The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2008

The God and your lifestyle must be united

Sun Myung Moon
February 27, 2008
Translation of notes taken by Pyongil Communications

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han January 24, 2012

Summary of True Father's words:

The relationship between God and your lifestyle must be united centering on the Pyeonghwa Hoongyeong. Man lost the lineage; he must restore the right of the elder son. The body dominates the mind; this must be reversed. The lineage is crucial for both men and women.

The order between the mind and body was reversed. How can you unite the things that were divided once more centering on God? The lineage should be converted back to the original lineage, the rights of the elder son should be restored, and the rights of ownership should be restored. If man had not fallen, everything would have belonged to God. However, everything was lost due to the fall. Mind-body, Cain-Abel must be made as one. Otherwise it is impossible to restore the rights of ownership.

When did the fall occur? Before or after their marriage? Satan's lineage must be uprooted and eradicated.

The first most important focus should be on restoring the lineage, and the rights of the elder son and in uniting the mind and body.

You have to fight and defeat the satanic world.

The five senses in our body are all interlinked. The problem with the sexual organ directly affects the mind. Problems occur between men and women. Men and women are attracted to each other.

Sexual desire should be made right. You have to become a person who can be united in mind and body with God.

The three generations of God's lineage should be made as one.

Who would wish for two sets of parents? There should only be one mother, one father. From a mother and father, a true seed was created.

If you are confused in the brain, you are confused in the heart and confused in your sexual organs. People insist on their own possessions. Everything was lost. God was unable to restore this lineage. Do you think you can? Even if you know the Divine Principle you must educate people. How can you educate others if you drink and have extramarital affairs! You should teach others how to preserve the lineage within your family. The lineage has been stained.

All religions and ideologies emerged to help people unite their mind and body.

The power of true love goes beyond time and brings the world to its feet. A father and mother should be absolutely united in true love. A clean and pure lineage cannot be created when couples are cheating on each other. That kind of lineage should be terminated. You should subdue your body.

When you pray you should bring your thoughts to order, then the things in your heart, and also your sexual organ.

You have to walk the righteous path. The languages should be unified. How can this be done; how can all the languages be made into a single language? What are we to do with all the time lost in translating books!

All languages should be made into one. 

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