The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2008

The Era Of Nations Has Passed

Sun Myung Moon
April 12, 2008
Chung Pyung, Korea

Summary of notes from True Father's words:

Are you all from Seoul? (Yes, we are from East Seoul.) From now on you should hold Hoon Dok Hae centering on your own families. Each member should take turns doing the hoondok reading and should be able to explain it.

It's much more effective to read the text to educate others rather than listening to it ten times. You should design such a program. For me to come to Hoon Dok Hae everyday and meet you shall pass. The time has come where your responsibilities shall take you to the global field centering on the nation. The era of nations has passed. I established the Abel UN. Did I not? You should go forth in haste, weaving through 194 nations. To do that you would need a locomotive. You should raise a person who can guide the people in each of the 194 nations of the Abel UN.

What I should do now is to designate the viceroys.

There is no true nation within the Cain-type world under Satan. Nations have existed in this world until today; however, these nations and this world have not been recognized by God. The nations and the world have no useful value in providence; rather they opposed God's providence and became a system that went against God's law. They have become a foundation that can ruin the heavenly nation. Who will educate the people to become filial children in the family, a patriot in the nation, a saint in the world and fulfill the way of the family of a divine child? No one can do that in the fallen world. At least 80% of this should be taught in the family.

In order to have dominion over everything in your surroundings you should dominate with love. The most important thing for a person is the land. On the land there is water and air and sunlight. The four key elements for life can be found on the earth. God created all this. It's critical. All of this constituted the motive when God created an agent that could become His ideal partner for creation. Earth, water and air were necessary. Even if there is earth and water, without sunlight, life cannot exist.

Say 'Sansoowon.' There should be mountains and water. Fish can be found in water and beasts can be found in the mountains. Man should raise plants and animals and love water. Plants and animals should be raised and consumed in love. Anybody who curses what they eat shall become poor. Those who depart from the natural garden shall find themselves in solitude.

People should know how to catch fish from the water and hunt in the mountains. Man is the lord of creation. In a village the animals and birds know who will be blessed.

People are not meant to die after wriggling about in their place of residence. How vast is the world outside of where you live! The earth is not all that exists. The spirit world is an infinite realm. What are you going to do there? You should live there learning and experiencing the secrets of harmony created by God, praising Him as you travel in that world.

The nation cannot be saved without completing the blessing. Your families, too, will not be saved. This principle applies to me as well. No matter how talented you may be, you have to do things according to the way of the heavenly principle. It must be done in harmony; it should not be forced.

From now you should love water in your daily lives. All things of creation yearn for water. Is there any animal or being that can live without consuming water?

If you are God's son you should be like a king and love the water. The water, too, wishes to be drunk by those loved by God.

Those who have conflict between their mind and body have no relation with God.

I've been to all types of bodies of water. I've caught all sorts of fish.

Heaven apparently had guided me so that I could use this experience as material to teach you.

Jung Soon Cho, I hear that you designed a machine. What's it called? (It's called 'Happy Health.') That's a machine that I was developing. It is based on the principles of electricity. It's something that deserves much more than the Nobel Prize. If that should happen, however, it would create a stir.

Then there's cauterizing the skin with moxa, and the method of letting out blood. With these three methods, members of the Unification Church would be able to treat themselves without going to the hospital. I've been fishing for twenty-five years. My hands are all calloused because of the fishing rod. When I'm exhausted my hands become like this (gesturing). You don't know how much it hurts to open my hand when this happens. Yet, when I burn moxa here I can easily open my hand again.

Using this machine that treats ailments using electricity, I've become more flexible after using this thirty some times. People get sick because the pathways in their bodies are blocked. This electric therapy unclogs the pathway.

Now you should set straight the Cain-Abel families on my behalf. I've already laid the foundations throughout the world.

After speaking for about an hour and forty minutes, True Father asked Rev. Yo Han Lee's wife to sing. He then asked a few leaders to sing and then the Japanese sisters who participated in the forty-day Yeosu workshop.
Dr. Chang Shik Yang then read the preface and chapter two from the Pyunghwa Hoongyeong and also a report from the US presidents in the spirit world.
After this Rev. Jung Ok Yu gave a report on the coffee farms in Hawaii and about how the providence at King Garden began. He also talked about the 49th True Parents' Day celebration that was held in Hawaii and emceed by True Mother. He explained that this was done according to True Father's instructions oft have the True Family emcee events in this new age. Rev. Yu also mentioned that True Children offered the flower bouquet to True Parents.
Hoon Dok Hae concluded at around 8:40 a.m. True Father immediately departed for the heli-pad without eating breakfast. He departed for Yeosu via helicopter with a number of the Korean leaders.

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