The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2008

Celebrate CARP's 43rd Anniversary

Sun Myung Moon
January 10, 2008
Hoon Dok Hae
Chung Pyung

I read messages from the first through the third before I came here today.

You should celebrate the 43rd anniversary of CARP's establishment. The sum of 4 and 3 is 7, so this historical date signifies the new beginning. You are at a cardinal point where you can gain everything.

CARP has passed its 43rd birthday. Win over the next five years until you become 48. You should establish chapters everywhere in the world and become an organization which can represent nations and be used by Heaven as a model in Cain world. CARP can stand in the vanguard of restoration of the fatherland. God lost the ideal world after the Fall, so in this era CARP should work together with True Parents to re-establish that world.

This time, before leaving Korea I appointed you -- 48 year olds -- as governmental personnel to all places in the satanic world centered on Cain UN. This was done on the basis of True Parents' victory.

Through one nation we need to create a realm of liberation and total freedom in the heavenly world internally and externally.

I accomplished everything that I was supposed to as the True Parent. I established the authority of Abel nation in the heavenly world.

Now you should compare it to the Cain world and return to the original world which has no trace of the Fall in it.

If you, young people between the ages of 43 and 48, representing the realm of 2nd generation, go forward safely without any setbacks, nobody will block the global foundation which I established by my victories.

The age has come when Heaven can take the lead; God can exercise His victorious supreme authority, His omnipotence.

For you, young people, working with CARP, it is a day of liberation. It's not an accident. In this era we can reap final fruits of reformation of the unified scientific realm.

My departure for Hawaii symbolizes a departure into the new world. It symbolizes liberation and complete freedom of heaven and earth -- the three-dimensional world -- the horizontal world.

Remember this and work with proficiency and expertise even in my absence. Dedicate your young lives to developing Abel UN. Its birth is a result of God's providence.

Such a time has come. Now all my foundations -- internal and external -- can be used to accomplish the liberation and complete freedom of heaven and earth through the new Abel UN.

The Abel realm appeared in the new era starting from the 43rd year. Now all the conditions for the new liberation and complete freedom of heaven and earth are ready, so I entrust everything to you and leave. This is the realization of what I wrote in this book. Don't forget that in this age we can reap fruits of the victorious supreme authority through our efforts.

The foundation for the new beginning is established. Do you understand?

Now since we spoke about liberation, you should unite following your conscience and quickly build the foundation that will enable us to transcend national borders.

From now on CARP members should lay a new tradition of leadership and accomplishments in unifying the media and in the restoration of fatherland.

While you're still young you should contribute to building the realm of liberation and complete freedom on earth and in heaven by building blessed families comprised of three generations.

In this age of high noon, when only the light can rule, you should inherit True Parents' messianic providential responsibilities as their representatives. Even when I'm not around, you should show the example of tradition of attending God in Republic of Korea as well as throughout the world. You should realize that you are in such position. Now let's read Peace Message number 15.

You CARP members should also read my speeches to understand my tradition and philosophy, particularly the words I said at the foundation of CARP.

The day has come for us to be in charge. How will we connect everything? The history of God's providence is scientific. We also align with this path. Carp is the king of all fresh water fish. It has tremendous procreative power and grows well wherever there is water. Carp is sometimes regarded as trash, but actually it is the tastiest fish. Recently they started using black porgy for sashimi, but actually sashimi is not on a par with carp. Carp can digest everything and survive.

Chung Hwan Kwak, how many years have passed since the establishment of CARP? 42 or 43 years. So, how old are you now? (I'm 72.) So you joined before you were 30.

Remember, I'm not crazy. I walk the path of the providence. So far in the providential history of religion there was no completion. But now we are standing on the ultimate borderline and we can go beyond such world. There are four years from the 48th to the 52nd. History is going over the jubilee year.

The motto of this year is Mansei for the Combined 7th and 8th Jubilee Years of Cheon Il Guk of the Universal Peace Federation.

Actually it means: let's complete everything. This motto is somewhat scary. I can find disciples even among people who pass by me. If we don't do such things, we won't be able to bring everything into order within five years from now, by January 13, 2013.

Our original conscience shows us the shortest way and adjusts our glasses to one standard, so that we might reach it and not fall. After the Fall we came to possess fallen elements in our mind. So if we don't possess the original world of conscience, the era of victory wont come for us. In all your lifetime you should never forget that. God's Word, that we have, cannot be exchanged for all of heaven and earth. Do you understand?

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