The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2008

Grateful to be connected to a treasure of teachings

Sun Myung Moon
January 30, 2008
FFWPU International
Translation of notes taken by the Unification Church History Committee

Sun Myung Moon January 24, 2012

There were nearly 300 participants this day. Most of them were Japanese members who were taking part in the 40-day special ocean training workshop.

A couple of minutes before 5:00 a.m. True Parents entered the room. True Mother immediately asked if the participants saw the news the other day. She was referring to the ground-breaking ceremony for the Gwangyang Free Economic Zone that took place in the plaza in front of the Cheonghae Garden, which was covered in the 9 o'clock evening news.

True Father then asked Mrs. Wonju McDevitt to read chapters twelve and fifteen from the Pyeonghwa Hoongyeong. After Mrs. McDevitt read chapter twelve Father began to speak and spoke for more than an hour.

True Father emphasized that we were blessed to have these words and that we should be grateful to be connected to such a vast treasure of teachings which till now had been beyond anyone's imagination. Father emphasized that we should become a son or daughter whom God can love absolutely and that we should uphold that standard in our character, action and life.

Father lamented how there wasn't a single person who inherited and practices God's tradition from True Parents.

True Father reminded the participants that in a couple both should live for the sake of the other and that if you wish to receive something great, you should first become a great person.

Father warned the participants that making a promise was serious business; if a man promises to takes a woman as a wife he should keep that promise.

Father asked the participants to hold on to his teachings and practice it in their daily life.

Father then asked Rev. Tae Geun Yoon to give a testimony. Rev. Yoon expressed gratitude to True Father for blessing him and to God for his two daughters. He proudly reported that both daughters received the blessing and that one of them gave birth to a child.

After this testimony, the 40-day trainees all came up and sang the 'Boat Song.'

Seeing the members singing so passionately Father remarked how members of the Unification Church can prosper wherever they go as long as they make sincere effort. Father pointed out that the person who dominates the ocean can prosper if he has the conviction.

He reminded the women how they didn't like the ocean but pointed out how they now like the ocean thanks to this workshop. He asked them to further expand their scope of experience and work to create world where anybody can freely traverse between east and west.

Father then asked Rev. Peter Kim to give a testimony of how he had translated for Father at the Hilton Hotel in Washington DC when he proclaimed the inauguration of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification. He reminisced how tense he was as he did not know what Father would say before the nearly 2,000 guests who were there that day. He remarked how that was the first time that Father began to publicly talk about the 'convex' and 'concave' relationship.

Rev. Kim then read chapter fifteen from the Hoon Dok Hae and offered a prayer, concluding the Hoon Dok Hae session for this morning. 

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