The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2008

Jehovah the Lord

Sun Myung Moon
February 16, 2008
Translation of notes taken by the Unification Church History Committee

Sun Myung Moon January 24, 2012

Mrs. Wonju McDevitt read from the spirit world messages from the Pyeonghwa Hoongyeong.

Summary of True Father's words:

What does it mean when we say 'Jehovah the Lord'? It refers to God who created the universe. You will be punished if you think this is a silly phrase. It is a universal proclamation on God.

This book is valuable. We're reading it again in this new era and in a public setting. That is why when you deal with these words you should do so with greater devotion than me. I have come to this position after going through hardships. You have learned how to attend the True Parents and must now unite as you move forward. You must understand that you have received these words and that you should become people who can declare these words before all people and the entire universe.

What does it mean to be a representative? Your representative should be better than you. A representative and heir should be a lot better than you.

The owner created by God must stand at the top. It is where the owner who had climbed up through the history of fallen man stands. Do you know what the True Parents is? This is no joke. What are you to the True Parents?

How can you complain after being loved so? You should repent! Nothing in the universe can be exchanged for being in this place where you can hear and inherit these worlds. You must put this into practice and bring results. Do not become a worthless group of people. Do you think I am going on this path as a joke? It's a one-way path of no return. It's the final path that we are taking. Anybody who violates this will not appear in heaven. His record and name should be deleted forever.

What message have you sent to the True Parents? You have received this message from God; yet what kind of message have you sent to True Parents? Shouldn't you do more than God?

After True Father's address Dr. Yang gave a report on how the US elections were affecting the political spheres in South America. Dr. Yang also talked about how Christian ministers in America who learned the principle were actually now giving teaching the principle.

After his report Dr. Yang sang and Hoon Dok Hae ended with everybody singing the 'Unification Song.' 

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