The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2008

You Must Have Determination

Sun Myung Moon
January 8, 2008
Hoon Dok Hae
Chung Pyung, Korea

Did you sleep a lot last night? Since you participate in the Hoon Dok Hae today, you have to say something before you leave. Do you all go back with a confidence?

You must have a determination. Will the world live tomorrow? Everything is upside down. We have come to a certain borderline. So, if you take wrong beginning, everything will collapse on you in the first turn.

What will township heads do from now on? We need to educate people, particularly women. How will I do that? These ladies send their kids to kindergarten and get on boats and spend three months there where we teach them fishing.

Imagine how strong the woman is whose hobby is fishing. So, we need to teach them fishing. Fishing is a powerful tool. We have a global foundation, so it's time to work together. Why are we building ships? Who likes them? Do women like them? They don't, because they don't like water.

Women didn't like water and mountains, but now they should become masters of water and mountains. How can you live without water? Water is the source of what? It's the source of life. Don't all animals and plants need water to live?

If women learn to love water every day throughout their lives and grow all living creatures associated with water, nature cannot possibly go against them.

Laundry is also done by women, is it not? Women should be able to love water. When frozen creation thaws in the spring… Plants like the water so much, do they not? They looked dead, but when the water which they like so much appears they open their mouths wide to drink it and grow.

Women according to motherly tradition give water to their children.

Women also used to dislike mountains. Water possesses boundless resources. It contains plants and animals.

When a baby is in mother's womb, it gets all nutrition in a liquid form. Remember this.

If you become truly loving mothers, your children cannot but follow your tradition and philosophy.

This base went wrong. In the 1990's I told young women to build boats and become township leaders, did I not? We need to reform all people who lived and went to the spirit world until now.

In the morning birds also drink water -- do you know this? And so do insects. They know that water is a source of life. All creatures like water and look for better water. Animals, like weasels, raccoons and rabbits search for good water. If you go to a spring in dawn and wait there, you'll see all kinds of animals -- even snakes and eagles.

If we provide each neighborhood with few sources of good pure water all animals in the vicinity will be very healthy. Imagine how blessed the nation will be, if that becomes a part of its tradition and philosophy? You should know this.

Women don't know such things. Am I saying something necessary or not? Make any place where water flows -- rivers and oceans -- the arena of your activities. You also need to learn to swim. Can you swim across a big river? You need to build a boat and ride on it.

You can ask your husbands to go to mountains and cut down some trees or bring some reeds to make boats with. In the forest you can dig out some arrowroot. They are very sturdy. By binding reeds with arrowroots you can make a boat for several dozen people to ride in. You can ride that boat and it won't sink. Do you understand?

If you become such mothers, what's going to happen to your neighborhood? You will be able to cross rivers. If you don't have oars, you can row with spades. Just count, one, two, three and row. You can learn everything.

I view this as dominion of Adam's family over the world of oceans. Things like laundry are holy. You make dirty things clean and white. Beating clothes with a paddle while washing them is fun. You wash clothes in the water, and iron them. So, mothers have to teach their children and husbands about the preciousness of water. This is the way for a nation to become an excellent nation.

In my 20s and 30s I did all these things. I'd do farm, work there and learn everything there. Why? Because that was my plan. I learned to catch birds living in mountains. However I didn't kill them when I caught them. How can I kill little younglings in the nest?

I watched how a couple of birds raised their young. It started from two birds, but then they multiplied to 10 and 20, so they formed 10 couples. These little birds are so affluent. They fly long distance back and forth to get food. Then they return to their nest and make love. What else is there to it? When their 10 chicks grow up mother-bird also probably feels the worth of her labor.

Mothers know how abundant the natural environment is. Women with such heart can become queens because of love. They do laundry and cook tasty meals using the water. If we drink clean water for at least one week we can purify our system. Mothers who think about such a world and who raised at least three children from their to young adulthood, who then married their children can become masters of the world, can they not?

Can men and women just drink wine and lead dissipated life? Fishing has its fascination. Many men abandon their wives and have fun until late at night without even calling them. If they give a call and wives come to their place, it's such a disgrace. But if they fish instead, then everything's clear.

I see the stream of water near the mountain with rocks around it. If three generations live in that neighborhood they get to know everything about it: they build relationship with water, they know what birds live there, what is precious there, what plants grow well there.

If you become such an exemplary resident of that place and build a house there, animals will follow you around. Pheasants and other wild animals live in places where people's voices are heard. If you spend few days in the neighborhood and get related to all people, you can go to hills and live there eating wild cereals. You can even hunt and eat a tiger or a wolf and not feel pangs of conscience.

Animals are like that. They can feel life and death. Mothers drop their young after raising them for couple of months. Herons for example can peck their young and drop them if they don't gain proper shape as they grow.

What will you do in the world? You should love all things in nature created by God. You have to be His representatives able to love all things, but if you want to hunt and eat animals, can you do only that? There are some poisonous fishes, you know.

I did all these things, it is fun. I caught some fish which are difficult to catch. Sometimes when I catch an especially beautiful one I just want to spare its life. That's interesting. Is there any fun when you catch fish only to eat it? When you let it live it's also interesting. It's even more interesting. If you try fishing, you'll understand it.

So, when you think about how much of women's responsibility remained unfulfilled…

Women should love water and all living creatures in it. Oceans have a lot of nutritious plants and minerals. Mothers should be able to love them and protect fish so that they grow well. Without mother the family gets chaotic. We need to study fish.

I went to Namhae to fish for grey mullet and see bass. You can't imagine how difficult it is to catch a mullet. Also black porgy. If you come to Geomundo Island you won't catch even ten fish, but I developed a technique that allows me to catch ten of them in an hour. I could make a fortune by selling them, but I think that I shouldn't make money this way.

So, I want to teach mothers how to do it and dispatch them to the places where there's water. Will such mothers be happy or unhappy? Will their descendants be happy or unhappy? What if I oppose you to make you unhappy?

Even then, you'll be happy. And if you are happy you can develop a lot. I'll send all boats to places with lots of fish and send you, township leaders, there by helicopter. You can share what you catch with people. You can get even greater benefit. Can you make money to give out as a New Year present by selling cars for a month or two? You can always suffer loss. But with fishing you won't lose anything even if market prices are changing. In six months you can repay the price of a boat.

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