The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2008

The most important thing is absolute sex

Sun Myung Moon and Jeong Ok Yu
February 26, 2008
Translation of notes taken by Pyongil Communications

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han January 1, 2007

Summary of Rev. Jeong Ok Yu's prayer:

We have the precious opportunity to spend some time together with True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, the king and queen of peace. We are here representing the absolute good spirits in the spirit world and the blessed families on earth who in turn represent all of humanity. Unqualified and unprepared as we are it is a great to be part of this significant occasion. God created Adam and Eve in order to realize the true family ideal centering on absolute sexual ethics which are the ideal and absolute model of peace.

Yet, human beings failed to fulfill their responsibility; the archangel failed his responsibility; and since then history has been filled with tears. Humanity was in a coma, unable to relate with the Father. True Parents' dedicated their entire life in establishing a true family, the model of absolute peace and the manifestation of the absolute sexual ethics. We should realize the value of being able to be with them in person and to see the example they have set in their lives. Let us become their representatives who inherit True Parents' realm of victory. We have the responsibility to educate the people.

The people who comprehend True Parents' teachings should stand at the forefront in allowing the elements of peace to reverberate through the heavens and earth. Let us become the children who can further enhance True Parents' glory and victory. Let all leaders and blessed families stand as your object partner and fulfill their responsibilities.

All this I pray in my name, Jeong Ok Yu, a central blessed family.

Summary of True Father's words:

The most important thing is absolute sex. Children should have been born from God, Adam and Eve through absolute sex. Satan took over that position and populated this fallen world with his children. All these people should receive the blessing.

Love begins from absolute sex. You should be clear on this point.

Nobody knows whether the American people will enter heaven.

I've completed my responsibilities here on earth; my words are all that remains.

A law -- a constitution -- should be established. The path to live is the path you should take. You will discover amazing things once you go to the spirit world. We've entered a time that allows us freedom of action. In seven years' time, within the next 3-4 years, people should receive the blessing. Satan is afraid of this.

Those who don't understand this do not have anything to do with the original lineage. What are you to Rev. Moon and this lineage? People live within relationships: between parent and child, between siblings, and such. You are without a path unless you connect to true love and God's lineage. The only love in God's lineage is true love.

I've taught you everything that I know and experienced. That's why my words are fearful. I originally was more interested in the sciences; I was not interested in religion.

You have to live according to your conscience.

There are 65 people in this room. You have to treasure the word. If you dislike the word you should overcome your dislike. Nobody is exempt from this.

Every day I read several chapters of this book before coming out in the morning. You have to be above this. Do you think it was difficult for me to comfort you and teach you all these things? Every day you should repeat this.

I've prayed twelve hours straight in order to take action. 

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