The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2008

Set Up A Tradition That Is Unchanging, Absolute, And Eternal

Sun Myung Moon
May 3, 2008
East Garden, NY, USA
Notes: Michael Jenkins
Translation: Tossa Cromwell and M. H. Standard
Editors L. Strait and J. Flynn

Note: These notes are taken from a simultaneous translation. Simultaneous translation is done in summary form and depends greatly on the translator’s ability to communicate the essence of the message. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an “official” publication on Rev. Moon’s words. However they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message.

Dr. Yang

May 1st was the anniversary of HSA UWC. Hyung Jin Nim has been getting up at 2 am every morning. Each morning he seeks to humble himself even lower than the members. That is the way to win hearts and avoid arrogance. On the 40th day after Hyo Jin Nim’s passing there was a special prayer at the Won Jeon by Kook Jin Nim and Hyung Jin Nim.

Hyo Jin Nim emphasized that we should die well, we should know our limitations, and we should live for the sake of others. During the 40-day period after his passing, one of the people who became close to Hyo Jin Nim saw him walking around. When Hyung Jin Nim was inaugurated as International President of Family Federation, he went to Hyo Jin Nim’s picture and offered a prayer, saying that the world President of the Family Federation is actually Hyo Jin Nim. At the CARP conference Hyung Jin Nim explained what it means to be the representative of True Parents. But it is not a position that holds the same authority as True Parents.

According to the Divine Principle all the sacrifices of the members should not go to the leaders, but the leaders should set conditions to inherit the members’ sacrifice. That is going to make us citizens of Cheon Il Gook. One of the things that Hyung Jin Nim is trying to do is to meet members’ families. Hyung Jin Nim was advised that he should be meeting people of a higher level, but he feels that he must take care and love the members, that the holy nature of True Parents is easier to convey through meeting the families. Hyung Jin Nim feels that even though he is the world president, he must visit families.

Hyung Jin Nim’s church is growing. Now 1,500 members are attending, and tithing has greatly increased. Our members’ identity as people of faith is now being strongly established.


We must set up a tradition that is unchanging, absolute, and eternal. Many traditions in America are not eternal. Though there are many people living in America, how many can truly be loved by God? Many don’t know who God is and don’t even know what their spouse is meant to be. There is bloodshed in the family dating back to the division of Cain and Abel. There are breakdowns between husbands and wives. This is all due to the Fall.

Who is thinking of bringing this all together? What is absolute sex? We must bring about mind and body unity; we must bring about the absolute lineage of God. We do not have an absolute value system. There is no oneness, and there is conflict within us, even conflict among our five senses. We should not seek our own pleasure and joy when there is such conflict between our mind, body, and senses. What have I done? I have been focused on teaching about the true lineage and how to create the seed that is absolute. We need true love, true life, and true lineage.

There are so many things that need to be cleaned up. We must become absolute representatives of God. When you look at your own body, ask yourself if you are really pursuing absolute sex as a representative of God. Is there any American truly pursuing this? Because of the Fall, there is not. Who is that kind of person? Just because you believe in True Parents and accept the Divine Principle doesn’t mean that you have become a person of absolute sex. You have to overcome many hurdles. To answer these questions, you have to deeply study the Peace Messages. True Parents come on this foundation.

Many times the people of God have been divided. You must be absolutely pure. Only through our special devotion can all the evils and social vices be eliminated. Otherwise God’s children cannot even come. Not even one person of all humankind is qualified to go to the Kingdom of Heaven. You have to study the Chung Seong Gyeong and understand the Peace Messages. You must not only understand them, but you must live them. You must be able to live with God.

Because I challenge Americans, some resist. You want to live in America, but to do so you must really be committed to fulfill your responsibility here. Some people might wonder what I have been doing. So many opposed me throughout my life, but many realize that there is no other path toward God except the sacrificial one. As I go up toward God, there are many different levels, layers, and challenges that must be overcome.

You know that the day when I will go to the spirit world is not too far away. That is why I am in such a hurry. It is on behalf of God. Who is going to take responsibility for America? Who can see what is going on here? God could not really do it himself. Why do you need to study the Peace Messages? Why do you have to read them 100 times or even 1,000 times? Because we do not have true love. True love is so deep, wide, and infinite. We have to invest a lot to even begin to understand true love. Jesus wants to support and attend True Parents here on earth. True Parents have suffered in the worst situation; we want to bring all to God. All should be engrafted to True Parents in the lineage of God.

East Garden was built very sturdily with stones brought from Korea. Since this would be the center of America, I built it very strongly. East Garden refers to the Garden of Eden. Don’t you think there is a blueprint for God’s kingdom? If Adam and Eve hadn’t fallen, that blueprint would have been clear.

It took nine years to build this building. East Garden refers the heavenly world. West Garden refers to the secular and pleasure-seeking world. That world, from Satan’s lineage, really has no bone or bone marrow and is not stable.

I am the one who discovered the heart of God. However, God didn’t just give me everything I needed to know. He wouldn’t tell me; I had to go through a course to uncover the secrets and truths of God.

Why am I doing the things I am doing and saying what I am saying? Because it is what God wants and what is required to serve and save humanity. White people from the north have been looking at snow day and night. They come from a cold climate, good for hunting. They have a polar bear culture. Pirates developed from white people, particularly from England. (They don’t like to hear this; they only want to hear how good they are.) During the time of the Industrial Revolution, many of those who were really famous came from pirates. They multiplied in this fashion and brought Christianity to the world. Spain brought the Roman Catholic spirit and England brought the Protestant spirit. The Old Testament culture became the foundation of the Catholic Church.

Father sat on the floor and guided us.

What is Asian culture? It is an agricultural one. I am very good at fishing and knowing creation. I am also good at skipping rocks.

Concerning money, I use it in such a way that it multiplies. I have been very famous for doing all kinds of things. Do you think I was good at all those areas? (Yes.)

How old am I now? By Western age I'm, 88; and by Korean age, 89. Koreans count the time in the womb as the first year. They are born at one year old. They count one year of God’s protection in the womb. Oriental culture is very mystical.

I love the Grand Canyon. I would love to become the owner of the Grand Canyon! If I were its owner, I could do a lot. Many people died exploring the Grand Canyon. You do not know all the joys and experiences I had in creation with God

I pay a lot of attention to health. The Happy Health machine gives us balance through electrical current. What is the difference between an electric machine and a magnet? One needs wires and one doesn’t. The principle of the magnet is that plus and minus want to come together. When you look at the Korean flag you can see that there are the symbols of the Yang and the Yin (plus and minus) One represents the north and the other the south. The South is represented by plus and the North is represented by minus. There must be harmony for electricity to flow.

We have to follow the proper way of God to realize harmony. All kinds of activities and actions are taking place in this world now. I am so interested in electricity. So in the Unification Movement there are unique things. I have come to be known as a person who can heal illness. I have worked very hard to find out how God lives and where God is going. I have sought to develop a similar character to God’s.

Some people would like to see me get the Nobel Peace Prize; however, I don’t need that. I have the secrets of God but I cannot teach these things easily, even to the professors and Nobel laureates. To understand these things you must climb to the top of the mountain yourself. If you go there and follow me, then I can teach you these things.

You can use a rope to cross over different areas and traverse difficult situations. I know very well the different kinds of flowers and trees. There is nothing I cannot do if I want to. I know how to skin all the animals, birds and fish to get the most of the meat.

I proclaimed the opening of the Pacific Rim Era. Three generations are from the top of the mountain to the bottom of the ocean. This distance can be covered by the three generations of blessed couples.

Father sits on the floor again. He stretches his leg over his head!

I am very flexible.

Father gets up and teaches us how to walk.

Walk straight and smooth -- it’s the most efficient.

It’s important to work hard. Asian people are shorter and have black hair and dark eyes. There are only 850 million white people in the world. How can they really compete when they are so outnumbered? The age of white people being in the center will eventually pass. Did I come to save the West? (Yes).

Father had us sing Tong Il.

We have Kona coffee in Hawaii. We will have a big coffee company and will call it the King Kona coffee company.

Now raise your hands if you want to be mobilized. I educated 4,000 people in the Soviet Union. I will never change. I have prepared to go to the spirit world. There is only one True Parent; there will never be another. I set up the Chung Seong Gyeong, the Kajong Mengse, the Peace Messages, Unification Thought and the Divine Principle to guide you.

Dr. Yang reported that we have a fishing tournament today. Father asked, what is the prize? Dr. Yang said, $6,000 total. Father said"

Why so small? I always made a much bigger prize than that!!

I have been here for 34 years in America. How many Pilgrims were there? They all would have been killed but for the protection of God. I only survived because of God’s protection. 

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