The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2008

Korean Leaders' Rally for the Beginning of the Era of Kingship in Combined 7th and 8th Jubilee Years

Sun Myung Moon
January 7, 2008
Hoon Dok Hae
Chung Pyung

True Parents' directions have a special value in universal history, so you should be grateful for being able to participate in this assembly and receive these directions.

I'm talking to you about the ideal of family, not about individuals. God created Adam and Eve with the purpose of building a family centered on true love. There is an eternal family model of a father and such a model of a mother. There are also individual model, family model, models of tribe, people, nation, world, and international model. God's absolute position encompasses the entire cosmos.

Speaking of Family Symbol history may disappear, but core heavenly principles will remain forever. They must be realized in our blessed families, not elsewhere. This is our belief, calling and responsibility. Your thoughts must be inline with God's call and His purpose. If we don't complete this task, if we don't build the ideal family of peace desired by God, we cannot engraft ourselves to the nation of ideal families, to such world and cosmos.

We cannot engraft ourselves to the liberated ideal world of God's desire by ourselves. That's logical. We gathered today to accomplish just that. We have to stand here with such mindset. God's nation must be ruled by God's royal power.

There can't be two kingships. Absolute royal power is only one. To achieve absolute kingship God, Adam and Eve were to become one body and connect their blood lineages. Lineage is connected to love and life. This is the position of True Parents. It has universal value, for they are God's representatives inheriting His ideal of family. There can't be two sets of True Parents. There is only one.

You are the nation of the ideal world of True Parents connected with the heavenly world. You are owners of this nation; you represent its sovereignty and inherit everything from God. Your families are God's heirs and representatives; you have to pass down everything from Him to all your descendants. This is not something for one age only; it's for thousands of years and numerous generations. This legacy gains greater value with the passage of time.

In the fallen world love and feelings fade with the passages of time. We should stop such tendencies in this world and become absolute, God-centered spouses, fathers and mothers able to represent absolute sexual ethics. To become God's ideal true family you need to get established as representatives of the future, and inherit the fruits of the two generations, past and present represented by your grandfather and father. So far, there haven't been any true families.

That's incredible. Now, in the world of God's kingship there must be a nation. It should have a territory, sovereignty and citizens. These are the three key components. Your family is not actually just one family. It should contain three generations including your father's and your grandfather' s. Grandfather's philosophy is passed down to father, and father's philosophy is added to your grandfather's and passed further down to his son. Thus, a person's legacy flourishes and bears fruit in three generations.

To form a family the foundation three generations are necessary. Do you understand? You need grandparents, parents, your spouse and children. When three generations form the four position foundation, the tribe is formed.

The value and philosophy of three generations -- grandfather, father and children -- should be combined. Three generation are represented by grandfather and father. Father represents the present of a family. By giving birth to a son you go down the vertical line to the horizontal line. three generations should be connected through the vertical standard. In this way they become one family and citizens of a nation.

In Korea there are 286 tribes. Korea is one of nations of the satanic world, but it has sovereignty. Isn't that right? If there's a nation, there should be a people. So, there is Korean nation. The people should live on their land.

Three generations should form one unified realm with 90-degree angle between vertical and horizontal lines. They should form a spherical shape. Only then can they go to the Heavenly Kingdom.

One person, Adam, cannot move there alone; neither can Eve do it alone.

Adam and Even go through their childhood, youth and enter adulthood. They go through positions of children, siblings and spouses.

At the age of 15 (16 according to the Korean counting of age) a boy becomes man. From that age the boy can take responsibility for his family, if he has no father.

Why do only sons take responsibility? You can understand this in details if you study the Principle.

The seed comes from God. God's love becomes the core. Children are born from the seed of God's love. There must be bone and there must flesh.

Only when there are three stages in a family it can be protected. Everything goes through three stages. You sow seeds in spring; they ripen in summer and return to their original place in autumn. In the midst of a fruit that ripens by autumn there is a seed. This is true for chestnut, for example.

There are chestnuts with one, two and three kernels. Three generations are within one fruit. That's why chestnut can be used as a medicine. After that structure is complete, it falls down on earth, shoots the sprouts and starts growing. In 10 years it becomes a big tree.

Each of these seeds can become an ancestor, be sown anywhere and multiply. In like manner we all should become the garden of fruits of God's ideal. That's what Heavenly Kingdom on earth means.

When people who grew in such Kingdom on earth go on to the spirit dimension they enter God's Kingdom in heaven.

When you walk, your navel is at the center of movement of you arms and legs. Everything that's above the navel is heavenly part. Navel is on the horizontal line. All parts that are beneath this level should breathe and grow together.

So, if you want to be healthy you need to walk a lot, to exercise a lot. When you make a step with your left foot, your left arm swings back. You make an X-shape. If there's only a right side alone, we can't say its right side.

To define what a creature called man is, we need a creature called woman. Why is man born? To give himself for the sake of woman. Why are men big? So that they could meet women, and together give birth to big men and women like father and mother. So this form of a family represented by parents can grow.

It can develop infinitely from one to one-thousand, ten-thousand and millions. To achieve this conjugal love should give birth to a baby and the family of three generations should be established. A woman who doesn't know a man is not needed. A man who's ignorant of a woman is not needed either. Woman is born through man and vice versa, so these two must meet, interact, then multiply into four persons who later must unite.

East, West, North and South unify their powers and start rotation on a horizontal place.

Who do you think was created first -- woman or Adam? (Adam.) Why Adam? Because he's masculine subject. He has inherent feminine nature in him though, even though it's not explicitly expressed. But once man and woman unite in mind and body, masculine characteristics in woman and feminine characteristics in man reach harmony with one another and meet on the horizontal line. That's what marriage is.

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