The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2008

Live in accord with your words

Sun Myung Moon
February 24, 2008
Translation of notes taken by Pyongil Communications

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han January 23, 2012

Summary of True Father's words:

No need to explain. How many new faces do we have today?

The kingdom of heaven on earth and the ideal family must be realized after resolving the essential tasks that you and your spouse face excluding your relatives. Your lives should be in accord with your words.

Anything that is valid in society cannot be refuted. What we read each day during Hoon Dok Hae is of extreme importance. True Parents are centered on heaven. Did you know that perfection can be attained by entering into a subject-object relationship through give and take action with that center? The world -- the satanic world must be assimilated into this.

You should live based on that standard that I have taught through my words.

Unification can begin only after becoming as one. Do you understand? Whatever you eat does not just disappear.

You haven't aligned yourself with God, with the spirit world, with your spirit. Your soul has yet to be aligned with God. That's why you have become the being that you are.

You don't know a thing about the laws of love centered on the family. The family must be perfected through a certain course. That's how you reach the universe. Everything is conjoined, moves in a circuit and advances in unison.

The Unification Principle is logical in its explanation.

Do you yearn for God in your hearts? Do the American people believe in the spirit world?

When you leave this world and meet your ancestors, you will not be able to enter heaven unless you are a person who can love like a person in heaven does.

God breathes through this vast and great universe, all the way down to the insects. The tides change twice a day. Why? Even the ocean is breathing. The great universe can breathe because it is like one entity. Everything is assimilated and joined in harmony.

Do you think it is fun to do Hoon Dok Hae every day? It's exasperating. You all seem to be worse off than you were ten years ago. The subject and object should be united and together every day.

Young children do not understand the world of adults. You have to meet people who experienced the greater part of the world of heart.

Even the absolute God did not know of the absolute values. The being that perfects that value is not God himself but His partner. Ultimately both should enter a realm of resonance.

When you sleep you enter into a realm of resonance. Everything I say are parts of the program I'm developing for the future.

Are you learning Korean? You still need translation. In the past I made it clear that everyone should learn Korean by 1975. It will become difficult for those who haven't to keep up.

You only believe in these words because it is I who say it; anyone else and you wouldn't believe these things. I have the responsibility to raise you up. In the west, children should be raised and married after they are 18; then their parents can become a grandparent.

Do you think this is a joke? Do you think English is the language used in the heavenly nation? The word 'you' is horizontal. You cannot create a sentence to be used in your life if you wish to reflect the vertical and horizontal aspects in life. You only remain a horizontal person.

Why aren't you learning Korean? How can there be translators before God? What language would God speak? The world cannot be made as one without a single language.

Most important thing is the language; without a unified language you cannot control the entire world. Do you think there will be translators in the heavenly nation? You can learn any language in a week in that world.

You have to read about absolute sexual ethics. You should remember this when dealing with family issues. All the things I taught about family issues for the past decades should be compiled and edited in reference to heaven and the ideal kingdom. 

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