The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2008

Each Nation Should Have A Peace Blessing

Sun Myung Moon
February 13, 2008
Hoon Dok Hae
Peace Palace, Chung Pyung Lake, Korea
Notes: Michael Jenkins
Editors: L. Strait and J. Flynn

Note: These notes are taken from a simultaneous translation. Simultaneous translation is done in summary form and depends greatly on the translatorís ability to communicate the essence of the message. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication on Rev. Moonís words. However, they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message.

Each nation should have a peace blessing. Through this, one unified kingdom can be established. The Abel UN and all nations must be united as one, centered on your tribe and nation. All nations should join the Abel UN. True Parents, true teachers, true owners, true families, and true nations should have been established by Adamís family. Due to the Fall, Adam and Eve were not able to fulfill their responsibility, and the mission eventually was accomplished by True Parents.

Mother and I emphasize now that each family must become true parents, true teachers, true owners, and a true family. The key to this is reading the Peace Messages every day. The Peace Messages give the core principles and contents through which the world can walk the path to peace.

Rev. Otsuka and Rev. Oyamada, please stand up. You are in charge of Japan. Who here is from Taiwan? Philippines and Canada? All of you stand up. Whatís the total population of all these nations combined? Itís over 270 million. Thatís a very significant number. These nations all represent the mother nations of the world. Centering on Japan, they should become united in supporting the world peace providence.

These nations are standing in a feminine role as a mother. Japan cannot continue to sustain the burden by itself of supporting the world peace movement. Therefore, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Canada must shoulder more responsibility. One third of all your members should go to Japan to work there to support the world providence. You have to take collective responsibility. Japan must work to bless every single person in the nation.

You must have the attitude that you will work harder than your sons and daughters and all the nations of the world. I am now 89 by Korean counting. Soon I will be 90. And January 13, 2013, is coming quickly. We have five more years. Now there is no significant persecution. Even though there is some opposition, it does not have the power to hinder our growth and development at this time.

I remember when people were completely blocking and opposing our way. This no longer is the case. Yes, there are still some people that try to raise opposition, but they do not have the condition or spiritual power to stop Godís providence. Eventually all the nations of the world will be brought into harmonious cooperation and unity. Every nation is valuable and important.

You remember that 120 Christian ministers went to every nation of the world [during one of the world speaking tours], to every continent. This was a very important condition of bringing world unity centering on America, Japan, and Korea. Unity is very critical. But unity is based on lineage. We must have the blessing of heaven and become one lineage of God. Then unity becomes possible. Wherever Satanís lineage still exists, there will be division and fighting.

Why do I keep talking about the Pacific Rim era? It began on March 17, 2007, in Hawaii. People of the island nations must become one, centering on Hawaii. The island nations are very important in Godís providence. The Pacific Rim era has now dawned; blessing and prosperity will now come to all of Asia, while still spanning the Pacific and connecting with America. Therefore, America is still central to this providence.

Norfolk and Hawaii are two key areas that are protecting the oceans for the peace kingdom. Norfolk and Hawaii should become as one. Who is going to fulfill Japanís mission and other partner nation missions respectively? You must do it. [The leaders of these nations remained standing for over one and a half hours while Father spoke.]

During this time we must mobilize all nations to support the Abel UN. The island nations canít achieve this by themselves. They must work together with the peninsular nations such as Korea to be able to fulfill this. America, Russia, and Japan are all concerned about what China is doing at this time, especially in the Pacific Rim region.

Rev. Lee, you are the leader of Canada. Do you support this? Do you understand Canadaís responsibility? Please fulfill.

When you make a decision to go the path of faith in God, even if you fall down 100 times, you must get up and continue. Love is the most powerful force in the universe, but love also can be a temptation. Love is the most dangerous thing. Thatís why the blessing is critically important to secure love within the context of the family.

Mother and I have prayed so seriously when there have been obstacles in the path; we found that as we continued to pray, a way would eventually open up. Many times I found that Mother was helping people without my knowing it. Often she would personally reach out and help families. Iím very grateful to Mother for this. Because of True Mother, the women of our movement truly follow me and listen to my direction.

The Unification movement is a most serious organization. The four nations of Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, and Canada are very important in Godís providence. God has prepared for this moment in history for 2,000 years. Is America a male or female nation? [Itís the elder son nation.] America is the eldest child. As the elder son, America should be helping all the nations of the world to unite with Godís providence. You must follow the Principle to achieve this. If you donít follow the Principle, I know it immediately.

Why is Japan responsible? We must understand what Japan took from other Asian countries in history. The Japanese took women from various nations as captives, also taking womenís jewelry from every house. My home was actually very wealthy because of my grandfather, but the Japanese took everything we had.

How about the Peace Palace? This is the palace of peace for all humanity. This is not a house for one family; it is a place for all humanity. It is a beautiful place before God. Mother truly loves the Chung Jeong Gun. Many times sheíll say, "Letís go back there." When you study my history, you will understand that there were enormous spiritual battles before me that I had to overcome. Ko-mun-do is another place of God in Korea, and we will build another peace palace there, in addition the peace palace that should be built in Geneva for all religions.

Today is the 13th of February. Thirteen is very important. There are five years from now until January 13, 2013. The 13th of every month should be marked as important days on our march to 2013. This is the ssang hap time of connecting the 7th and 8th jubilee years. We will expand the jubilee of Godís forgiveness every year through 2012.

Many people in Godís providence have ignored me and disrespected me; many of our members did not heed my directions and words. They moved here and there and claimed they would do great things, but they did not fulfill their responsibility to save their nations. Only through unity can we bring victory. If you live as you wish, you will decline. There is a standard before God in heaven. We must live according to Godís way.

If you know how important it is to be with me at this moment, for your ancestors, your life, and your history, you might write this on a piece of cloth and attach it to your clothing every day so it reminds you of the importance of being a representative of God. How valuable is this jubilee time of True Parents? All the debts of past history can be cleared up, so a new world can begin.

Money should be used for the benefit of humanity. We have to understand the importance of the economic foundation to do Godís will. Japan and these four nations are responsible. So is America. According to the laws of heaven, after we enter the Chung Jeong Gun, we should offer 30 percent of all we have to heaven. This is not a tax. This should be offered from your heart. One third means 34 percent. Try God and see if your offering is not multiplied.

What is the origin of hell? It came from the fact that Adam and Eve did not go through the completion stage. They didnít get blessed and married properly. Now because of the completion of this course through True Parents, I know what Adam and Eve didnít know. If you commit the fall, that is the most serious crime before all humanity. Jesus couldnít go beyond his 33 years. Christianity became the foundation and prepared for the second coming for 2,000 years. [Now the four nationsí representative leaders can sit down.]

Twelve tribes have now been established, and lotteries have been drawn so that each family should belong to one of the tribes. Each one of my children has chosen their tribal area. We must develop the 12 tribes. They were first established in 2006 and organized in 2007, when each family drew a tribe. Now itís the third year, 2008.

We can build the Korea -- Japan tunnel as well as the Bering Strait tunnel. We must build a highway from Pusan to Mokpo because Yeosu is going to become a major center for world development. Everyone here must understand that Korea must be protected as the homeland. The unification of Korea must be achieved peacefully.

Many people said they would attack me and try to stop me, but now it is impossible. The conditions on Godís side are too strong, and Godís people are rallying with us. Godís people must go out and embrace everyone until all become people of God.

Tong ban kyok pa, breakthrough on the neighborhood level, is very important. We must center on hoon dok family church so that an organization of families can be established in every community to advance the blessed family and absolute sexual morality.

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