The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2008

Seventh Anniversary of the Coronation Ceremony for the Kingship of God - Ceremonial Tree-Planting and Prayer

Sun Myung Moon
January 13, 2008
King Garden, Kona, Hawaii

To begin the tree-planting ceremony, Father and Mother joined hands and Father prayed. Immediately following, Father joyfully threw Holy Salt in all directions. The sanctification complete, Father and Mother each planted an avocado tree and grandson Shin-joon nim a mango tree. Father and Mother then personally signed all the tools that were used for the planting, after which they posed for photos with all in attendance. Father instructed that pineapple plants and avocado trees should be planted in the east of the King Garden property, banana and papaya trees in the west, apple, pear and apricot trees in the north; orange and mango trees in the south, and a fig tree in the center.

Beloved Father, today is January 13 in the eighth year of Cheon Il Guk. This is a memorable day: we have entered the eighth year of Your royal sovereignty over heaven and earth. On this day we have arrived in Hawaii to mark a milestone in the providence. The number thirteen signifies such a dividing line marking the beginning of Your millennium kingdom. We have come to the land of Hawaii, which is connected with the Cheon Jeong Peace Palace, and on this important day we stand here in the name of True Parents to embrace the long-suffering creation, the universe, so that heaven and earth become one within our family.

Thank You, Father, for this opportunity to announce the final providential destination where we can bring the world under the royal governance of Heaven.

The Hawaiian archipelago has eight major islands, but five among these, in particular, represent parents and three children.

Father, remember these islands and make them a representative oceanic nation. Let all creatures in the ocean become nourishment for the living realm of Your ideal and let them be used by their new masters in Your garden. Let us start out on a new path from this palace in Hawaii towards the completion of the ideal purpose of creation. Enable us to freely go through all the stages outlined in Pyung Hwa Hoon Gyeong (Teachings of Peace).

Up to now, all things of creation were unable to take their proper positions and manifest their value. On this day, January 13 of the eighth year of Cheon Il Guk, we want to connect them all to the realm of True Parents' heart and establish the standard of their value as True Parents' object partners. On the basis of God's ideal principles of creation rooted in true love, we want to announce the emergence of the fruit, the world of God's eternal ideal inhabited by people and other creatures, the universe where we will be able to travel freely.

From 4:20 to 4:30 in this garden, we offered to You all things, that You may govern them directly. We did so in the name of True Parents and with a heart full of tears.

May this bond be strong and may Your lineage spread to all four corners of the world. May life sprout from the root of such unity in heart. We fervently pray that all people and all things of creation will make the free world of God's ideal the arena for their lives. May people observe this universe and travel freely to its every corner following the principles of love.

We pray for the unity of peninsular and continental realms and for the unification of north and south. We pray that Korea, the central point of the Pacific Rim in the ideal world, and final destination of all cultures, could attend God to become the foundation for all other nations to do the same. We ask that on the basis of this complete offering You, Father, may welcome and rule over the world of Your ideal on earth and in heaven where all people can manifest their value. May Your absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal royal dominion start from this moment on. Show us our position and the direction to go. We want to reach our final destination and establish a model of Your ideal of creation-the world and the universe that would be comfortable for You and people to rule.

Father, You know this desire of ours, so may the hopes that we are sharing with You become one with the core of Your heart. May the motive, process and the outcome be absolute.

We earnestly pray that You may govern the ideal world of Your desire where You will be able to love, eternally, countless generations of Your descendants and extend Your authority over all people and over all things in this garden. Until this day True Parents have offered everything to accomplish this. Establish Your singular authority in all undertakings that will take place from now on.

Connect all people to the roots of Your lineage and embrace all things in Your realm, so that all creatures in such a unified and liberated world on earth and in heaven will eternally praise Your power and glory, Father, as the great master of all. Enable us to create families of dutiful children, patriots, saints and divine sons and daughters of God.

May you govern everything without any accusation from Satan. May all beings in all corners of the world sing praises to You, and, as symbols, bring joy to their master in substance. May we go onward, onward to the liberated ideal world, the kingdom of heaven where You, God, will rule all of heaven and earth, and where we can live in Your bosom and attend You as our king and as the progenitor of our lineage. May we attend Him upon settling safely in our original homeland, the peaceful kingdom of heaven. True Parents are standing here together with the blessed families who serve God's will in the various nations of the world. Bind together in the bonds of heavenly blood lineage these people dwelling on earth and the five great saints, as well as thousands of blessed families in the spirit world.

May the liberated kingdom of the reign of peace be established for ages to come, where You will be able to govern all things directly with Your authority.

We earnestly desire this and wish to attend you eternally as the almighty God, our Lord, our Savior, our True Parent and true progenitor of our lineage.

We hope that in this moment You can rejoice and be glad, and that Your ideology will rule all things in the universe; and that You will govern the world of peace from Your throne for the eons to come. We beg You to become the sole master of this liberated and glorious world to which we all march forward.

As we offer this prayer we sincerely ask You to bestow Your heavenly fortune upon all creatures on earth that they may rejoice.

True Parents were called to take charge of this earth where You have toiled so much. They were unable to disclose to all people what mission they were to fulfill and had to start their work in the position of mediators.

But now we ask You to become the absolute and only owner of all they accomplished while fulfilling Your will and to take these results to Your bosom. In the name of True Parents we offer this present world to You; please receive it with joy.

May all things in the universe, and all blessed families on earth and in heaven, unite in attendance to God and fulfill the way of filial piety.

Please enable these families to manifest such nature and face the glory of Your providence. May the kingdom of liberation and complete inner freedom governed directly by Your almighty power come, and may Your ideal of creation be made substantial in the form of the eternal reign of peace. We earnestly pray for this and notify You of all the above in the name of True Parents. Aju! 

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