The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2008

True Parents Bid Hyo-jin nim Farewell

Sun Myung Moon
March 19, 2008

True Parents arrived shortly after Hyo-jin nim's Seung-hwa Ceremony and Father spoke to members who had emerged from the main building at the Chung Pyung Training Center. He gave the message and prayer that follow while he and Mother stood beside their son's casket. Father explained Hyo-jin nim's mission based on the ten Chinese characters he had conferred on him on the day of his ascension, speaking of each of the two sets of five characters in turn. After he had finished speaking, the casket was loaded into the specially decorated hearse and carried to the Won Leon, where Hyo-jin nim's body was interred.

The first base that our Unification Church hoped for, the place where we can settle down is the Cheon Jeong Peace Palace. The Cheon Jeong Peace Palace symbolizes two people coming together as indicated by the Chinese characters cheon and jeong. In other words, it is the palace of righteousness and justice. It is the family of righteousness formed by two people living as one. If these two people do not perfect the relational positions of subject and object partners, of above and below, of front and behind, and of left and right -- that is, if all things on the left and the right are not united a tradition cannot be established and the vertical connections between lives cannot be made.

These connections are what we refer to in our Unification Church as lineage. In order to establish a lineage, there must be a man and a woman. Everything came into existence by becoming one through a relationship of a subject and object partner and a unifying, true love relationship. This is the core ideology of the Unification Principle.

From this viewpoint, you need to remember that the Cheon Jeong Peace Palace, centered on all central buildings that the Unification Family labored hard to build, has become the one symbolic, microcosmic palace for the world.

Next, when we go to Hannam-dong, our old headquarters, we remember the two expressions, "Sincerity moves Heaven" and what's the other? "All is well if the home is in harmony." These can be considered the main tenets of a headquarters in God's homeland that would serve under the Cheon Jeong Peace Palace. "Sincerity moves Heaven" means that you cannot expect any results if you don't devote yourselves to accomplishing something. If you sincerely do your absolute best, this will surely bring about the accomplishment of the ideal God envisaged at the time of the Creation, which is based on the theme, "All is well if the home is in harmony."

Centering on God, the spiritual and vertical parent of heaven and earth and the horizontal parents of the cosmos, who were like two separate families, intersect at one point. In other words, at that point, the vertical and the horizontal meet, so a condensed foundation comes into existence as a nucleus and becomes the origin of the lineage at that point. No one can invade or move this nucleus, which will last forever. No one can move it no matter how strong he or she is.

Through the Fall, Satan completely destroyed everything. You need to understand that. We ourselves need to understand that it was destroyed. We should know that our ancestors were not those who could become the owners of the ideal of creation, and kings. On the contrary, they stood in the position of the enemy and destroyed the origin of this love, the ideal of creation, the ideal of the palace, the ideal of the headquarters of the kingdom of God, the ideal of the family and the ideal of the nation in the kingdom of God. There is no way to repair the damage done. I am saying that since God cannot touch this with His own hands, He has no way to rectify it.

Those that caused the problem should be the ones to rectify it. It was people. It is people, therefore, who need to take responsibility for this, and prevail over it. Otherwise, liberation, freedom and the achievement of the ideal can never take place. Based on this starting point, for the sake of resolving all this and preparing the framework of the original nuclear family that we can set down as the origin of peace, and from which we can attend God, the titles the Savior, the Messiah, the Lord at his Second Coming, and the True Parents were brought to earth. Because in the past the True Parents could not be established, it is now up to True Parents to take responsibility for what could not be accomplished, become True Parents and resolve all the fundamental problems that manifested in the heart of God due to the Fall.

All grief and sorrow on the individual level should be resolved. True Parents are the representatives who have pioneered the way through the eight stages, through the family to the tribe, people, nation, world, cosmos and God.

Hyo-jin, the firstborn in True Parents' family, is lying here in front of you. He has gone in order to fulfill the responsibility he was called to, through which he will perfect a new beginning to bring to settlement the framework of the heavenly world, carrying forward the destiny of the Parents.

This motto for Hyo-jin says, “Shim Cheon Gae Bang Won” [The garden that opens the way to the deepest heaven]. This is a secret of the spirit world. No one knows about it. It refers to the garden that opens up the deepest heaven, the boundless world in the deepest and highest part of heaven's vastness. The new garden or nation that can liberate it is expressed by the Chinese character meaning garden. In liberating the garden, the nation and garden did not come to be on the earth; therefore, centering on Korea, we are at present working for the restoration of the homeland and preparing for the beginning of the kingdom of God in heaven.

At this point in time, from which we can make a beginning, March 17 [the date of Hyo-jin nim's ascension] is very significant, because it is a year to the day since the declaration of the era of the beginning of a new civilization in the Pacific Rim. We began this work on March 17 last year, and by beginning this work, we began the preparations for the restoration of the homeland. You all need to understand that from the first year of Cheon II Guk until now, my life's course has been taken up with the urgent program of establishing the kingdom of God.

On such a foundation, our headquarters upheld the theme, "Sincerity moves Heaven." And what comes next? "All is well if the home is in harmony" was the theme in the family. In the American headquarters, the themes were "Achieving victory over resentment" and "Making your heart have a single focus." These refer to the fact that on the global stage resentment has not been completely resolved, and the United Nations organization in this complicated world has not concentrated the focus of its heart solely on Heaven. You need to know that I have been setting conditions based on that fact.

Leading up to the Cheon Jeong Peace Palace era, in the external world there was a focus on achieving victory over resentment and on making the focus of one's heart right. When this original starting point -- which says that all people in all nations should become one in heart -- is achieved, the restoration of the homeland can take place, because the homeland can only be established in a world where all people are united in one heart. The palace, too, can be built only on such a foundation. The two people, the subject and object partners, should reside in the palace of righteousness; they should be born, raised and established there. This should be established as our tradition in history. We should never forget this important task, which remains for us to fulfill.

In the U.S., people of various nations who visited our headquarters did not know the meaning of "Achieving victory over resentment." I just had it put up there. This is the battle to overcome resentment in a place of intense fighting. This can only be achieved when there is authoritative approval that everything to do with resentment has been perfectly resolved. Only when this is given can all become one in heart and put down a proper root.

Your heart must have the right focus even at meal times. All the marriage ceremonies from the blessing of the 36 couples to those of the 36 million couples and the 360 million couples are connected. That is why the motto is "Making a heart with a single focus."

Though the heart can be focused in a single direction, East and West remain divided. In the headquarters, therefore, we work under the theme "Sincerity moves Heaven." In other words, you need to exemplify filial piety, that is, fulfill your duties as children according to the standard of heart.

What's next? "All is well if the home is in harmony" refers to a blessed family of devoted sons and daughters, father and son and God and True Parents, becoming one. In short, the father and son should become one, become devoted sons, and form a model family in the kingdom of God so that all who dwell there are devoted sons and daughters. You should not forget that we have fought our way through our whole lives based on this very theme.

Therefore, the conclusion is Shim Cheon Gae Bang Won; a garden that liberates the high, vast, and unimaginable depths of heaven has been opened -- a new garden opening that deep, wide, high and precious heaven. This has been done centering on Cheon Jeong Peace Palace.

In order for loyalty and filial piety to open the gates of heaven and establish the pillar of peace in the family, we need to become an owner or lord who opens the gates and a representative of a family that is centered on the father-son relationship. Do you understand? All this is represented by the phrase Shim Cheon Gae Bang Won, "the garden that opens the way to the deepest heaven." Please say it. [Shim Cheon Gae Bang Won.] This place on earth, the place where I am standing, is the grounds of the garden that has been opened up in the vast and wide original world that has no relationship with the Fall. Picturing yourself standing there with the creation surrounding you, you should know that it is the position of the owner and lord who opens the gates to loyalty and filial piety' that God desired when He created us and looked down upon us.

This theme, which encapsulates the entire history of the providence, goes beyond its being the message for today's Seung-hwa Ceremony for Hyo-jin. As such, your responsibility is to form father-son relationships and those fathers and sons, those families, are to become owners or lords opening the gates of filial piety and establishing the ground for the blossoming flowers in the garden that is opening the gates to the deepest heaven. Otherwise, all things in the world will not be able to be remembered in the heart of God. You must reflect deeply on this. That is why you should put this theme up in each of your homes and see the coming of the era of the liberation of the garden that opens the way to the deepest heaven.

Then we have Choong Hyo Gae Moon Joo -- the owner or lord who opens the gates. Only by achieving this can you become people of filial piety. You cannot do this all by yourselves. Centering on the parents, the family of the parents and the families of the sons and daughters should unite, for only then can you become an owner or lord opening the gates to loyalty and filial piety. You cannot do this alone. So there must be three generations... If the grandfather and the father are united, God above them will connect to them and thus three or four generations will be connected automatically. Then you will qualify to become the owners or lords opening the gates to loyalty and filial piety. Though Hyo-jin himself had some shortcomings, with this as the theme, the Seung-hwa Ceremony for a child of True Parents can be held in this garden.

How many people are here today? [2,100 people have come]. That's good. Three times seven is twenty-one, and this is the twenty-first century. You are here listening to what I am saying as representatives of your families, and after passing through this process, you will branch out. Centering on True Parents' sons and daughters, blessed families from all nations will become the owners opening the gates to loyalty and filial piety and opening the gates to the deepest heaven.

The fathers and sons will unite and become these owners. Three generations will fulfill the three-way ideal and become patriotic and filial families that can serve God based on the original standard, which has no relationship with the Fall. This is liberation and complete inner freedom. You will inevitably become lords of liberation and complete inner freedom with nothing to block you anywhere or at any time, be it in the physical world or in the boundless, spiritual world.

From this independent position, you should establish this as the theme for your family at the forefront, as something your heart desires, because once your heart desires this, you can start living a life that is one with your heart. Then, finally, it can be perfected and fulfilled. And the blessings arising from that perfection and fulfillment will be bestowed on your families and mine, and on the families, nations and the world representing our nations and our world. That will be our foundation. We are starting out on the path to restore our nation...

No based on all that I have said, what we must do is this: Hyo-jin is going to a place where the gates to the restoration of the nation are not yet in existence, and he will create them. The lord who opens the gates: Choong Hyo Gae Moon Joo. We need to be aware that the time has come in this world in which we can make a new beginning with God in front of us, as lords who open the gates to loyalty and filial piety, for loyalty and filial piety on the levels of the individual, family, tribe, race, nation and world, and with heaven and earth cooperating. Do you understand?

We will pray about this, so you should understand it before we pray. The global themes are "Achieving victory over resentment" and "All is well if the home is in harmony." "Sincerity moves Heaven" represents the core of the nation. And then we have "All is well if the home is in harmony." And because all is well if the home is in harmony, everything will turn out well. If everything turns out well because all is well in a harmonious home, sincerity will move Heaven...

After inheriting such a family, Hyo-jin is passing on as the hyung nim, so you should know that your hyung nim is being sent in a position in which all this can be concluded. You should bear this in mind and uphold it as a theme in your family. Since the internal and external parents centering on True Parents have passed through the process of preparing the framework of the family, you need to lead lives that can bring our work to fruition. Only then, as originally intended, can you be given the right to enter the liberated and freed kingdom of heaven, in which dwell the owners or lords who have liberated the garden of the deepest heaven and opened the gates to filial piety and loyalty. Aju! Everything goes well! Say it with me. Everything will be done as we wish.

Then this man here should do anything he can in the spiritual world. Based on the instruction to practice filial piety and on this theme, he should follow the instructions of the Father on behalf of the Lord. Then the billions of families in the spirit world will come down to earth and stand in front of us as Cain before Abel. Though the ancestors went to the spirit world in the position of the elder brother, they went there after inheriting Cain's blood, so they should come down to earth in front of the blessed families who have inherited True Parents' blood and flesh and sacrifice themselves to help the first families to have been blessed.

Thus, the elder brothers, the ancestors, should assume the position of the younger brother, and the younger brother, Abel, should assume the position of the elder brother and by so doing create an environment in which God, with all His authority, can be served befittingly. Only then can God's wishes come true on earth and everything be fulfilled as desired. At this time, you should all pledge to fulfill such a responsibility in your families. If you pledge this, show it by welcoming it with applause.

Now then, let's say a word in prayer.


Beloved Heavenly Father!

Shim Cheon Gae Bang Won [The garden that opens the way to the deepest heaven] All things in the universe that we see before us were originally supposed to be in Your ideal Garden of Eden, and You intended to look upon them all with the high, deep and wide heart of the Father overflowing with joy and be enraptured as You assumed the position of the owner. However, that position was lost due to the mistake committed by the first human ancestors, and throughout the process of history, immersed in Your sorrow and grief, You remained chained and bound, deprived of Your autonomous authority. Therefore, You hoped to nurture the True Parents in the future world, so that they could come forth and put to rights all things in the universe, on the foundation of which the body and mind can become one, the family can become one, the nation can become one and the world can become one.

Heavenly Father, we know how much You have striven to raise True Parents on earth, and though we stand here before You on this day as the True Parents, two embodiments, we have not been able to prepare a living environment wherein Your sons and daughters can become devoted children and patriots in front of You. Everything belonged to this evil world in which the son had to worry about the parents and the parents had to worry about their children. However, as of March 1 of this year, we were able to plant the flag of the homeland's liberation on this land, the Republic of Korea, based on the Family Party of Peace and Unity, a national party representing this nation, and assert our teachings and ourselves without obstruction.

We are truly grateful for Your grace in allowing us to begin this one fraternal relationship supported by the nation in the political realm, by which all peoples can be assimilated into one.

At such a time, our Hyo-jin was called to You on March 17, and now it is around 8 o'clock on the 19th, the third day, including the day of his ascension.

Now the time of blessing has come, in which he can leave the royal ground of the physical world on earth, here in the mountains and streams of his homeland, and pass on to the royal ground of the spirit world in heaven. He will thereby connect to the original standard of liberation not under the shadow of Satan and without repercussions. As he goes his way, he is accompanied by the Parents. Though there were many difficulties in his family, he completed his family as a representative of the family and the relationship of parents and children, and so he can work together with his parents before Heaven in the name of Shim Cheon Gae Bang Won Choong Hyo Gae Moon Joo [The lord who will open the gates to loyalty and filial piety in the garden that opens the way to the deep, wide and lofty realms of heaven].

Now it is up to Hyo-jin to go to the spirit world and, together with the Parents, the son, and the first son, work with innumerable circumstances based on which he should put to rights the heavenly world where already the first son, the second son and the other children in the middle are.

Though the path that lies before him is difficult, his parents desire and command him to follow it. At this time they are bestowing on him the authority through which he can take pride as the owner of the family and as the representative of his parents, making him stand proud before all saints and sages and ancestors when he goes to the spirit world in heaven. Thus, he should be grateful.

On his way there, not even the shadows of all things liberated by True Parents can be defiled by Satan. Therefore he can move back and forth between heaven and earth on the foundation of the liberated and completely freed heaven and earth and carry out his work with the great and vast universe as his working ground.

We cannot but entrust him with this difficult work of expanding the boundaries enclosing the sorrows and grief of the True Parents and that of opening the way to the deep valley of heart blocking the way in the realm of God's heart in the spirit world with autonomous authority, for he could not become Shim Cheon Gae Bang Won Choong Hyo Gae Moon Joo if such a responsibility were not entrusted to him. Therefore, we seal such an important mission upon him in the name of True Parents and dedicate him before You and send him to the spirit world.

In this place where the billions of blessed families in heaven and on earth who are observing this important moment can become one in mind and body and put down proper roots, we pray that all the joy of this day, announced by True Parents, can be shared by all blessed families in all countries around the world, and also in heaven.

We send him to You with the mission of fully devoting himself to opening the new doors of liberation and the gates of filial piety and patriotism with the True Parents and True Children united as one, so please receive him with a joyful heart and allow all the prayers and hopes of those of us gathered here today to be fulfilled.

I proclaim that this is the beginning of the era in which everything can go well, all walls can be broken down and the world can reach the stage wherein You can assert Yourself with the authority of the Heavenly Father and with the day of liberation of heaven and earth as the starting point. Therefore let everything be done as You will.

I pray and report this with an earnest heart in the name of True Parents. Aju!


After the Prayer

[Father to Hyo-jin nim:] Good bye, and keep up the good work until we meet again, okay?

[Father pats the top of the casket firmly three times.] I should pat him three times. Everyone, this man here is going from the physical world to the spiritual world, and I will leave here for another country before you return today [from the Won Jeon Ceremony]. Know that it is because I have to connect this to other countries and the world; I ask you to please not feel sad.

The fact that the title Shim Cheon Gae Bang Won Choong Hyo Gae Moon Joo could be bestowed on him on such a difficult foundation shows that he had the blessing of the firstborn son. So think proudly of that, pray for him, support him and give him strength. You should do your very best and stand at the forefront of the paths you should follow and become the foundation.

I'm saying you should stand at the front and not at the back. That is why those who are taking part in the election activities this time would become Shim Cheon Gae Bang Won Choong Hyo Gae Moon Joo national assemblymen. Only when they become national assemblymen who can take responsibility for all nations can they become the representatives who can defend this nation from the position of a prince or princess involved in the restoration of the homeland.

Do you understand? Now, let us offer a cheer of Mansei for all that I have said to come true!

After Everyone Bowed

Bear in mind that Hyo-jin is going in front of God and that there is no way you can avoid this path and go a different way. There is no other way. Know that there is no other way than this one, and do your best for the rest of your life. Become a person worthy to be called God's representative. I'm asking you to do this, and then I too should go to work.

[True Parents place their hands on the flower-covered hearse that will transport Hyo-jin nim's body]

Fly up high in heaven! Fly up high in heaven! Farewell! 

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