The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2008

You have to know how important the family is

Sun Myung Moon
February 28, 2008
Translation of notes taken by Pyongil Communications

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han January 23, 2012

Summary of True Father's words:

You have to know how important the family is. The perfection of absolute values begins from one's partner. You cannot say that you have love without a partner.

Absolute love and its ideal realm is perfected through love. Once you are recognized and judgment has been made, you would enjoy it with your mouth, nose and all five senses.

You have to understand the seriousness of being a blessed family. Since you know what it is you are compelled to put it into practice throughout your entire life.

Where does love begin? It begins from one's partner. You should go in God's love. Love has yet to exist in God's kingdom.

The more pure and beautiful you view your partner the faster your actions become in love.

When a man or a woman, who were married, go to the spirit world, they will not meet each other unless they had a close relationship on the earth. You should love your spouse's sphere of life. You should love the world more than your nation; you should love God more than the world. If you remain with your own confinement you will be unable to go to heaven. Your lifestyle must change.

That feeling you had when you first joined the church and heard the principle, that time when you were burning with passion, that feeling of yearning you had in the beginning should not change even though you may grow old and die. Anyone who knows the principle lives within that realm. Where would you go if you renounced the principle?

To build a bridge you need to cross the national border; that's why you have to contribute something substantial so that your future children receive that benefit. It should not be connected for your own sake. America, an individualistic nation, takes pride in the fact that it is an advanced nation. Does it have something to show that it's an advanced nation? America consists of people who basically fled from their nations. It serves as a haven.

I taught you everything, the Cheon Seong Gyeong, the heavenly Bible. You need to have a container. It should be yours, not the True Parents'.

If members do not feel like going to the place where the Parents wish to go, the Unification Church would be a group of liars. When I leave a place, for example Hawaii, would I wish ill of Hawaii as I leave? No, I plant the seeds that would develop into a global foundation before going. Why do you think I bought a coffee farm? So that I could channel the assets of the Unification Church to this place? I did so to transfer the knowledge.

You should follow along the program that I have set forth; you'll see that I was right ten years from now.

Religions and politics will all come to pass.

Once something divides it continues to divide. Two worlds are in conflict; this should be made as one but under a certain formula. Otherwise, it is not a genuine unity. 

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