The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2008

Motherly love

Sun Myung Moon
April 16, 2008
Hoon Dok Hae
Peace Palace
Translation of notes taken by the Unification Church History Committee

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han January 23, 2012

Summary of notes from True Father's words:

Once a woman gives birth to a baby she comes to know motherly love. The minute her baby cries she knows what motherly love is. Before that she does not know. She doesn't know how valuable the baby is.

Once this love emerges the baby and the mother create a united realm in everything. The baby just receives all the elements from her mother. It is supplied to the baby. The supply channel is the mother's breast. In that sense, God is like a person.

Since God is eternal we too can become eternal. That relationship is that of a parent and child centering on true love. From there the lineage must be connected. Say lineage. (Lineage!) The people of this world do not know about the lineage. It is because of the lineage people resemble one another. Look at Shin-june; he is always with his grandfather and resembles him. There is the law of heredity which endures through thousands of generations.

Let's stop the Hoon Dok reading. I should now conduct some personnel changes before I leave.

A single person cannot live doing many things at once. If he does so, he ends up going around in all four directions. In that position you end up remaining in a single place yet detached. That's why you should do only a single thing throughout your life. To work means living your life in a way that you can be supplied with the necessary nutrients in your everyday life. That's the rule. You should follow that rule and have a single task to which you can commit and focus.

You must be in accord with the root. I'm talking about connected relations. You should not live your life haphazardly as you please; you should live in accord with the root. Which root? I'm talking about the root of love centering on the lineage. The mother and father constitute love and life. Without the mother and father, the lineage cannot be created. Can you live in ignorance to the lineage?

If there are children, they can carry on the lineage. That's why the lineage is eternal. Do the laws of heredity change? It goes on over thousands and tens of thousands of years. It manifests itself in the shape that was manifested. It is about heredity. It is connected through the sexual organ through the love created through the exchange of the parents' flesh and blood. The sexual organ is the site of the palace of the lineage. That foundation has been created for the first time. That's why it is so important. It is the foundation of life, the foundation of love.

What? (The sexual organ). It is the sexual organ but it cannot create the foundation of the palace on its own. Yet, it is precious; there should be no division centering on that foundation. If it should become unstable or destroyed, the heavens and the earth will be surrounded in darkness. Where is that gate through which God will come? Where is the main gate through which love will pass? (It is the sexual organ). A couple has both. There is nothing in God's creation that deserves reproach. There were made complete and in perfection. In an environment where two can become one, the two can always be as one in spring, in the summer or any of the four seasons; in the time of their youth, as a young person, as an old person and in the eternal world. It is all connected.

That is why, once you know that you are connected through the lineage, you cannot disregard your ancestors. You would not need to teach someone how to become a filial son or daughter. They could become that automatically. However, if you severe that times, you will be left alone and completely isolated. Those who leave the realm of their lineage will be left alone without a single entity to whom they could relate with.

When the mother's and father's lineage connect it is absolute for thousands and even tens of thousands of years. The position connected to the lineage remains within the official model. From that model a baby is conceived.

What is the best thing in the world? It is love; the love towards one mother or towards one children. That is most precious. It should be article one in the constitution of life.

It is much more difficult to unify each man to a woman in this world than it is to unify the universe. How difficult it is to make each couple as one! The universe can be made as one with that wish that may last for thousands and tens of thousands of years or in a conceptual relationship. However, there is nothing substantial. You just live gazing at the universe.

That's how the members of the Unification Church are. They are happy when they can see me in their lives; yet they do not understand how complex and difficult it is in uniting two entities into one. It is a battle that is more fearsome than any war. After the battles are over and the war comes to an end it disappears. In the same way, the conflicting world that you live up against within your fallen lives cannot last forever.

You should know how to swallow the good and the bad. The point is when you swallow it. It should be done at night. All things rest at night when it is quiet. Each part of your body goes its own way but when you work the blood gathers in your arms and these small particles go back and forth within the cells of your blood vessels. That's how your body cleanses everything at night.

The good mind is at top and the self-love is at the very bottom. This cleansing process should be activated at night. That's part of a religious life. It's about enabling yourself to be supplied with the essential life elements at night just as you receive them in day time.

[True Father asks a couple (430 blessing) to sing and asks Rev. Yang Hur to sing.]

I have done a lot of things; I did it all by myself. People cannot do many things. The Parent of Heaven and earth was unable to live within a realm of the cosmic Sabbath. Everything the Parent of Heaven and Earth needs can be found within that realm of the cosmic Sabbath.

You have to live based on the principles. God is the source of everything. That is why, if a person who does not talk about God's principles, the listener will not be moved or impressed.

If you had done many things with me centering on the principle, it would be quite easy for you to do just one thing. Still, you should not think that it is easy. Even if I were to assign you with a single task, if it is divided into many parts, it would be difficult for you to unite it with your original nature. To do so you have to pray a lot. Only after you give depth to the environment that can connect the time you spent in preparations with the time you spend after finishing the task, and then talk can your words enter a person's heart and become life.

It is much more fearsome event for a spiritual being to be born rather than a physical life.

If a person who did many things suddenly has to do only one thing he would become dry and prosaic. If however, that person had offered devotion even while doing many things, then would he lose strength or gain strength when assigned to do a single task?

People dislike giving a task that they were doing to another person.

What are my other titles aside from True Parents? Savior, Messiah, Lord at his Second Coming. All this I do not need. True Parents, the realm of the heart of True Parents, that is not a common thing.

You should do Hoon Dok Hae. It's good to learn things; it's good to teach things. Teaching is good.

Everybody should know about the Principle.

Your first occupation is your life of faith; it is the church.

When you arise in the morning you should exercise.

The most important thing you should be doing in the Unification Church is studying the word and teaching it. You must teach it.

To receive the Holy Spirit means to come in contact with the divine realm of the spirit world. There should be harmony between your mind and the person who teaches you.

Am I not 89?

Who should I entrust the church among my children? Hyung Jin! He has studied a lot. He also asked many questions. He's quite fearsome. Anything he plans he follows through.

He has read many books and studied long hours. He knows a lot about Buddhism. He has really worked hard for seven years.

He can speak English, Italian, French… what eight languages? Was it seven? With that he can go anywhere and do well if he studies there for a month. I'm concerned for his health as he is really working hard in the ministry. Yet, you should not entrust everything to him just because he does it well. You should also support him.

That goes for Korea, Japan and America. America is where he grew up. He is thinking of going to America when has time. He should learn about the relations in America, of foreign countries, and such.

From this time on, all the chain of command will be a single chain of command. The center of the Unification Church is stretched out centering on the world and Korea. I'm thinking of entrusting him with what I have done.

I don't think there's anybody among our members who surpasses the standard Hyung Jin has shown in terms of his experience in faith or anything else. So I am appointing him.

In two years, everybody should be educated and the blessing completed. The women should do this.

Who are these women? Should we just leave them on their own? There isn't a woman that surpasses Lan Young Moon. She's small but has substance.

I won't be in Korea that often anymore. Once we have the Abel UN….

[Hoon Dok Hae concludes at 7:40 a.m.] 

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