The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2008

Cain cannot stand as the elder brother

Sun Myung Moon
March 2, 2008
Translation of notes taken by Pyongil Communications

Sun Myung Moon, Hak Ja Han, Kook Jin Moon, and Hyung Jin Moon January 23, 2012

Summary of True Father's words:

Cain is the elder brother but he cannot stand as the elder brother. He can do so only when he connects with True Mother and stands in a position that is equivalent to that of being part of Abel's lineage.

I'm saying that True Parents are absolutely necessary. This is not a concept; its' a reality. Once you go to the spirit world, how are you going to connect with the eight stages from the individual and up? Jesus was unable to form a family. Jesus was a man. Did he have a sexual organ? Was he able to use it? If Jesus has come as the second Adam, who is a man, he needed a woman who could defeat any man. The lineage should not be stained.

I hear that the young people in America talk about love. They have to understand the origin [of love.] The young people don't know God, they don't know Satan. That is why they are unable to discriminate between the two.

I hear that the young people in Honolulu are quite promiscuous. Honolulu has become a place that could be found at the bottom of hell. This place is the King Garden, the site of a palace. Why have I built this foundation in this place.

God can manage that world -- a world that covers billions of light years in space. We were basically born given the opportunity to travel the universe and all of cosmos. That kind of world, of which you are unaware, fills the space. You have to understand the greatness of man and that human beings are the owners [of creation].

Once you are in the spirit world where will you go?

If you're defunct due to the struggle between your mind and body, everything else too will be defunct.

I've taught you everything. There is everything you need to know in my speeches.

We all are people; we all look the same. Yet, why do I talk tirelessly of the liberation of God's homeland? It's because God never had a family; He never had love.

Can Hawaii be blessed? Blessings will not come here even if you were to wait for all eternity.

Let us rename King Coffee to King Peace Kona Coffee. The people of the world should come here to have a drink of this coffee.

A seed can sprout in adverse conditions once it overcomes its environment. I enjoy being in nature, surrounded by green fields in spring. 

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