The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2008

How religion developed

Sun Myung Moon
February 23, 2008
Translation of notes taken by Pyongil Communications

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han January 1, 2007

Mrs. Wonju McDevitt reads chapter nine from the Pyeonghwa Hoongyeong.

True Father was intense this morning, talking to the participants without even sitting down in his seat for more than thirty minutes.

True Father talks about how religion developed and crossed from the island, to the peninsula, to the continent and so on. He pointed out how the internal and external providential developments were separated and were unable to move in synch.

True Father described the entire Pacific Rim area as a single island. He explained this in reference to Japan during World War II; how Japan was intent on dominating Korea, then China, then Russia and even the United States of America.

True Father explained that all the developments that were to be centering on America and the UN was not realized and thus had to be fulfilled at this time. He also emphasized Japan's role as a mother and how she should fulfill that responsibility at this time, as indemnity for her standing on Satan's side during the World War II era.

Furthermore, Father stressed that the nations that were involved in the World War II must now work together in bringing about the liberation of the Korean peninsula, which is to be God's homeland.

True Father lamented how the nation of the True Father, the True Mother, the True Child and True Family did not exist. He emphasized Japan's role how she should work to unite the two sons -- Cain and Abel. He thanked Japan for its hard work, noting how much sacrifice she made, but also harshly chastised her for rejecting the Father.

True Father this day strongly talked about the past wrongs committed by Japan, her place in providence, and what she should be doing, focusing on the part of how Japan should serve as a bulwark for Korea.

He spoke again and again how the Mother should be restored and offered to the Father.

He warned Japan that if she failed to fulfill her mission it should be carried on by the Philippines, Taiwan, and Canada, the three daughter nations.

True Father also emphasized the importance and urgency of the times and stressed that we should give the blessing to all people.

True Father stressed that the three generations in a family should unite and become as one according to the way of the family of a divine child and complete their responsibility and calling. He explained that path of indemnity awaits us and that we should go forth boldly.

He once again reminded us that we still do not have a nation, and that we need to create a new homeland, Cheon Il Guk, a nation where two becomes one. 

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