The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2008

The relationship between husband and wife

Sun Myung Moon
January 31, 2008
Translation of notes taken by the Unification Church History Committee

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han January 23, 2012

There were nearly 300 participants this day. Most of them were Japanese members who were taking part in the 40-day special ocean training workshop.

True Father asked Mrs. Wonju McDevitt to read chapter one from the Pyeonghwa Hoongyeong. During the reading Father interjected and spoke about the relationship between husband and wife. He emphasized the importance of doing Hoon Dok Hae every day while acknowledging the difficulties in creating an environment that is conducive in holding Hoon Dok Hae. Father spoke of the need to have 'good' thoughts when reading 'good' words at Hoon Dok Hae.

To the trainees of the forty-day workshop, Father reminded them that God is always protecting them.

Father stressed the point that the time of depending on him has passed reminding us that he taught us everything to know.

Father also explained the difference between love and affection saying that love may fly but affection or emotion must be firmly rooted to the ground, saying that at the root of love is emotion.

On a lighter note Father told the participants that it was good to laugh and asked them whether they liked to laugh. On a sterner note, Father warned them that the tides and time of peace can be fearsome.

He reiterated that we should know how to adapt to the environment and to be vigilant and observant in all nine directions. He explained that even studying requires skill, that it was important in knowing how to grasp the gist and to mark it for later reference.

Father then asked a couple of leaders to give a testimony.

Dr. Sun Jo Hwang gave a brief account of the ground-breaking ceremony for the Gwangyang Free Economic Zone.

Rev. Peter Kim sang a song and Ms. Yeon Sil Yang talked about how she was studying at Sunmoon University and how she was deeply inspired by a lecture given by Professor Oh. She remarked how the other students seem to be inspired by Professor Oh's lectures and that it was quite popular among the students of theology and Pure Love Department of Sunmoon University.

Professor Taek Young Oh came up and explained how he was witnessed by Dr. Yang when he was in his third year of high school. Professor Oh went on to study Christian theology and was ordained a minister. He was completely immersed in St. Paul's teachings when in 1996 he was re-inspired by True Father's speech and since then has been deeply immersed in studying Father's words.

After Mrs. McDevitt finished read chapter three from the Pyeonghwa Hoongyeong Shin-joon nim and Shin-deuk nim entered the room and winked to the participants. Father again emphasized the value of this book saying how we entered a time where no one can refute the contents of the book and how we entered an age where we can be connected with a kingdom of joy.

The three-hour long Hoon Dok Hae concluded with a prayer by Rev. Tae Geun Yoon and a song by Mr. Dong Han Lee. 

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