The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2008

Banquet to Celebrate the Proclamation of the New Era and Beginning of the Age of Kingship

Sun Myung Moon
January 9, 2008
Hoon Dok Hae
Chung Pyung

These proclamations are to help you solve the problems this world is facing. This is not a plan of one individual. It describes God's overall call and goes beyond one particular epoch. This proclamation is a conclusion that appeared in the last days; it outlines the way of salvation for humanity to go.

I completed everything by yesterday. Now I passed my responsibility over to you, so now you have to form Abel nation internally and externally. I handed over to you the form of the fatherland that can become a model for a global nation; it represents entire nation with all subdivisions of its structure. The fatherland should gain citizens, land and sovereignty and become a nation of historical ancestors of humanity.

God and myself alike wish that you have a passion to gain victory in this undertaking --to launch such a nation. Do you understand? This important matter cannot be taken easily. You have to fulfill the 15 Peace Messages. Your final task is to fulfill the Family Pledge and 15 Peace Messages.

I taught you everything about God, True Parents, nation and people. We have to go back to the original world as it was before the Fall. Our final goal is to achieve unity. It can be done on the basis of conscience, for true conscience prompts us to live not for ourselves, but for public good, for the world and universe.

Then, the inter-religious ideal will be realized automatically. Aju. You won't need me anymore. No more teachings are needed. This is a general summary and conclusion of all my teachings, so with these 15 messages everything is completed.

Now the excuses that you don't understand God's Will and cannot accomplish it, won't be acceptable. Do you understand? From now if someone comes to the Unification Church to teach something and urge people to follow him, he should be punished by politics and religion.

You must understand it clearly. I achieved everything. The meaning of yesterday's event was to celebrate and express our love to the model nation of God's ideal. We created a form of such nation and it can't be denied now. How did we call the event? Farewell ceremony or what? (It was a congratulatory banquet.)

What are you saying? (A Banquet to Celebrate the Proclamation of the New Era and Beginning of the Age of Kingship.)

Who is it for? We selected 7,000 representatives of humanity to celebrate this event. It was not for me. Do you understand? You should know this clearly. Now you cannot say like you did in the past that you cannot do anything. I have achieved the actual position of victorious supreme authority and am going to the incorporeal realm.

You have to receive blessings, live well and prepare humankind and I have to go my way. Humanity fell after God's creation, so I have to embark on another job to reform the structure of the ideal God's Kingdom in the spirit world. Korea is not a big deal. Do you understand? You have to be concerned about the world's problems. The question is how to unify the world. Now we have to work in Korea, but Korea's problems are not global.

Korea is God' fatherland, so I passed down my victories to this nation. I offered this as the greatest gift of the ideal of God's Kingdom and fatherland. You have to convey it to presidents of all nations; otherwise everybody will be trapped in troubles. You can't find such words anywhere on earth and in heaven except in the Unification Church.

Are you hearing this for the first time? The satanic world will disappear; it will melt automatically. You don't even need to destroy it. Once God becomes the center of everything, and once His objective sphere is formed, you simply won't have any other place to go to. There will be no other direction. So, what will Satan do? Since he won't be able to set the direction anymore he will naturally have to step back. The evil will have to step back.

That's the way God lives, centering on truth and Heavenly Way. That's the way we go. I didn't make anything false. You, scoundrels, are attending Heavenly Parent and True Parents, but if you don't uphold the Heavenly law, you will die on the spot; you will have no place to go.

After you die and go to the spirit world you will see whether I lied to you or not. I know Heaven and its principles. Can a train derail itself? We can be liberated only in accordance with the Heavenly principles. If we deviate from them, everything will disappear. Even our eyes work on the basis of the Principle.

The Principle of the Unification Church is that great. Even university graduates don't understand it well, but actually it's logically correct and that's why it's an awesome truth.

Communists and other ignorant folks opposed us without even understanding the truth we were teaching. But those who opposed us have vanished while the Unification Church which has been opposed grew. These days I'm teaching you about everything that should be fixed. I'm telling you these things again for you not to lose the time to act. Read this 1,000 times, and if you still don't understand it, read more. It's all done. There's no need to give other lectures. It's time for Rev. Moon to say good-bye together with God, is it not?

Now you have to act. I do want to leave, but I can't. It's such a shame. Now you come out and tell us some story about your activities in the past.

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