, His representatives and inheritors -- was lost due to the Fall. Consequently, a false lineage emerged. A world with a false form was created. It became a world whose substance is false.

God became a king of suffering with nowhere to stand, live or subsist; that is the truth. That king was actually our Heavenly Father. While He was cherishing that hope of love, the rope connecting them to Him was severed when they were sixteen years old. God could not reconnect it. It was not something He could do. Nothing would be left from the ideal of creation.

The person who is to reconnect this is the True Parent. Humanity abandoned the True Parent, and the world came to be this way. Therefore, in order to liberate God from His bitterness and sorrow, the True Parent must come and resolve this. Otherwise, God can never be liberated. You must be aware of what has come to pass.

He is not a passing guest, a passing friend, a passing teacher, a passing parent, not just some very precious person. He discovered God the Father and great master of the lofty and precious heaven and earth, God the owner, God the teacher, and God the parent that none of these people had been able to come to know. Knowing this, he is to establish a relationship with the great universe through which the world of the realm of the heart of the fourth Adam can infinitely expand and release God from His sorrow so that He will live eternally in happiness in our homes.

Once God is in a position where He cannot be driven away, He will determine in His mind that He wants to live. Therefore, even if devoted sons, patriots, and the great queens among the saints rise to high positions covering tens of thousands of generations, they can go further toward a state of peace, the ideal hometown that awaits them. When you know that such a hometown awaits you, you will regard going beyond the realm of the heart of the fourth Adam as a task everyone is fated to accomplish. Your life up until now is not the problem; you must now stand in that position, that central position, where you can connect with and harmonize with the spirit world.

At that time, those ancestors who were unable to enter that world with me -- the ancestors who have gone before us -- should come down again to the earth and receive training for seven years. When you too grasp this principle, you'll understand you must pass through a seven-year period of tribulation, a seven-year period of indemnity, and a seven- year period of atonement and liberation at the end of your remaining time on earth. Otherwise, we will not be able to breathe the same air in the world in its original state.

You can become representatives and princes of the world of the transcendent realm of the heart of the fourth Adam, which God views as the ideal hometown. While yearning for such people, all things of creation have the hope that you will become a radiant sun, moon and star within the actuality of the spirit world. God and His creation are looking upon you with that kind of loving heart.

If you enter the heavenly world with me, the world that awaits you is one where the days are filled with hope greater than that which God had for any created being; such a world is awaiting you. If you have not fulfilled that hope in accordance with that world, a task that you are destined to fulfill and which you should embrace in hope is awaiting you. I hope you will not forget this.

Therefore I have assigned this son and daughter here on our behalf and I want to give them something of substance while giving them the word. At the same time, I want to give them the remainder of what should be done so that they can go to the heavenly world and become the second persons of happiness, liberated beings, and a prince and princess of liberation and complete inner freedom. In order to become that, you must know about the realm of the heart of the fourth Adam, that there is a world of the second inheritor, the path of a representative of the sons and daughters that can inherit that world, which no one knew of or completed.

This world is transient. It passes away. What relationships can you establish with this passing world? The parents whom you meet in this world, the teachers whom you are connected to in this world, the kingship, and anything else, will all disappear. Do not be hesitant over leaving this world. Surmount the final hill that heaven requires of you, become the representative of the victor, the inheritor of the victor, and inherit the key position of the root of the heart of the fourth Adam. From there you must go to the world of the heart of the third liberation, where you can serve and attend Heaven.

True Parents, too, are walking up that path. Still you must know that a path remains along which you must overcome, with vigor, the borderlines between the second Cain and second Abel who are preparing for the world of heart. Do you understand?

On this occasion, I am giving the word and am also passing on the substantial realm of what True Parents have actually practiced. The word is precious; the reality of True Parents is precious, too. However, I ask that you have the conviction that you will become the representatives, prince and princess, and inheritors that can climb the hill of heart that is God's reality. Do you understand? [Yes.]

Then, in light of this, I am conveying this to you. [Applause] I must cooperate with my son and daughter so that they can become one with the word.

To Hyung-jin nim and Yeon-ah nim:

Come forward. Place your hands here.

Now please be aware that the three generations in heaven and on earth who represent the authority of the representative and of the inheritor are with us here, and know that I am giving my blessing.


Heavenly Father, we welcome the era of a tranquil evening. The era of night, in which the creation may sleep and find rest, has come. Father, people were unaware that when midnight comes, following the early evening, the shining hope of tomorrow that is the True Parent, the True Teacher, and the True King, the representative of the kingship of hope, and the authority of the inheritor of that kingship, is here.

Nothing will remain for the Unification Church. Everything from the days gone by shall pass. What we should live for now is having our families carry on the foundation of a family of joy, which was not established in Eden centering on God and True Parents. We know that this responsibility remains not with God or True Parents but with us.

Know that they have inherited all the foundations enabling the conditions of indemnity to be laid, inherited the authority of the representative and inheritor whom True Parents established with all their strength and inherited True Parents' altar of victory, which allows them to become -- without blemish -- owners, as individuals, in front of the Republic of Korea, owners of a blessed family, and owners in the position of teachers who can govern a nation.

In order to dissolve the traces of the shadow of the Fall from babies that will be born from the womb, a time of the mother and father must be ushered in when God can pray for, protect and raise them with greater devotion from the time of caring for the unborn child in the womb more than we have, more than any parent on earth has. Let this couple be the son and daughter who should undergo labor pains while embracing this world again and who can carry on in the way of loyalty and filial piety with the intention of inheriting the realm of inheritance of True Parents' liberation and inner emancipation.

Hyung-jin Moon and Yeon-ah Lee, these two, this son and daughter, a couple, are standing in front of the True Parents. At this time of transition today, this occasion is one where they can inherit authority as the representatives and inheritors who can attend to everything on behalf of True Parents. Therefore, let that realm of heart, which You were unable to experience, of blessing the son and daughter that did not Fall in Eden, be carried on again in the era of the ideal heaven of the fourth Adam and all the way to that era where we can enter a time where we can assert ourselves in liberation and complete inner freedom and govern everything centering on God. This, Father, I fervently pray.

True Parents know that it will not be easy for these two, this son and daughter, to convey the authority they inherit and hold on True Parents' behalf. At the end of this life, with little to remain, let these two offer all they can to become a representative point that can teach the people of all nations about the path they should take from this time on. I pray that you will let Hyung-jin's family show each family what it means to be a pivotal point that inherits from True Parents -- from the time of infancy and beyond the infinite years in life, so that they can inherit the kingship of the victory of the representative who is unchanging in mind and body, and the kingdom of heaven in which God can exert His autonomous right of victory, and -- as the sons and daughters of that liberated and internally emancipated heaven -- that they can personally embrace and love those children who grow up in that kingdom.

In terms of three generations, True Parents, the mother and father, and the Unification Church should be connected in one heart centering on this little child called Shin-joon. Everything that is related should begin from this child, and in going beyond the pass of the realm of the heart of the fourth Adam in the new age, in going beyond that critical point, which is heavy with the responsibility of the parents, the nations and God of this world, I sincerely wish that You let the parents offer protection and become a protective fence so as to make this free environment into a welcoming garden of liberated freedom and peace that can carry on the inherited authority.

The spirit world was divided into Cain and Abel. Heung-jin, the younger brother, together with True Parents, has asserted himself to this day in giving form to that counterpart world. Those who were placed in unknown environments in the realm of our ancestors were beyond Heung-jin's governance.

Hyo-jin goes there in the position of the elder brother and with the title of the Lord Who Opens the Gate to Loyalty and Filial Piety in the Garden that Opens the Way to the Deepest, Highest Realms of Heaven. Through his going there, he will acquire all the internal and external aspects of True Parents, and go to the heavenly world. Heung-jin, who was in a position of being unable to govern, will become one with his elder brother to create a realm of unity and expedite the return of the spirits to earth. Let the spirit world and physical world become one on top of all these developments, geared toward the era of the restoration of the homeland, and with the lord of the love of the liberation of harmonizing oneness, be allowed to surmount this hill.

Let God come together with them to the earth and be free to put Himself forward; let True Parents' glory be revealed and the future glory of the True Children be exposed in its fullness. Let the preparations be made and the required period shortened and hastened to allow God to become the owner, the king of kings, who can reign as the king who is the Lord with all-pervasive, all-encompassing, full authority.

This True Parents fervently, fervently, fervently hope and pray and report to You. Let the future of this couple, this son and daughter, be entrusted to You and placed under Your guidance. Aju! [Aju!] Aju! [Aju!] Aju! [Aju!]

Let them become a couple and family that can establish the kingships of the Old Testament Age, New Testament Age, Completed Testament Age, and of the world that is the realm of the heart of the fourth Adam. Aju! [Aju!] [Applause]

Father Resumes Speaking

Work hard. This is now completed.

For you now to live in the ideal world of the heart of the fourth Adam, you must completely settle your right of possession. In order to cross over that mountain, you must understand that Adam had no right of ownership in Eden. Do you understand? You should not have your own right of ownership. From now I hope that you comply with this through your actions.

I do not have a single penny left of the emergency funds accumulated until now for our work. If I had money, I would have distributed it all to the world. I gave away all the items that I had that preserved the memories of my life. I have nothing. The world of liberation and inner emancipation of the heart of the fourth Adam is found in a place where you have nothing.

Even if the Republic of Korea is liberated, there still will be a prison. Only when you are connected to the place wherein lies the central root of God's heart, which that is more than sufficient to establish the standard of the constitution, can we create a world of heart in which everything is liberated and completely free. That is what we must do. Do you understand? [Yes.]

The blessed families must take up this task today and carry it with them. It is the families. Do you understand? Say family. [Family!] The family of the Old Testament Age! [Family!] The family of the New Testament Age! [Family!] The family of the Completed Testament Age! [Family!] The family of the world of the heart of the fourth Adam! [Family!] You must go as far as that position.

In order to do this, you must not have the right of possession, or any symbol, image or substantial object in front of you. It must all belong to True Parents. Once it belongs to True Parents, it belongs to the true elder brother, it belongs to True Parents, and it belongs to the True God. You must go to that place that can transcend the position of the true parent, true teacher, and true king of the liberated heaven. How great is that?! This is not a fantasy.

As you who must take up this responsibility today, make your preparations, do prepare well, just as a person who aspires to take up a doctorate course would prepare from elementary school. I ask you to become blessed descendants that can be with me anywhere on the mountain I am crossing. Do you understand?

Say it: "Resolving the right of inheritance." [The right of inheritance!] You will be snagged if you have any inheritance.

When it becomes evening and nighttime you should align yourself vertically so that there is no shadow. Know that the final goal of the blessing remains and awaits you -- that you establish a horizontal and vertical world of the liberated heaven that casts no shadow as the original sunlight of heaven that knows not the fall, and radiates even in the middle of the night. Make haste in going up this path. You should have the resolve to go forward with the intention of investing everything -- your personal belongings, those of your clan, nation and world -- even if it means learning or creating something so that it can be invested.

These two, this couple, who have just been appointed with this conviction! It is an era of opening doors. He is thirty years old. Jesus was thirty; I fought during my thirties in Pyongyang in order to hold the religious world in my hands. I was unable to take my family. If my family had been with me at that time, it would have been so difficult. As the family was not united at that time, I had to leave my father and mother's hometown, give up the circumstances of being able to live with my beloved wife and forge a path, which was filled with tribulations.

I am now in the eighty-ninth year of my life, but that is connected to this morning where we can step beyond the number eight of the third stage. I pray you can be people who can assimilate the blessed world. I sincerely hope you become a representative, a proxy, who can inherit the blessings that can be absorbed and still have something left to give.

If you welcome this with that kind of heart, raise both hands with an accepting and embracing heart, and pledge in front of heaven. [Applause] I fervently beseech God that Heaven's blessings be with all nations. Aju! [Aju!]

Rev. Yoo Chong-gwan led three cheers of eog mansei, to which Father added a fourth

For becoming the owner of the liberated realm of the heart of the fourth Adam, eog mansei! [eog mansei!] 

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