The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2008

Benediction of Hyung-Jin Moon and Yeon-Ah Lee

Sun Myung Moon
April 18, 2008
Cheon Jeong Peace Palace
Chung Pyung Korea
Translated by: G.-H.L.
Edited by: Bruno Klotz

Heavenly Father!

It is now the calm evening-period. All creation is going to sleep and to take a rest. After the evening period it becomes the midnight period. Nobody has known that the True Parents, True Teacher, and True King has already come, who has the authority as successor of the crown. Father, all things of the Unification Church will vanish. All the happenings will disappear.

(Possible meaning: In the future in Cheon Il Guk there is no more Unification Church. The Unification Church and everything related to it will belong to the past.)

It is our purpose of life to live with God and True Parents as a family of great happiness. If we are not worthy to be like that, it isn't the responsibility of God and of True Parents any more. It is our responsibility.

True Parents have set up all the indemnity conditions. They have risked even their own lives in order to achieve the Sovereignty of the nation (Korea), as a proud individual, as a proud family that received the Blessing for an Eldest Son, and as a proud teacher of the nation.

While a baby was growing up in the womb, in order to inherit the victorious achievements of True Parents, and in order to get rid of the shadow of the Fall, True Mother and True Father have protected and raised the baby with such heart which is greater than the heart of children who serve their own parents sincerely.

(It seems that he is talking about Hyung Jin Nim.)

Father, we pray deeply that this son and this daughter can protect the whole world, giving new birth, succeeding the True Parents for total liberation, and being loyal and good children.

We pray deeply pray, Father, that Hyung-Jin Moon and Yeon-Ah Lee become a united couple and the successors of the True Parenthood, through which You can feel the greatest happiness. You couldn't bless your fallen children in the Garden of Eden. We pray and wish that this couple may connect the current epoch with the time of the Heavenly Ideal World, where You are liberated totally and solely You are reigning.

True Parents do not have much longer to live, and they know how difficult it is to show to this couple the authority as the successors of True Parents. We pray sincerely that this family of Hyung-Jin can stay united with You unchangeably, from the time of childhood until after millions and millions of generations, and that they inherit the victorious Sovereignty of God's Ideal World.

Shin-Joon belongs to the third generation. May these three generations be united as one! May this couple, as parents, protect and help their children and be the protecting fence, until the children overcome all the difficulties which arise from the responsibilities as parents of the nation, of the world, and until they arrive in the World of the New Adam Culture of Heart as the children of the Heavenly Kingdom! Until now, the spiritual world was divided into two, the Cain realm and the Abel realm.

Heung-Jin has worked very hard as the main responsible person, united with True Parents. From now on, Hyo-Jin as the elder brother will cooperate with Heung-Jin and even help the people who are living in the most miserable environment. Hyo-Jin is called "The Lord of loyalty, filial piety and the liberation of the whole spiritual world" in the position of True Parents in the spiritual world. Through the unity of both the resurrection of spiritual beings will be easier and quicker.

We pray from the bottom of our hearts, that through them the physical world and the spiritual world will be united in harmony and love, and that the glory of God and the future glory of the True Children will be exposed.

We also pray from the bottom of our hearts that the period of realization will be much shorter so that God becomes the owner and the king of kings and reigns the whole cosmos directly.

Father, please protect these two children and always give them your guidance!

I pray and report this.

Aju, Aju, Aju. 

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