The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2008

True Parents Day

Sun Myung Moon
April 6, 2008
Kona, Hawaii
Notes: Michael Jenkins
Translation: Dan Elder
Editors: L. Strait and J. Flynn

Note: These notes are taken from a simultaneous translation. Simultaneous translation is done in summary form and depends greatly on the translator's ability to communicate the essence of the message. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication on Rev. Moon's words. However they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message.

The history of God's providence was a bloody path of restoration from Adam's family all the way through Jesus' family as the second Adam and up to the present to the third Adam. This suffering course of God was to create a true owner, true teacher, and true parent. To accomplish this in our own families, we have to absolutely risk our lives. You have just met True Parents.

Today is the 49th True Parents Day. The key to establishing your family as a true owner of Cheon Il Guk is to start with the unity of the mind and body. Mother and I overcame in this area and now the temptations of the world -- money, power, or misuse of love -- have all been overcome. We are impregnable to them. You must do the same and establish your family as a True Parent family.

Sung Jin nim's mother [Father's first wife, Sun Gil Choi] opposed me directly. Sung Jin nim, however, continued to follow me, even though it was impossible and he was lonely and in a position in which God could not support him directly. He got a Ph.D. and he and his wife became a wonderful blessed couple in our movement. However, his mother should have educated him and overcome all obstacles in fulfilling mother-son cooperation and unity. Because of that failure, so much indemnity came to True Mother and the sons of True Parents. The mother's role is the key.

Although the root of Christianity began in the Middle East, it developed through Europe and finally flourished in America. We need to realize that the substantial embodiment of history is now centering on the Pacific Rim era on the basis of America and all the Pacific Rim nations. Mother and I came here to Hawaii because of this. If all clans and families can overcome and unite, all can be forgiven. The Pacific Rim era centering on America is particularly connected to the West Coast cities of Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Some indemnity condition was set up through the Seattle district because one of our brothers died who has a Korean wife. Actually, because of the course of indemnity, several Korean wives who were married to Americans also passed away.

In San Francisco the wrong lifestyle has been promoted that is not consistent with the Principle of Creation. The homosexual lifestyle has no lineage, no future. Los Angeles is an important city, but it also can be understood to be a city that needs to change and become united with God. Actresses and actors are influencing the world from Los Angeles. They need to be educated and blessed and establish a true standard that can influence the world toward the true family ideal.

All can be forgiven if we can unite. When we look at the history of America, we can truly say that there was a history of many good things but also many things that were not part of God's plan. The mass destruction of the Native Americans was not God's plan. They actually were cooperating together with the Pilgrims in the beginning, but the European settlers killed the Indians, took their land, and stole many things that had been established through the first people here.

In European history we can see that Spain was in the position of the first son. Spain, Portugal, and England settled much of the Americas, but in the process they killed many of the indigenous peoples. It is interesting from this perspective that Brazil is now the leading nation of South America and has a population that is mixed in race. The fact that black people are prospering so much in Brazil and are rising up in America is due to the law of indemnity. Because things were taken from them in the beginning, then the universe will lift them up if they unite with God.

With the coming of True Parents, we can understand the providential history of God. In a way, America became a nation where people could go to escape the oppressive environments of Europe and other nations. In a sense, America became a nation of runaways. Yet the nation of runaways became the nation most blessed by God and chosen by God to lead the providence to develop the world. The same is true of Hawaii. Many runaways came to Hawaii to escape the oppressive environments of the world.

Yet God has blessed this land to be a central point of the Pacific Rim era. This is the center of the ocean culture, which centers on True Mother, the era of women. That's why love and healing can emanate from this place. Through the ocean culture, all can be healed and cured. Hawaii is unique in the entire the world. All the climates of the world exist in Hawaii. We can say that the fourth realm of heart is settled in this island of runaways.

In the ocean there are deep undercurrents of extremely cold water from the polar ice caps, currents that flow all the way to Hawaii, creating currents that cause circulation throughout the world. Those deep undercurrents are as cold as 13 degrees Centigrade, and very special fish grow in that area. Some of our members are creating fish farms in Hawaii that actually pump in cold water from the ocean floor, more than 10,000 feet deep. The oceans of America and Asia are connected together, and therefore through this central point the East and the West can be unified.

The president of Koryo University came to me and confirmed what I had been teaching, that the people from this district of Dong-hee-cho came to develop a real cultural root of Korea that was universal. No matter how many times this area was conquered by other nations, they eventually emerged again, free of the oppressor or barbarian nations. From this universal culture of the homeland the world can be unified.

We have to understand that the way of sacrifice is the way of the second Adam's and third Adam's family. If you study Jesus' family, you will discover that seven generations were eliminated through death and destruction as indemnity so that Jesus could emerge. That's why many times those who persecute the Lord can then be called upon to give the most to God's providence. This is the case with Japan, which is being asked to be the mother nation of the whole world and sacrifice everything to give life to all nations.

We have to educate and bless even the members of criminal organizations in order to neutralize evil and bring them into harmony with God's blessing. All have to be blessed. In the next three years they should come to our conferences and be educated and blessed and liberated from the past. They can become great leaders for God if they turn their lives over to goodness. That's why Hawaii also becomes the center of reconciliation between the East and the West.

Hoover Dam was constructed using the most excellent technology available 70 years ago. It dams the Colorado River, which has flowed for millions of years, and provides water to millions of acres of land. In its time, Hoover Dam was a modern miracle and combined technologies from Europe and America. The deserts could become green land because of this. Seven states of the West have a major water problem, and the Hoover Dam could address this problem.

When I saw the great turbines operating at Hoover Dam, I could feel the whir of the giant spindles. I still felt how amazing this technology is that God gave us, that we could harness the powers of creation to create a modern world. That's why Las Vegas has become a center of conferences and technological conventions, in which the entire world's technology can be displayed. However, it is also a place of sin and degradation. I also am committed to transforming Las Vegas into what it should be -- a special vacation spot for families, a special technological conference center for the entire world. The richest people of the world's races and nations come to Las Vegas.

I am setting conditions that will allow the cultures of the fallen world to emerge into cultures of Cheon Il Guk. The center of this transition point is in the ocean culture. The Pacific Rim era centers on the culture of women, the culture of the mother. That's why the culture of Hawaii in many ways is very gentle. I pioneered and developed a foundation in Hawaii so that this could be a center of harmonizing the world. Also it's a beautiful center of all creation. For the same reason, because the creation is so beautiful there, I have made a foundation in Kodiak.

My course for 34 years has been to set the condition to win the second Israel. The problem of individualism is still strong in America, causing people to take things from others instead of giving everything for the sake of others. Also the family problem in America is severe. The problems of incest and misuse of love are destroying the family. Free sex and adultery destroy the family, and the only way to cure this is to change the lineage and educate the people about faithfulness in marriage and fidelity to one spouse.

Who is responsible to set up this tradition and culture of God? This is the work of the messiah. That's why we have created an inter-religious and international movement; it has to embrace all people, with the family as the core. We must create one family under God. In the Old Testament era and New Testament there was a lot of killing and destruction. Because the kingdom could not be built during Jesus' lifetime, much indemnity was paid through bloodshed and sacrifice. This was also true in Korea, which paid an enormous sacrifice to be the land that welcomed the Second Coming.

On March 17th one year ago, True Mother and I launched the Pacific Rim era. Centering on America, the Pacific Rim era was initiated, and from here. Ambassadors for Peace went throughout the world with True Mother and the True Family, proclaiming the 13th Peace Message of the Pacific Rim era. I have set the foundation for the world to be united and to have heavenly dominion over creation. We must master the environment and completely eliminate pollution and the misuse of nature. When I go fishing, I'm praying and setting conditions to love all of creation. The ocean is the source of food that can solve the problem of hunger. I didn't just direct other people to do this; I myself have mastered the ocean.

Standing as a world power over the ocean, America can protect God's providence and secure peace for the world. We have to understand that America is in grave danger because the lineage is being defiled through the misuse of love. Our crucial mission at this time is to bless families and engraft them into the tree of life, establishing their lineage. There are religious leaders now supporting me in America who can lead this blessing movement. But we should also understand that there are other religious leaders who are taking my teachings and claiming them as their own and trying to use them for their own prosperity. All this will be made clear over time.

The leader of the ocean culture and realm is True Mother. Our grandson Shin Joon Nim now calls us King Father and King Mother. (He calls Rev. Peter Kim "Nemo" because Peter Kim always plays with him with the Nemo stuffed animal.) Shin Joon Nim has a totally pure heart and speaks the truth. Sometimes his purity and clarity even make me tremble because I know what he says is true. Recently some people gave a wonderful greeting to us, and Shin Joon nim said to them, why didn't you greet me? He is courageous and says exactly what he thinks, even to True Parents.

Through the providence and victorious course of the True Parents, we are setting the foundation in America for all parties to end the era of squabbling and struggle and to be united for the sake of the nation and world. Therefore, Republicans and Democrats should harmonize and cooperate for the benefit of the nation. If not, then the nation becomes divided, which leads to death and destruction.

How can we stand with our heads held high when actually the early history of America was one in which the indigenous people were killed, robbed, and destroyed? Indemnity conditions must be set to reverse this bad condition in history. If Americans can unite among all races and faiths, they can rise up to indemnify past mistakes and lead the world to resolve fallen history.

Many projects are underway here in Hawaii to develop the creation, with members now farming fish and also cultivating special seaweed. Also we are developing the Kona coffee. It's a tremendously blessed culture.

Now is the time for people of conscience and faith to exercise their civic duty and lead this nation, not only as ethical and moral people but also by taking responsibility as civic leaders of the community, state, and nation. One minister from Hawaii who's an ACLC member may run for office. This is a good idea. Moral and ethical leaders among the blessed families should take responsibility in business, religion, the arts, sports, in law and in civic office.

Hawaii is a special place in which approximately 24.5 percent of the population is of Japanese descent. (Note: 60% is made of all races other than Caucasian). Truly it's a bridge between the mother country and the elder son nation. God made this foundation and planted this seed. However, America's history in Hawaii is not all rosy. Things were done in Hawaii that were not correct, especially toward the native peoples. That's why the whole of history has to be transformed through this era of cooperating together, establishing blessed families, and helping to inspire America to fulfill its responsibility as the elder son nation.

All nations should raise money for those in poverty. All the people of the world should become one family, but because of the fall of Adam and Eve, the lineage was broken and therefore all families became disconnected from God. Only through becoming one lineage through the blessing is it possible to become one family.

We have to establish this lineage for three generations within our own tribe for our family to be stable. This is the era when we should cast no shadow, and the only way to do this is by establishing three generations of the blessed family. This era centers on the Pacific Rim era, which is the era of women. Women will take the leadership role in all the parliaments of the world and will lead the way to peace, centering on True Mother.

Centering on the unity of Muslims, Christians, Jews, and all faith traditions, the power of America should be used totally for peace. America should lead the way as a nation blessed by God to support the way to peace through interfaith activity. Modern civilization emanated from the island nations like the United Kingdom, passed through America as a continental nation, and now has come to Japan. That's why the Pacific Rim era will be greatly enhanced by Japan as the mother nation. The center of Japan and America's unity is in Hawaii. Sixty percent of the population of Hawaii is of Japanese descent. That's why a new dispensational era began on March 17, 2007, with the coming of the Pacific Rim era.

America is moving from the West to the East, toward Asia. From April 30th we must emphasize more development in Hawaii as a central area of the world, centering on America, to bring peace through the unity of East and West. The key leaders in this will be Rev. Peter Kim, Rev. Yu, Dr. Chang Shik Yang, and Mr. Joe Tully. They should form a committee for the development of Hawaii for the Pacific Rim era.

This is the era when all should be forgiven and Cain and Abel should unite. We should all go before God to ask for forgiveness and turn everything over from Satan's side to God's side. Happiness should be settled substantially in this world in the family and in the unity of all faiths and religions. That's why we all have to come to love the ocean. The ocean is the central area through which all nations can flow and exchange. The ocean culture is the culture of women, and it is the culture of which all cultures can converge. All the relationships of every nation, race and religion should become one in heart. Brothers should not fight. They should understand that when they fight, they actually are hurting their own father.

We created the palace of peace for bringing about the unity of all families and religions. We must establish palaces of peace in three locations -- Korea, Geneva, and in the Hawaiian Islands.

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