The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2008

Proclamation for resolving the world's problem

Sun Myung Moon, Ok Ja Cheon and Jung Ja Kang
January 9, 2008
Hoon Dok Hae
Peace Palace
Chung Pyung

Sun Myung Moon January 24, 2012

Dr. Chang Shik Yang reads chapters thirteen and fifteen from the Pyeonghwa Hoongyeong.

After the reading, True Father emphasized that the Pyeonghwa Hoongyeong was a declaration -- a proclamation for resolving the world's problem and that it was a conclusive summary that goes beyond the sense of this age in response not to that of any individual but to heaven's calling.

According to True Father, the Pyeonghwa Hoongyeong is a declaration of the final path that humanity is to take. He emphasized how he had conferred everything to us and that it was now our responsibility to create the mold for an Abel-type nation both inside and out.

He explained that this nation can become a model for all nations of the world as an organizational model that is different on all levels, and that it will be the model of God's homeland. He reminded us that it was the hope of God and True Parents that we bring glory and victory as we take the first steps in becoming the people of this homeland, with the permission of heaven, who can inherit the land and sovereignty of this homeland and the nation which will serve as the archetype nation for humanity.

I have taught you everything. I've taught you everything about God, True Parents, that Nation and its people. It's about the Abel nation that we must build. It's about returning to that ideal nation and original world that was meant to be.

You do not need me anymore; I have nothing more to teach you. Do you understand? I'm not saying this off-handedly. I'm telling you to come to a conclusion. You cannot say that you did not know God's will or that you were unable to fulfill it. You have to know what is absolute.

True Father then asked a number of the older members to give a testimony.

Summary of Mrs. Ok Ja Cheon's testimony: [Mrs. Cheon is the wife of Rev. Myung Dae Kim, national messiah to Vanuatu]

I was blessed to my husband when he was still serving in the army. My husband and I faced a lot of opposition from both of our families when we were blessed but we overcame all this. I always went and served in my mission area whenever I was assigned. My husband has taken and is still following the path of a minister. We have three sons and three daughters.

Being a minister we were constantly moving from house to house, and our children had to change schools each time. It pains my heart knowing that some of our children had to go through much in adapting to each new situation. This made me think about how True Mother might of felt. I wondered how she cared for her children while she was going here and there throughout the world. I tried to think how it was for True Mother.

Because of this, I offered myself in prayer while lighting a holy candle. I have been doing this for the past thirty years. I prayed about anything that came to my mind. We were fortunate in that we could see our children and embrace them whenever we had the urge to do so. Yet, I knew that True Mother was not in a position to do that. So I prayed for True Mother with these thoughts in mind. I always lit a holy candle when I prayed. In the beginning I went around with a packet of candles and made time to pray wherever I went. I did so even when I went to America. I remember being caught at the security gates in the airport because of this packet.

My husband is very active and cannot sit still if he sees injustice. I'm from Choonghceong-do and people from our area usually do not make it apparent even if something happens that we disapprove. If something like that happened I usually prayed in silence. In that sense, prayer is good.

My husband went through a lot of difficulties in his ministry. When we were at Guri church a fire broke out in the church. I offered the money I was saving up for my daughter college tuition to repair the church. As a result my daughter had to put off going to school to a later time. However, we were able to rebuild the church thanks the support and contribution from many people including the president of Il-Hwa at that time.

We went through difficulties when we were at Suwon. Later when we were assigned to Japan we worked hard. It was difficult times as it was before Dae-mo nim's providence but we did our best.

During the hometown providence we returned to Samcheok where there were a number of members and international blessed families. My husband is a very fervent man and sometimes people had a hard time keeping up with him. He always tells them, however, that we have to be working now as True Father's age is advanced. My husband pushes the members and works even more harder as he is aware of the instructions for the older generation to step aside when the time comes.

We have a house at Seoul to which we sometimes go to. We are so busy that it is hard to find time to eat with our children. After a long life of prayer I discovered that everything I pray for comes true after seven years no matter how dire the circumstances are at the time. My children listen to me as they know the things I pray for have come true. We held prayer meetings in the evening with our children.

What I am most grateful now is that my daughter had a child, finally after fifteen years since she was blessed. I know there are people who are without child though they wish for one. However, if you pray hard enough, God will answer your prayers. We were blessed with a grandchild in the jubilee year.

Summary of Mrs. Jung Ja Kang's testimony: [Mrs. Kang is the wife of Rev. Chong Young Yoo, national messiah to Malaysia]

I joined the church when I was a student in a university in Daegu. I remember how my father waited at home for me with a stick to prevent me from going to the church whenever I had to go to my parents to ask them to pay for my tuition fee. I never gave up however and worked hard to accumulate the funds for my studies. True Father at that time assigned me to Gimcheon; I took what I had saved up and sold some books and departed for Gimcheon.

There I was witnessing and doing my mission when Rev. Bong Ae Park came to me telling me that Father was thinking of matching me to one of the leaders in Jeolla-do. Later I received a telegram from Rev. Hyo Won Yoo for me to immediately return to Seoul.

During those days, matching candidates were asked to write the names of three people that they wished to be matched to. I wrote three names but Father matched me to my husband and told me to see him. I didn't know what kind of person my husband was at that time. I saw his photo and noticed how wide his forehead and mouth were.

Later I saw him passing by and confirmed that his forehead was indeed wide. When we first met he told me everything about his life and his family. I believe it was because he was a pure and kind-hearted person. In the end I accepted the blessing; I was won over by his pure and gentle heart.

We have four sons and four daughters. They have all been blessed. Yet, my first son's blessings became difficult which pained our heart. My son had served as the CARP center leader in Korea. For him we did Hoon Dok Hae and prayed. Thanks to our prayers he returned. My husband and I are grateful to God and are overwhelmed that God had listened to our prayers.

Hoon Dok Hae concludes with a prayer by Dr. Sun Jo Hwang. 

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